7 March 2007

Saudi Arabia - A message to Hell

We have reached Saudi Arabia.

May God use this blog to cut into the Moslem world with the 'Word of Truth'.

The time has come, God is
raising up an army where actions speak louder than words to defeat the forces of 'Hell' wrapped up in Islam and its devil driven followers the Moslems.

My words and deeds have reached the birth place of the
devil's cult Islam and its false prophet Mohamed.

The time of living in fear of Islam is over and a 'New era' has begun.

You use
Terrorism as your weapon against innocent people - You too will now taste Terror.

Hell's time upon the Earth is coming to an End.

Christian World stands with the Jewish World and we all know your 'words and deeds' aimed at us both.

The Dhimmi British Government under
Tony Blair are arming Saudi Arabia the home of Hell to the teeth with weapons. One more act of treachory against the civilized world conducted by this generations British leadership.

May God protect us all and lead us into the truth and the light from Heaven that it contains.



scott said...

You have a great blog, Lionheart. Please keep up the good work. For what it is worth, I have two posts that might interest you or upon which you may like to comment.

10 men said...

Great Post & Site

- Victory at all costs!
- Freedom at all costs!

Thankyou, I shall link to you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you get your information from! Do you even know?

I sense so much hatered towards Muslims and towards Islam. I take it you studied the religion and met it's people and got to know them? Right?

If yes then you must have studied the wrong material and must have met someone you thought they were Muslim. It happens. On 911 for example ignorant people attacked Indians thinking they were Muslims because they wore something on their heads! I hope this was not the case with you!

If not then there's a problem with your logic. If you claim to be Christian then show us the Verses in your Bible that state clearly that Islam is what you claim it to be. If not the Bible then who is teaching you a culture of such hatered towards regular people like any other people on Earth? If none then why are you promoting genocide against people whome you have no idea even where to locate on a world map; I'm pretty sure? I'm not sure you can even look up your own location on the map if asked to demonstrate it!

Stand in front of a mirror and read the words you wrote up there on this page. Then look deep in your eyes and see how you feel. I think you need therapy. The Nazi-like doctrine of hate and racism has taken you so far as to hating those whom you don't even know!

I tell you why you hate Muslims:
1. They ask you to worship the Creator; not the creation (ex. Jesus Crist).
2. They ask you to do justice even if against yourself or a relative; for God is Just and loves Justice.
3. They ask you to feed the poor and help the weak and the needy but we all see what Capitalism and Individualism stand for.
4. They ask you not defraud one another and that when a man stumbles his brother should help him back on his feet. And we all see how that is the primary thing in your world.
5. They ask you to pray five times a day or even more to stay close to your Creator but we all know how you think one time a week seems better than 6 a day in your minds.

And the list goes on. Just please look inside before you judge others and if you still wish to judge then await your own judgement . . .