23 March 2007

The Wolves are on the loose

I was chased last night by a small turquoise Vauxhall people carrier type car by 3 Pakistani Moslem Men.

I know that a Knight should never run unless there are more than 3 enemies in front of him but we are not living in the Holy Land in 1191, we are living in England in 2007. These Our Moslem neighbours living in Our land do not think like us or live like us, this we see has not changed over that period in history.

These Moslem murderers have the greatest weapon on their side - "The British Justice System"

If I pulled over and shot all 3 of these people I would be locked up forever for mass murder and never see the light of day again. If these people murdered me which is their intention then they would go to court and argue the case and end up with pathetic prison sentences, I expect 10 years or a mandatory life sentence where the tariff is 13 years, that is if they were even caught.

Where is the British justice?

These Moslem Terrorists know the British legal system, they know how to play it and the Prison system is full of them and their drug addicted slaves so they have no problem doing a bit of prison time to make examples of people.

This is the situation I face on a daily basis and the Wolves have now caught my scent...

I stand completely alone with God in the face of these Moslem savages. If you read my articles you will realise that these Moslem psychopaths living in Britain who should be locked away from society are left walking Our streets and as a Divine duty commanded by the devil Allah will have to kill me for my words and actions, and eventually you if you do not conform to Islams ways if their Kingdom in England is not stopped.

Dunstable and Luton are over flowing with Pakistani Taxi's, they act as the eyes and ears for these Terrorists, they are parked up everywhere throughout the Towns with Our communities under constant surveillance by them. They run drugs around for cover and when needed they can carry guns into the Town for any of their Moslem brothers to use. These Pakistani Taxi men who view Our women as second class citizens and pieces of meat to rape are carrying Our half naked daughters, mothers and sisters around when they go out at weekends and during the week and to some are pumping them with Heroin and Crack cocaine. Don't kid yourself this is the reality in Dunstable.

Enough is Enough and I would welcome any suggestions because I do not want to have to move away into deep hiding, I am ready and willing to defend myself and my community as I am showing.

Actions speak louder than words - "Please read my articles"

Civil War is upon us and there can only be one winner in War.

My life is in God's hands



Always On Watch said...

So, it has gotten this bad in portions of the UK!

"Religion of peace"? Yeah, right. (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Dire circumstances to be sure. Wishing you the best Lionheart. I came at the beckoning of AOW2 above at MnM and placed this comment there as well. Your words will not fall on deaf ears . . .

A fellow resident of the UK wrote the following post at JW December 31, 2006 11:14 PM . He is no longer with us as we recently learned that he passed away a couple of weeks ago in a tragic auto accident. Circumstances about this accident are posted here:

Here is Dominic's post (May he rest in peace):

"I could not agree more with your last post if I tried. Yes, of course, moslems are an alien body in our midst. Every day in London - on the tube, in shops, in parks, whilst shopping, whilst going about the 101 tasks that make up an average life - this is borne in on me.

In London today moslems dress differently, are rude to locals, jump queues, shout at us, wave their fists at us, call us 'worthless infidel' in public and in loud voices. I have, just four days ago, been elbowed aside by a moslem couple, with sidekicks, whilst trying to top up my Oyster card at a tube station at the automatic machine. Apparently, I had taken longer than the ten seconds that they were prepared to wait and so three burly males forced me aside and, when I objected, pushed me to the floor and - quite literally - and took over the machine which I was attempting to use.

Not, in a crowded and impatient city like London that this was a surprise, but that in this instance that I was insulted by these people was a surprise. The eldest male in the group, dressed in the usual and ridiculous garb of mohammedans everywhere, looked directly at me amd said, in quite clear English, (and I quote verbatim) "Get out of our way infidel slave".

You may imagine how I felt at that moment. To be so insulted in my own capital city was stunning. It took all my self-control not to do something rash at that moment.

Knowing that CCTV cameras would have captured this incident I complained, some three hours later (after having completed my journey and return), to the British Transport Police on the Broadway. I need not have bothered. Not only would no-one there take my complaint of 'technical assault and insult' seriously but no-one to whom I spoke was even prepared to initiate any paperwork whatsoever nor were they remotely prepared to find and look at the video recordings. Indeed, one Officer even said to me that I 'should swallow my pride' and live with it because - and, once again, I quote verbatim 'you are just being racist and you have to remember that it's cultural with them'.

Obviously, at this point, I indicated that I felt that I had been physically assaulted and that I would really like to have my complaint investigated. Well, this is really where everything about that evening begins to stick in my craw. When I said that, the Officer of the BTP who was listening to me actually cautioned me and warned me that if I persisted with making a nuisance of myself I would be charged under the The Race Relations Act 1976 and the RRAA (Race Relations (Amendment) Act) 2000.

I gave up at this point. Cowardice is sometimes the better part of valour. But, damn it, they won, didn't they? I have been intimidated into a dhimmi position by them and the very powers which should have protected me in my own country.

"Happy New Year everyone", I say in a bitter tone of voice.


Anonymous said...

The BBC are getting exposed for their misleading of the public:


BBC pays £200,000 to 'cover up report on anti-Israel bias'
by PAUL REVOIR - More by this author » Last updated at 21:24pm on 22nd March 2007
The BBC has been accused of "shameful hypocrisy" over its decision to spend £200,000 blocking a freedom of information request about its reporting in the Middle East.
The corporation, which has itself made extensive use of FOI requests in its journalism, is refusing to release papers about an internal inquiry into whether its reporting has been biased towards Palestine.
BBC chiefs have been accused of wasting thousands of pounds of licence fee payers money trying to cover-up the findings of the so called Balen Report into its journalism in the region, despite the fact that the corporation is funded by the British public.
The corporation is fighting a landmark High Court action, which starts next week, in a bid to prevent the public finding out what is in the review, which is believed to be critical of the BBC's coverage in the region.
BBC bosses have faced repeated claims that is coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict has been skewed by a pro-Palestianian bias.
The corporation famously came under fire after middle-east correspondent Barbara Plett revealed that she had cried at the death of Yasser Arafat in 2004.

That report found said that there was "no deliberate or systematic bias" in the BBC's reporting, but said its approach had at times been "inconsistent" and was "not always providing a complete picture" which had been "misleading".

Anonymous said...


Fifteen British Navy personnel have been captured at gunpoint by Iranian forces, the Ministry of Defence says.

Geoff said...

Unfortunately anywhere with a large number of muslims this is common place. Self preservation is now the name of the game, keep your head down and watch your back. In the future we will reclaim our streets.

A MAN suffered a fractured eye socket when he was assaulted and spat on by a gang in an unprovoked street attack.

The victim was walking by William Hill bookmakers, in Scotland Road, Nelson, when he was approached by four Asian men.

The gang then attacked the man knocking him to the ground, before spitting on him.

The 50-year-old, who lives in Nelson, was taken to Burnley General Hospital with a fractured eye socket.

This is happening all the time. Take Care! Anything else is suicidal. Bide your time until we grow in numbers and we are growing in numbers.

Anonymous said...

LionHeart, there are times when the pen needs to be replaced with the sword, you got lucky I am happy to see, but as we continue our efforts these "insidents" will become more and more prevalent and more dangerous, be careful and remember constant vigilence is what will keep you alive and healthy. Glad you got away.


10 men said...

God Bless & stay safe Lionheart. I can only suggest linking up with others in London (milita) or obtaining a firearm on the black market. If you must move to a more secure area, I did in 2000 and have no regrets.

The Green Arrow said...

Lionheart, who knows what plans God as in store for any of us. But God directed you and others to spread the word about the evil out there.

He wants us to reclaim our land and our morality - all these years leading upto this have been a test.

This current crisis is the "final" exam. We pass it or evil prevails.

Take care. We cannot afford to lose you.

Anonymous said...

Should this be useful to any readers, I would strongly recommend that any readers concerned for their safety and that of their loved ones take up a martial art as soon as possible. I don't know anything about the milita that 10men refers to, so all I can say is that we Londoners have to reconcile ourselves to depending upon ourselves. Dominic's experience only underlines the sad fact that passers by and the 'authorities' won't come to our aid.

Make sure the art you choose is vicious, violent, ends the fight quickly, and has a focus on street confrontations, especially that it takes into account being attacked with weapons and multiple opponents. Readers in London are lucky in this respect as there are plenty of such schools around. Some are better than others, so do your homework first.

Lionheart, if you have contacts with any Israelis, I hear they have some tricks up their sleeves for useful fighting styles, you might find that useful. I wouldn't say go out and buy a weapon, as that would be incitement to go prepared for ABH/GBH, and I'm the wrong colour and race to get away with that. What I will say is vary your routes, your routines, take up a martial art and always keep a close eye on your surroundings. You're a stranger in a strange land, brother, and to make matters worse it should be your own land. I know the feeling. Stay sharp and you'll do well, even if you get beaten down, if you go down fighting at least it's a good end.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...


Sex attack on student walking home
A TEENAGE student was attacked and indecently assaulted as she walked home after a night out in Southampton.
The 19-year-old was walking along Harrison Cut off St Mary Street when a man spoke to her briefly, grabbed her and then sexually assaulted her.
The attacker, described as an Asian in his 40s with a large white beard and wearing a turban, then walked off in the direction of St Mary Street.

Police are now appealing for witnesses to the attack which happened between midnight and 1am on Thursday.
9:54am today

Anonymous said...


AN ELDERLY widow was left crying in the street after a youth shoved her to the ground and stole her handbag.

Joyce Bushell, 80, told the Recorder she went berserk after the teenager grabbed the bag, containing a treasured picture of her late husband Fred, from her shoulder.

The incident took place at 11.30am. The attacker is described as Asian, aged about 17, 5ft 11in tall, with brown eyes and wearing smart clothes with a black or blue cap with a white stripe on the front.

Anonymous said...


A RAPIST who attacked a woman after she got off a bus with him has been told to expect a lengthy jail term.
Bhupendra Chavda, of Brewery Close, Wembley, was found guilty at St Albans Crown Court last Friday of committing oral rape.
He forced the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to perform a sex act on him in an alleyway in Bushey.
The jury heard, in a trial that ended on Friday, that Chavda carried out the attack on the woman on Friday, July 28, last year after getting off at the same bus stop in the village that night.
He followed her as she alighted at the bus stop in High Road and went into an alley near St Hilda's School.
The man then forced the woman into a concealed part of an adjoining alleyway just off Baird Close where he sexually assaulted her.

Anonymous said...


Asylum seeker assaulted young girl

An asylum seeker who sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl in a park has been jailed.
Mobarak Hussein approached the girl and her five-year-old sister in August 2005 on Southsea seafront and asked the 12-year-old to get in his car.

When she refused he followed the two youngsters into a nearby park and sat on a bench next to the 12-year-old.

The 30-year-old pervert then indecently assaulted the girl.

The girl told her mother, who reported the incident to police and Hussein was arrested soon after.

At Portsmouth Crown Court Hussein, who comes from Sudan, was jailed for 18 months.

Judge Gareth Cowling praised the actions of the girl's mother and recommended Hussein should be deported after he has served his sentence

A final decision will be taken by the Home Office when he is released.

Hussein, of Tredegar Road, Southsea, was found guilty of a sexual assault on a child under 13. He had denied the charge.

He will remain on the sex offenders' register for 10 years and has been disqualified from working with children.
Last Updated: 24 March 2007

strings said...

Only just discovered this site and I have found that I share the same concerns as the author/contributers about the fate of the UK. I do not live in the frontline like the author, I live in a small village south of Reading (the shire), but I still can feel the tidal wave approaching. When discussing Islam, only a few of my friends take note, most of them have little idea about the force of the Islamic ideal and even less understanding of its potency. In general I feel that people dont like bad news and are used to the comfy life routine of big brother, the pub and footie, I believe their interest will not spike until events turn very perilous, (or its too late) which is unfortunate.
In conversation they look at me and say "You have a good job, a lovely wife and child why are you bothered, it wont effect us", but I can feel it soon will, I have looked into the faith since 911 and feel I know it well, the deeper I look, the scarier it gets and I keep coming back to the same conclusion that this is a war without end.

What can we do to turn the tide? How can I make a difference?

Concerned Christian


serbialives admin said...

Stand fast and God be with you!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the tide will turn until people begin to see the thing as a whole being a problem as a whole. As long as the culture of religious and cultural relativism is allowed to go unchallenged, we're going to have a problem. As long as people like Robert Spencer, Bat Ye'or, Fjordman and co are seen as conspiracy theorists jumping at shadows, we don't have much of a hope.

Worse yet, people won't go and read these people and be convinced by them. You have to make the attempt to convince them yourselves, or be accused of simply adopting someone else's thoughts instead of having your own. So go read, learn, learn to paraphrase and to argue, and then maybe you'll have a better chance at persuasion. At least, that's what I've found from my own experiences. For whatever that's worth.

Anonymous said...

LionHeart - God bless you.
If I were you I would move to another area where there are no or fewer muslims. I know you don't want to but that is my advice to you.
When the middle classes start to feel the threat we will get some support. If we all move out of these areas then it quickens the time until the middle class experience the problems that we have. Right now they can pretend it is not happening. If we complain aobut the rapes/drugs/violence they can be 'very superior' calling us racists and such like. I say let them feel it then we may see some changes.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Strings !
Spread the word!

Anonymous said...


Family's fury as sentence slashed
By Steve Wright

The family of a man who tumbled to his death from a taxi have condemned an appeal court decision to slash the jail sentence of the driver responsible.
Iain Cain, 31, sustained fatal head injuries when he fell out of Nazam Khan's cab in Halifax Road, Cullingworth, in October 2005.
Khan zig-zagged along the road with the passenger door open at speeds of up to 50mph after a row over the fare, before leaving Mr Cain, of Lodge Street, Cullingworth, for dead.
Jailing him for seven years last July for causing death by dangerous driving, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC described Khan, 56, of Ellercroft Terrace, Lidget Green, Bradford, as "cowardly".
But last week the Court of Appeal in London reduced his sentence to five years and halved his driving ban to five years. It dismissed his appeal against conviction.
Mr Cain's sister, Michelle, 35, said she was appalled at the appeal court's decision.

Michelle, of Wibsey, Bradford, said: "The original sentence was not excessive. He took someone's life and just left him to die in the road. Who knows what would have happened if he had phoned for an ambulance straight away.
"But he tried to the end to worm his way out of it. He doesn't deserve any leniency.


The Green Arrow said...

Lionheart, could you please make a post so we know you are ok or email me.

John Sobieski said...

I remember the firt time I truly got Islam. When you finally believe it is the perfect cult, naziism perfected with their deity Allah. Mohammad hatched the perfect cult. It makes you queasy at first. I actually couldn't eat till the next day. Then you become angry, very angry at what your government has done to you in the name of their religion, the Multicults. Then you get angry at all the useful idiots passing themselves off as experts. Then when you see that first Muslim apologist on TV spreading the taqiya nice and thick, you get angry. What can you do? It is taking too long to organize. Like one of the commentors says, most wonder why you get all worked up about Islam. But that is changing.

Take care lionheart. Can you legally carry a knife? And if so, practice with it. At least get some mace.