14 March 2007

'Hell' Speaks

Photo taken from Maverick News Network - Courtesy of Pastorius.

Title of picture - Arabic 'Quardomun' which means "We are coming".

I wrote a short blog last week when I found out I was being read in Saudi Arabia.
I came across this picture with description and thought I would put it up on my blog. It confirms the nature of the Enemy to the civilized world that we face. It is an Al Qaeda terrorist wrapped in the Islamic National flag of Saudi Arabia which is home to the Religion of Islam where all the Moslem devils from around the world pray towards 5 times a day and where the leader of Al Qaeda Osama bin laden was born. This terrorist sent from the pit of Hell sits with a 'Nuke' exploding over the Old city of Jerusalem.
Only the devil from the pit of Hell would want to destroy God's city and Nation.
The British Empire has a wealth of cultural history in Israel with the Jewish people dating back to a glorious time in history when we fought and protected the Holy Land during the Crusades. The time in history has arrived again and is knocking on the door of this generation, when a 'modern day' Crusade must be called and an army go out in defence of the Holy Land in support of the Jewish people against Islam.

I welcome the day that the common Christian man can protect himself legally within his own land from those who surround him with the same thoughts and intents as the picture depicts.
The time approaches when we will have no other option but to rid 'Ourselves' of these suicidal psychotic Islamic murderers who want to kill innocent people to enforce Islam upon us through fear?
The military wing of Islam's Jihad against the non-Moslem world 'Al Qaeda', is at war with the world and are running around with 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' aimed at Israel, America and Europe.
The World must brace itself for the future.
God bless


Lionheart said...


Anonymous said...

I got news for you. The so called "Israel" has nukes, is performing all sorts of racism and genocide against the Palestinians Mulims and Christians alike, and will use morons like you as human shield when push comes to shove.

During the Islamic rule of Palestine, the Christian population in Jerusalem was more than that of the Muslims. Now the Christian population has dropped to less than 3% of Jerusalem's population! Thanks to your beloved "Israel!"

You need to look at the facts my friend because people when they read what you wrote think you are an . . .

Get the facts right and get out of the dark ages mentality which was shattered badly at the feet of Saladdin. Need I remind you of him or are you also ignorant to this fact in history.

I urge you to back off because you shouldn't call for a losing battle. History will repeat itself and your forefather's history will testify to that. Read about it.

If the Muslims are from a "pit of hell," then I urge you to stay away from them, lest you get burned . . .

Anonymous said...

By the way, the caption in the picture reads:
"Oh Jerusalem, we are coming."

You tried to make it sound like the Muslims are after the Western world or that they hate Christians.

We only fight back oppression and occupation and want what is rightfully ours. This has nothing to do with the West ok? A little Geography for you, Jerusalem is in Palestine in the heart of the Muslim World in the middle of the Islamic lands (aka Middle East). So what does that have to do with the Western World is beyond any logic and beyond me!

I hope you wake up from your fanatic high and start reasoning as a human should.

Get out of the Dark Ages trance .. snap . . .