13 March 2007

Syria - Islam's Rising Star

Lets not forget Syria when we look towards Israel and the Middle East.

'Judgement Day' with Iran approaches so lets hope Israel takes decisive action with Syria when its Moslem population raises its ugly head, unlike the failed decapitation of Hezbollah.

The Dark Islamic storm clouds are brewing on every side of Israel's borders.

The Christian World stands 'Shoulder to Shoulder' with the Nation of Israel and its Jewish and Israeli Arab people.

Syria - Islam's Rising Star - watch now



Anonymous said...

Syria cannot afford a war against Israel - especially with the threat of the US over their shoulders.

I have a feeling that Syria would cave in if we struck at them militarily. They would play the wounded horse in order to gain sympathy from our already troubled and easy won over world.

Anonymous said...

Another example of total disregard for human life. Steve you're no different from the troubled Lion. You both need therapy. You talk about that Syria as if it's just a crash dummy!!! Dude that's innocent human life on stake!!!