12 March 2007

The Public Face of Al Qaeda in Britain

Watch and listen to Islam's Jihad against Britain.

Abu Izzadeen - Call to Jihad

Al Qaeda spokes people:-

Part 1 ( Treason )

Part 2 ( Enemy of the State )

Part 3 ( Treason )

Islam's UK mouthpiece - Abu Izzadeen

Dispatches channel 4 - Undercover Mosque - "This documentary has it all" Call's for Jihad (Holy war) against Britain, Treason, Murder, Peadophilia, and Islamic Supremacy.

If there is any doubt in peoples minds about the threat that the British people face then please watch each of these short video's and the other's in my collection.

The Question: Why have these people not been arrested for the protection of the British homeland and its non-Moslem citizens.

Al Qaeda Video's courtesy of Glen Jenvy
(check the rest of his exclusive video collection)

God bless



Anonymous said...

Thye have not been arrested to protect our people and country bec ause protection of our people and country is not a priority of the state.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is time (actually, it's long overdue) that the people of Britain default against their government for failure to protect them - in other words, create a mass revolt and do not pay any taxes.

British Parliament's refusal to protect her citizenry must be met with taxation without representation.

Geoff said...

They've not been arrested in order, hopefully, to be observed by the Special Reconnaissance Regiment and friends.

Anonymous said...


The Government's policy of favouring mass immigration has the potential to change British society radically. And yet the British people have never been consulted: Labour has fought the last three elections without putting anything in its manifesto about immigration. The subject is rarely discussed, for the simple reason that to raise it is to risk being branded a racist. There was a perfect example of that last week, when there were calls for Prof David Coleman, an Oxford demographer, to be sacked. His offence? Merely to note the numbers and suggest that we ought to consider whether we really want to increase our population so dramatically.

The truth is that no one has a clue whether the results of mass migration will be greater "vibrancy" and enhanced co-operation and economic success, or a spiral of distrust, resentment and despair. The Government has committed itself to facilitating mass migration in total ignorance of the consequences. It is a profoundly irrational and dangerous way to proceed.
But if we, the people, do not wrest control of immigration policy back from the Government, we will only have ourselves to blame should it all go horribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, they have not been arrested because the gov does not want to disrupt its votes/power and it agenda. The agenda is one of destruction of our people and nation. Arrests will only be made if it judged as expedient to do so, for example if the public outcry is such that it would be worthwhile making a few arrests rather than disrupt the programme to a greater extent by public outcry.
If they can keep us all buy with the prole feed they will get away with it.

Anonymous said...


Hardline clerics urge tax cheating
· Richard Kerbaj
· March 13, 2007
HARDLINE Muslim clerics are encouraging their followers to cheat the tax system because they consider paying income tax contrary to Islamic law.
Muslim leaders have warned that fundamentalist imams who put sharia law ahead of Australian law are also condoning welfare fraud and the cash economy as tax-evasion methods.
Sydney-based Islamic leader Fadi Rahman told The Australian that the extremist clerics who were preaching messages against paying income taxes were also staunchly opposed to Western ideologies, including the Australian way of life.
He said he had heard hardline clerics at Friday sermons in Sydney highlight the importance of cheating the tax system.
"I mean, just like how you've got clerics (with) extreme views who are telling the Muslims in the Western world to declare war against the very country that they live in and the very country that is paying for their day-to-day life, you'll find that these are the clerics who are telling them to dodge the tax system," said Mr Rahman, a youth leader and the president of the Independent Centre for Research Australia.
"Tax, itself, is not allowed in Islam. So they (clerics) encourage them that if there's any way that you can dodge paying the tax, then you should do it."

Anonymous said...


Published: 7th March 2007
Road menace jailed for 9 months
JAILED: Sajid Hussain
'A MENACE to the public‘ who left a young boy paralysed for life and seriously wounded a lollipop lady has been put behind bars for further driving offences.
Sajid Hussain, aged 21, of Stamford Street, Newbold, was already subject to a three-year ban following a string of previous convictions when he got behind the wheel four times this year.
He is now beginning a nine-month prison sentence having admitted eight counts of driving while disqualified and without insurance, possession of CS gas and breaching a suspended sentence before Rochdale magistrates.

Prosecuting, Kay Raewood told the court prison should be the only option for the defendant.
“Mr Hussain is a habitual offender who has no regard whatsoever for any court order,” she said at Tuesday’s hearing.
“He is a menace and a danger to the public.“
Hussain was just 16, unlicensed and uninsured when he knocked down five-year-old Daniel Hennessy in a hit-and-run in August 2002, leaving him wheelchair-bound for life.
He was given a two-month driving ban and ordered to pay the youngster’s family £2,555 compensation, which was later overturned on a legal technicality.
A year later, Hussain was given 18 months in prison and a two-year-ban for mowing down lollipop lady Audrey Chadwick, leaving her with a broken cheekbone, forearm, pelvis and jaw as he fled the scene.
Before his latest court appearance, he has also gained convictions for a fail-to-stop collision where he damaged a street sign, along with possession of a dangerous weapon and cannabis.
Miss Raewood described how Hussain was arrested after he was spotted driving a Volkswagen Golf four times between 14 January and 2 February this year near his home address, on Edinburgh Way, George Street and Manchester Road.
On one occasion he was even filmed by a concerned resident but when confronted by police he claimed a friend, only named as ‘Tommy‘ was behind the wheel.
He had also tried to flee the police when CS gas spray was found in his possession in June last year only to deny all knowledge of the can when he was eventually detained.

Anonymous said...


Misconduct claim denied by doctor
By Telegraph newsdesk
A DOCTOR has been accused of carrying out "unnecessary and indecent" examinations on two women patients.
Dr Shakir Hasan Laher, of Pringle Street, Blackburn, denies all the misconduct allegations against him.
He has been brought before the General Medical Council for a hearing - which is expected to last 12 days - looking into whether he is fit to continue practising as a doctor.

The hearing yesterday heard a claim that Dr Laher performed an unnecessary breast examination on a patient suffering from severe gynaecological problems.
The woman, named only as Patient A, told the hearing: "I was just so scared. I looked out of the window and just wanted it to be over."

Anonymous said...

The state/media are warming up for their anti BNP election campaign. Expect all sorts over the next few weeks.


Labour are so desperate to cling on to power that they are prepared to break election legislation to stop the British National Party from winning additional council seats on May 3rd.

We are aware that a coalition involving the Labour Party, the GMB union, Searchlight and the Daily Mirror will stop at nothing to undermine the election process in a clear sign of desperation that Labour cannot win by fair means of discussion, debate and free exchange of ideas.

According to inside information from the GMB, instead of debating at Hustings meetings the anti-British Stop the BNP coalition plans to:

• Bribe voters by providing free music concerts
• Tour the country in a anti-BNP battle bus sponsored by the Daily Mirror
• Issue 2 million anti-BNP smear supplements
• Employ 200 telephone canvassers to persuade voters to vote for anyone except the BNP.


The anti-British Labour run coalition plans to give away free tickets to music concerts, and its representatives are currently in discussion with sports clubs including Leeds Rugby League and West Ham FC to host anti-BNP activities.

The provision of free gig amounts to electoral bribery. A ticket to an average music event can range from £10 up to £40 or so. If the Stop the BNP coalition was to dole out an average of £25 in cash to voters the Police and the Electoral Commission would soon be on the doorsteps of Labour HQ, a free ticket to a gig amounts to the same.

Anonymous said...

Thye tried forcing the whites and asians together:

This school was a multiculti’s wet dream utopia, they were trying to force mixing between the whites and Asians, spent millions but they couldn’t make it work.


New school placed in 'special measures'
By Telegraph newsdesk
A Burnley "super" school has been placed into special measures - just six months after opening.
The news comes after the school, Hameldon Community College, was slammed in an Ofsted report.
Inspectors criticised senior management and said the behaviour of pupils was unsatisfactory.

Hameldon College opened in September after the amalgamation of Habergham and Ivy Bank high schools as part of the £250million Building Schools for the Future programme.

Anonymous said...


‘Girl, 14, raped in hotel'
By Charlotte Bradshaw
A TEENAGE girl was allegedly driven from East Lancashire and raped in a Blackpool hotel room.
The 14-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, fell asleep in a bedroom at the hotel before waking up to discover she was being attacked, police alleged.
A man from Blackburn has now been charged in connection with the incident.
The alleged offences were reported on Saturday but were said to have occurred after the girl was taken from her home earlier last week.
Ajmal Mohammed, 39, has appeared before Blackburn magistrates charged with rape, attempted rape and taking the girl, who is from Accrington, from lawful custody.
Mohammed, of Audley Range, Blackburn, was sent in custody to Preston Crown Court.
The youngster is believed to have told her parents about the incident after being admitted to hospital in the days after the attack.
She was then interviewed by specialist officers.
Police added that the hotel involved had co-operated fully with the inquiry and a detailed examination of the premises had taken place.
2:07pm Wednesday 28th February 2007