3 March 2007

The 'day' Britain stood still

"The Shopping centre horror"

( If you are concerned about the threat we face then please read the articles linked inbedded in the writing. )

Imagine a busy shopping centre like Lakeside or Bluewater in Outer London. These are large complexes with thousands of mainly women and children shopping.

We know that Bluewater has already been a target due to the arrest of seven British born Al Qaeda operatives. MI5 have also confirmed the desire of British born Al Qaeda operatives to aquire nuclear and chemical materials on the black market.

Imagine a Saturday afternoon out shopping at Lakeside. You are walking around inside in a large complex that is completely enclosed, it is like being shut in a box.

I think that a shopping centre would be their ideal place to detonate a dirty bomb or something similar due to the ability to cause unimaginable horror the like never witnessed before in Britain, similar to the the Beslan school hostage taking in magnitude of horror. Several bombs in several locations would fill the entire box full of people, mainly women and children with chemical, nuclear or biological particles that would have to be contained so everyone would have to be locked in through fear of the toxic chemicals escaping into the atmosphere outside.

The bombers could walk straight through the frontdoors at several entrances with there bombs contained in suitcase's on wheels and no one would bat an eye lid. Three or four locations with chemical bombs would fill the entire centre.

Mass casualty on the scale of
9/11 or bigger.

Would the Global 'Jihad' commanded by Osama Bin Laden see a large scale attack upon Britain as a tactical move in its War against the Western World.

How would Britain look and what would the response be if such an attack was commissioned and carried out against the British people.

We know that they enjoy carrying out Terror attacks to help steer public opinion towards their aims like we saw with Spain.

Britain has elections coming up, the security services have said that the threat of attack has not been as high as it is now since 9/11, so the potential for a mass murder mission is very real and potentially imminent.

The question is, where are they going to attack and

Shopping centres like Lakeside are ideal targets for mass murder to cause nationwide grief and anguish. The whole country would come to a psychological standstill in shock if one was attacked during a busy saturday afternoon when filled with women and children.

Would this style and type of attack achieve Islams and Al Qaede's aims? (Yes)

The plans to attack them have been on
Al Qaeada's books for some time now. The pursuit of materials for a dirty bomb has also been discovered so the possiblitly for terror beyond our imagination is very real.

If you are in a shopping centre if it is attacked then you potentialy have no escape.

We are all facing murder and death at the hands of Muslims if we are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Crazy perceptions of a crazy world.

Stay safe - God bless


Please take a listen to this internet radio interview regarding small suitcase nukes or dirty bombs.

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Lionheart, I like what you have to say and what you are trying to do, keep it up.