20 March 2007

The 21st Century English Civil War - 4th Generation Style

"Please do not read this article as a piece of fiction, please read it as a serious fact based Hypothesis with supporting fact based links for you to draw your own conclusion from if you are concerned enough to look. This article and supporting evidence in its entirety will be like reading a book due to the title and claim of the article and what it means to every non-Moslem in this country. War has been declared, No surrender is the reply and here lies the evidence for you to make your own mind up."

There is Civil War throughout Europe which is almost lost to Islam - Please watch this film 'Jihad in Europe'

The Silent Subversive Moslem Jihad - The 21st Century English Civil War

Rape, assaults, muggings, pedophilic forays and other forms of harassment and general degradation of the Kaffirs' quality of life, in order to make 'them feel themselves subdued', are all part of the 'street Jihad' being waged out of Europe's muslim ghettos to humiliate the surrounding Kaffir populations. (thank you for leaving this in my comments section)

As Mohamed's Hate Handbook the Koran says:"Fight those who believe not in Allah ... until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. —Qur'an, 9:29"

98% of the British public are yet to wake up to the reality of the war being fought against them by British born Moslems mainly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi descent. The longer this ignorance and false sense of security abounds then the deeper and darker the United Kingdom becomes. The dark demonic cloud of Islam is here and is spreading like a cancer with the ultimate aim of destroying Our free Judeo/Christian democratic way of life and enforcing a dark suppressive Islamic one upon us and Our Nation. As someone who sees the truth through the darkness it is my responsibility along with others who are awake, to repel this Satanic beast from amongst us in Our Christian land and restore peace and security for Our children, grandchildren, and for those who will come after 'We' in this generation have long since departed.

The United Kingdom is the doorway to America and the final 'out post' in the so called continent of Europe - Eurabia. I call out to Our American brothers and sisters for their help and support in the times that lay ahead as we face this Satanic beast from Hell together. Together we must stand 'United' with Our sites firmly fixed on the Heart and Soul of Our Nations - 'Israel' - and Our fellow civilized friends the Jewish people who live there.

The Islamic Kingdom within Britain has declared war against the Christian Anglo-Saxon defenders and protectors of this Great Nation and land, along with every other peaceful non-Moslem ethnic minority fellow non-Moslem British citizen who live amongst us peacefully within this 'Our' Nation, the Nation steeped in great history and culture that Our forefathers built and handed down to us their descendants.

We in this generation will not sit back and allow another Holocaust against the Jewish people within Our Nations or within the Holy Land which Islam is seeking to achieve. A 21st Century Crusade is upon us and with a mandate from God we cannot fail in Our duties to protect the peaceful pilgrims of the Earth. Light will always prevail over darkness that is the light of truth that we carry as civilized, progressive, peaceful people of the Judeo/Christian free democratic world.

God is raising up His Army and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail.

I Pray that God's judgement will fall in this life time upon those who sit back and watch when they have the ability to help. There is no middle ground anymore and 'We' the people do not accept appeasement of Islam when Our civilized Western and Jewish world is at stake.

Mark my words - "Watch as God removes and restores as He aligns His people to defend the civilized progressive Judeo/Christian world from the forces from Hell seeking to destroy His kingdom and people on Earth".

"The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force"

Take note Al Qaeda and your global Moslem Army of Islam, history testifies gloriously to your weakness, failures and defeat. We both know you are already a defeated foe, it is just a matter of what destruction you are going to inflict upon mankind before the light shines again upon humanity and peace and security prevails once again.

As President Bush said: You are with us or you are with the terrorists. No middle ground in my book, so if you support Islamic terror to any degree then you will be treated as the enemy so you might as well become Moslem and move to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia because we will come looking and 'we' will find you, you are living in Our civilized societies and there is no place for you amongst us anymore as you aid and abet Our murderous enemies as treacherous traitors to the civilized non-Moslem world.

This is a 'warning' from the civilized world to all supporters of Islamic terror around the world. You will be hunted out and you will be treated as enemies in this Islamic war that is now being conducted against us. Death and destruction is a part of war so choose whose side you are on.

Civil War - Warfare 4th Generation Style

Civil War: A war fought by different groups of people living in the same country.

The British people and the majority of the Western World are asleep to the threat that is upon them in their lands or are scared into submission (Dhimmitude) by the Moslem enemy. Britain and the Western world are living in a bubble made up of a false sense of security that is about to explode and when this happens all Hell is going to break loose upon British streets. Anarchy is what they call it, a bit like what happened after Hurricane Katrina in America and when this happens only the strong will survive. This will be the time when all out open warfare upon British streets will occur and when that happens the question is: Is the non-Moslem British population going to be ready for this occurrence or is Islam preparing now behind closed doors to main stream Britain preparing for this occurrence and their eventual planned take over of Our Christian land?

Jihad is a fundamental principal within Islam as layed down in the Koran for every Moslem to follow. Moslem's cannot escape the command to conduct Jihad in whatever sphere of life Jihad occurs. The Western media and the Moslem kingdom proclaim that Jihad is a course of action taken to better ones self against the negative aspects of life. This fabrication of the truth is used to veil the eyes of the Western non-Moslem world to the true nature and reality of Islamic Jihad laid down in the Koran.

Jihad means 'Holy War' and at whatever level you look at Jihad it is exactly that - Holy War. Whether it is a war within oneself to defeat negative human traits or war with Nations to convert the Nation into Islamic rule, it is called Jihad and is laid down in the Koran which is the basis of the religion Islam, so the command is 'Holy' War at whatever level you look at it because it comes straight from the holy Koran, we cannot escape the facts. War within oneself or war with non-Moslems, whatever way you wrap it up Jihad is Holy War and an obligatory command to every Moslem.

The ultimate purpose and aim of the religion Islam is to subdue the whole Earth under Allah's will and govern it by Sharia law. This means that every civilized non-Moslem country around the world is under threat by Islam as the Islamic world seeks to convert Our Nations from Dar al-Harb (House of War) to Dar al-Islam (House of Islam) because this is the fundamental teaching of Islam that forces the religion to go to War with non-Moslem countries so as to convert them into Islamic ruled states. This is a driving force that is an immovable fact within Islam that is commanded by the devil Allah through the false prophet Mohamed and laid down in the psychotic teachings of the Koran for every demonic Moslem to follow.

Conversion of non-Moslem host Nations and the ultimate conversion of the whole Earth into an Islamic world is what every single Moslem alive today must work towards if they are true Moslems. 'Please' take note of this fact because every single Moslem you see walking your civilized streets ultimately has this belief at the core of who they are as human beings and they view you as the infidel, kuffaar, dog, pig or monkey. Please don't kid yourself these are true facts that any simple exploration of Islam will uncover for you.

Europe has almost succumbed to Islamic dominance and is about to become an extension of the global Islamic Nation and is commonly termed around the world as Eurabia. Several European Nations are about to become Moslem majority Nations where the indigenous populations are now almost the ethnic minorities in their own lands. This is not a fantasy made up in some dream world for a film or a book, this is a reality Our world faces, a reality Our European brothers and sisters face and a reality that Our non-Moslem British children will face if we do not prepare and act in defense of the future now.

We have now clearly defined the enemy and the intentions of Our enemy to conquer Our lands and enforce Islam upon us and Our children.

This battle is a global battle and is deemed World War III.

The difference with this global war is that it is 4th generation warfare and is the reason why 98% of the population are blinded to the fundamental truth of the threat we face. The majority of scared peaceful non-Moslem citizens in the Western world would rather turn a blind eye to the enemy knocking on the door because at this moment in time it is not effecting their day to day false safe Western bubble that they live in, so in their words "its not my problem". Our pathetic Dhimmi governments are also aiding and abetting the growth and strength of the enemy that is now in Our midst along with the false Utopian bubble that the people of the United Kingdom live in.

The majority of the Western world will completely rubbish my statements because they do not want to face the facts, they perceive a War to be only planes, ships and large infantry. These people live in cloud cuckoo land and the sooner they wake up out of their sleep and face the facts then the sooner 'we' the people can unite. It is not at my front door is peoples attitude, its over there in Iraq and Afghanistan not in Britain, America or Europe. Wrong 4th generation warfare is being conducted against us on a daily basis and the British population are asleep and blind to it, scared and unwilling to act against it, being led into the abyss by Our Dhimmi government and leaders.

People think they will only wake up to the threat of War when they see ships hitting Our shores with Moslem armies marching to butcher and enslave Our populations and until then "it could never happen" is peoples attitude. This type of scenario would never happen and anyway the invading army has already silently subversively invaded Our shores, have encamped upon and embedded themselves deep within Our lands and are now conducting Jihad against British society and the British people for Islam so that they can convert Our country from Dar al-Harb to Dar al-Islam. Until they achieve this ultimate objective they have forced Our weak pathetic government into Dhimmitude and are silently subversively changing Our way of life to fit in line with Islam, Sharia law and the Moslem way of life. We have large Moslem encampments the length and breadth of the country with large populations of psychotic suicidal maniacs who want to kill us for Allah. These encampments of Moslems carry the flame of Jihad and Islam upon Our Nation and if not stamped out will engulf Our land. Our Nation is already scorched and burned by these devils from Hell and it is now time to stamp out their flame before it is too late. We only have to look at the reality facing the continent of Europe to see the truth in this scenario that we face, and is the reason why now is the time to stamp it out before it is too late.

Warfare has evolved over history, it has gone from 1st generation warfare with sticks and stones, swords and spears on the battlefield to 2nd generation with muskets and cannons drawn in the theatre of War and then onto 3rd generation with large air, land and sea invasions like the First and Second World Wars. We have now reach the point of 4th generation Warfare where the large land and sea invasions are obsolete to the new enemy we face in the 21st Century. 4th generation Warfare is guerrilla war where your enemy lives amongst you, blends in, feeds from you, befriends you and then when they are given their orders they commit acts of horrendous war against you like what we have seen on many occasions now from 9/11 to the homegrown bombers of 7/7. Lets face the facts 4th generation warfare is here and the British population and the Western world are yet to wake up to the war being conducted against them by the Islamic kingdom in their midst.

The air, land and sea invasion has happened, they have encamped in Our lands, infected the fabric of Our society and are conducting Jihad - Holy War - against us. These people openly declare their aims and intentions against us, and Our government does absolutely nothing about the situation. We the British people are left watching as these people spew their hate and intentions against us, enforcing fear upon innocent people, and are left walking the streets to continue conducting and recruiting for their Holy War against us.

The Madness of Blairs British Labour Government.

The Moslem maniacs who make up the military arm of Jihad in Britain must forget about the history of this Great Nation, we are 'Masters' of 4th generation warfare after the long war with the IRA. One word from Our leaders and the Islamic kingdom in Britain will be stamped out and you will see Moslems fleeing to the shores to get away from the wrath of the British people. They are in Our land threatening Our wives, children and the very future of this Nation. This shows their insanity and is the reason why they should be locked away from society for the protection of Our civilized people. The time of Hegira is upon us, it is just a matter of time now until the bubble bursts and the wrath of the Anglo Saxon people is unleashed upon Islam and the Moslem fire Our leaders have lit and are actively fanning will be stamped out by the Anglo Saxon people of this 'their' Nation and homeland.

Islam was birthed and founded on War and intimidation by Mohamed the false prophet, to take control over other people and lands. Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia the home of Islam were both conquered through war by Mohamed and his crazed misguided psychotic followers who were the first Moslems. War and intimidation is exactly the foundation of Islam which Mohamed used to control Nations and people weaker than himself and his army of lunatic Moslem followers. This type of attitude and conduct abounds today in Islamic Nations and is what the British born Moslems are seeking to enforce upon us, Our Nation and the Western World. They believe falsely that we are weaker than themselves because we are a Christian Nation and people, they forget about Gods Legendary Army of Anglo Saxon Knights, The Knights Templars who came from this land, we as a people are direct descendants of those Our brave fearless forefathers. God has blessed and protected this land and Nation throughout the Ages with the First and Second World Wars bearing testament to that fact and He will continue with that covenant with His people into the future.

The United Kingdom is a Christian Nation and will always be a Christian Nation.

Luton Jihad
Luton where I live has a large encampment of Moslems in an area called Bury Park, this area is completely seperate from normal British society because it is a Moslem area and they live how they want to live which is under Sharia law which is contrary to British society and must be against the law. The people of the Bury Park community which is the same as every other community across the United Kingdom where there are large Moslem encampments live side by side to Our way of life and laws, two Kingdoms in one country. They enter their demographic area and live behind closed doors under Sharia law as Moslems and then everyday they leave these communities as Moslems and enter normal British society and work alongside non-Moslems under Our British way of life. Two different ways of life lived by two different groups of people living in the same country with the Moslem group seeking to assert its dominance at the expense of the British non-Moslem way of life. If you ask the question which way of life would the Moslem prefer to live under the answer would always be Sharia law. Then one of the fundamentals to Islam - Jihad - as explained above comes into play and you have to realise that the Moslem along side of you is conducting Jihad against you because Islam teaches it as a fundamental to being Moslem. They might not want to kill you but they want to convert you and your way of life into an Islamic one, it is a divine obligation to them commanded by the devil Allah and their false prophet Mohamed and laid down in the koran for all Moslems to follow. Every night the Moslem British citizen enters his/her Moslem community after work and when they close their door or socialise at the Mosque they enter their 'world', their Moslem kingdom in Britain which is governed by Sharia law. They then wake up and repeat the cycle everyday, entering Our civilized Judeo/Christian world, praying 5 times a day towards Mecca with the hope that one day England will become an Islamic State so that everyone can live as Moslems governed by Sharia law because they themselves are Moslem and Allah commands it.

Jihad takes many forms and is an obligation to every Moslem, every Moslem is from the same tree they are just different branches and the koran is their root. All the branches of the tree work together to fulfill the aims of Islam which is to convert the host Nation into an Islamic Nation governed by Sharia law and the people into Moslems. Jihad is the word used to describe this Moslem conduct.

My British interpretation or word for Jihad from a fact based observation from living on the ground surrounded by a Moslem community conducting Jihad against my community is that it is 'Civil war' 4th generation style warfare with the ultimate aim of destroying my community and enforcing Islam upon people through Dhimmitude. Islam has won this battle because my community is in complete Dhimmitude, but the message is clear and simple: You have won this battle that has taken you 20 years to achieve but you could never win the war and you are the ones who have declared war with us and the reply has only just begun.

A majority of the branches of your tree 'Islam' show by your actions on a continual basis your hatred and intent towards us which is one of Civil War...

Your next attack against us will be Islam's undoing but because of your lunacy and the suicidal psychotic tendancies of some of your Moslem followers you just will not be able to stop yourselves from killing innocent British civilians for Islam. Then you will see a response from the British people that you will never forget because it will never leave you until the day you reject Islam or leave Our Christian Nation.

I hope and pray that it is not the severity of the attack that will turn peoples perception of you to the truth because that could mean a chemical or dirty bomb being used against innocent non-Moslems in your Jihad against the British way of life.

Luton Al Qaeda Afghani Heroin and Crack Cocaine Jihad
I have written extensively about the Moslem drug army who are the most violent Moslems that are conducting Jihad against my community bar the Religious maniacs who would rather walk into one of our pubs, clubs or restaurants and blow himself up to make his point. Thus killing many young sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters from the local community, exactly like what happens to the Jewish community in Israel. Everyone would know someone who would be effected by this type of Terrorist attack against our community if a Pakistani maniac with suicidal tendancies from Bury Park decided to jump on a bus or into taxi one day into Dunstable to blow himself up to inflict terror upon Our community for the devil Allah.

On 7/7 the suicidal maniacs who should have been in a secure mental hospital, departed on their murderous suicide mission in London from Luton train station which is a short drive from Dunstable town centre. The suicidal maniacs on 7/7 also spent time in Luton with members of the Bury Park Moslem community before setting off on their journey. Where in Bury Park were they when in Luton and who were they with is the question?

As you are reading this within the Pakistani Moslem area of Bury Park Luton there are Moslem accomplices to this cowardly act off mass murder against Our country and fellow British citizens. Pakistani Moslem religious fanatics from Luton who also proclaim to enjoy dying spent time with the 7/7 suicidal Moslem psycopaths 'encouraging' their psychopathic brothers on their way to Hell wrapped up as their false paradise with the false promise of 72 Virgins for their cowardly act of suicidal mass murder. That is the lunacy of how these Moslems who are living amongst us as our 'neighbors' think and act.

My community is under attack with chemical weapons on a daily basis and almost all of the community turns a blind eye or is addicted to the Moslem chemicals themselves. Al Qaeda has outlined using street drugs as a weapon of War against my country and the Pakistani Muslims from Bury Park Luton who have links to Al Qaeda in Pakistan are happily conducting Jihad for Islam against the non-Moslem population using Afghani Heroin that Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda operatives control. They are killing young lives, destroying whole families, causing mass social problems due to drug related crime, we have a prison system overflowing with Heroin addicts and are making themselves and their 'Jihad Army' enormous amounts of illegal dirty money in which to continue conducting violent Jihad against the non-Moslem community in other ways. Everybody knows somebodies son or daughter, brother or sister, mother or father of the Luton & Dunstable community who is effected in someway by the Luton Pakistani Moslems Jihad with Heroin and Crack Cocaine as their weapon.

Everyone who lives around here knows exactly what I am saying is true so if that is the case which it is; the question is: What does that now mean? What are you?

Long live Our Queen who is Head of the Church of England, Defender of the Faith and Sovereign Ruler of this Nation and 'We' hope and Pray that Prince Charles will never become King and abdicate or be removed for the sake of Our Christian Nation and people, and let William rise to the Throne and lead the non-Moslem British population as Head of the Church of England and Defender of the Christian faith.

In Service of my God.



God Speaks and Confirms my Words

A Message from a Fellow American Knight

Encouragement From St George

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Anonymous said...
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Always On Watch said...

Outstanding essay! And you have stated what I, in America, have come to believe:

The United Kingdom is the doorway to America and the final 'out post' in the so called continent of Europe - Eurabia.

The methods of jihad are many, and too many Westerners don't even believe that we are under attack from within!

Anonymous said...

Rape, assaults, muggings, pedophilic forays and other forms of harassment and general degradation of the Kaffirs' quality of life, in order to make 'them feel themselves subdued', are all part of the 'street Jihad' being waged out of Europe's muslim ghettos to humiliate the surrounding Kaffir populations.

As Mo's Hate Handbook says:
"Fight those who believe not in Allah ... until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. —Qur'an, 9:29"

Anonymous said...



The Green Arrow said...

Another excellent article Lionheart.
I will link it first thing in the morning.

Good Luck Crusader

Kiddo said...

Excellent work, Lionheart. I am happy to finally be aware of your work. Please keep it up!

Here in the U.S. we have for the first time calls of "racism" against a group that is not a race but an ideology, and one furthermore that recruits. We must stand up or perish.

Epaminondas said...

I am happy to see you raise such a warning. The forces of morons like those which find fault with kufrs for the violence engendered by certain teachings, which incites muslims to act against infidels (9/11, 7/7, and so many others) must not only be resisted, but isolated for the Klu Klu Klan of Islam which they are.

If these people are not isolated and destroyed in the exact manner the KKK was, only more and more violence will ensue.

Anonymous said...

If people do not wake up soon they will find themselves subjugated. The Muslims want to take over and convert or kill. They follow a child molester and are no better off centuries later.

We need to fight terrorist front groups like CAIR and we need to make sure we do not appease the aggressors or we will become the oppressed.

Anonymous said...

Lion Heart,
This is outstnading.
AOW pointed me into your site.

Ir is terrible that our most difficult struggle is NOT against Islam but against our own compliant and apathetic countrymen.

Anonymous said...

I am in complete agreement with you, Lionheart.
I am deeply concerned at the state of England, as my son and his family live there, but it is not much better here in Australia.
It is a great comfort to finally see many, many people standing up to the Islamic horde.
The fight will be long and dirty, but we will prevail. The battle belongs to the Lord (but I am sure He loves bloggers!)

Anonymous said...

Somme people are seriously on CRACK. You guys are wasting some serious web bytes.

Dude that must not even be crack, I think it's more serious .. lol

Once again a case of closed minded dark ages stupid and narrow view of the world.

Grow up people and stop being RACIST.

Read a Novel called "Fools Die."

The last time such a mentality appeared in any species led to EXTINCT and they were called "Dynasaurs" if you haven't heard of them. I doubt it since they seem to have reappeared in human form .. hint

Accurately speaking, you are the manifistation of the word STUPID in the flesh.

Anonymous said...

Another good one well said Lionheart, you stay safe out there!

Anony - You are an idiot, and a racist. Islam is not a race, get it? Unless you are a 'good' Muslim, the extremists want you to be, or to be converted to one, or pay a protection tax or DIE! You sleeping sheep, wake up; if you are Muslim, get a clue. You racist!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe
hates white people

Ed said...

Wow! Good blog. I am glad to see that someone is doing this for Luton. I set up mine partly because I get fed up with the very poor attention that the media pays to the problems between Muslims and non-Muslims in the mill towns of W.Yorks. and E.Lancs. The media forget that we have had problems long before 11th September. I talk about other things on my blog too and have a few differences in opinion from you, but I hope that we have common enemies to unite against. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Great article Lionheart. I am from Leighton Buzzard and spent a lot of time in Luton & Dunstable and I know what you are talking about. I now live in the States and I believe that a lot of help will come from here when the time comes.