29 March 2007

God confirms the Truth - Heroin Jihad

Courtesy of: Always on Watch 2

A Wolf in sheep's clothing.

Watch the Video here: Jihad fighter converts

Hassan Butt a supposed Islamic reformist.

He is not telling anyone anything that was not already known and he is now an excellent token voice of moderation to the unsuspecting non-Moslem public who do not understand Islamic principals of deceiving the enemy until you win through Jihad.

Everything he publicly stated has been in the public domain for years and he confirms beyond doubt everything I havs stated about the Heroin Jihad where I live.

Good propaganda for the Islamists especially seeing him at Cambridge University being applauded by the future leaders of the British Nation, leading them into a false sense of security.

Anyway you look at Islam the ultimate objective and command set out in the Koran for 'every' Moslem to follow is Jihad and converting the host Nation from Dar al-Harb to Dar al-Islam.

Hassan Butt is still a Moslem so that makes him an enemy just like the Nazi's in the Second World War.

21st Century Warfare.



Always On Watch said...

I so glad to see that you posted your take on this video.

The reporter from 60 Minutes lapped up what Hassan Butt had to say.

Stay safe, LionHeart!

Lionheart said...

Yes, duping the infidel into a false reality, then those of us speaking out are labelled as racist for not believing.

God bless

Anonymous said...

I have wondered how we can know for surre which Moslems are truly on our side and which are pretending. So many in the West are absolutely eager to believe in the 'moderate Moslem' that they believe too readily, I think.

I tend to agree that we almost have to assume that they are the enemy even when they supposedly have repudiated Islam.

BTW, great blog, very inspiring, I wish you success in your struggle.

Anonymous said...

Good point here, LH. Never trust a Muslim. I always cite the examples of the Mujahideen when they surrendered to the Soviets, and then they'd slit the throats of the Russians when their backs were turned.

Never trust Hajii - even the apostates.

Dee said...

Lionheart, you were recommended to me by a fellow blogger and as a Christian and Conservative in Australia, I love your blog and have blogrolled you on mine. Keep up the fight! We're all linking up in a giant global network, praise God!

Geoff said...

Check this out


Anonymous said...

Lol Someones a sad sad man aernt they. Ive never read such bollocks. You are way too transparent. Get a life you middle aged moron.