27 March 2007

Breaking News: Ivinghoe Beacon is Alight

The Legend of Ivinghoe Beacon whispered throughout the Chiltern hills is that during Saxon Times when there was impending danger of War & Attack from the invading enemies, the Beacon was set alight so that everyone for miles around were aware of the danger coming their way and could prepare for War.

Please take a read of my article: A Warning to the Dunstable Community - if you have not already.

Ivinghoe Beacon is part of a network of Beacons spread throughout the country.

(The words and the Cross say it all)

(Indian cuisine logo visible at the top of the picture)

Ivinghoe Beacon is Alight

I was stopped yesterday as I was doing my usual walk through my town centre which I do as an act of defiance against the Pakistani Moslems who have invaded my town. I was stopped by an old gentleman and given a disc and told that the Royal Knights hear my cry's and the legend of the Beacon is now a reality in this generation. I checked the disc and found these pictures and have obviously posted them in the interests of the local non-Moslem population. I will endeavour to obtain a picture of the restaurant so you have a clearer picture.

It seems that the warning has now been given for those who live around the vacinity of this Anglo Saxon Beacon to prepare for War and the impending danger coming their way (I hope it is not too late).

This Indian restaurant is owned by Pakistani Moslems connected to the Jihad army of Bury Park Luton and is probably the furthest outpost they have which is deep into Our countryside. This building used to be a local pub selling the usual home cooked food and serving local ale, now it is an Indian Restaurant owned by Luton Pakistani Moslems. It is situated on a cross roads as you come out of Dunstable on Tring Road. You have Ashridge and Whipsnade Zoo in one direction, Ivinghoe and Tring in another, Dunstable and Luton to the rear and Totternhoe and Edlesborough in the other direction.

The restaurant sits at the 'Heart' of Our local countryside and it is no wonder it has aroused the attention of local 'Royal Knights' who are sitting in the shadows. It is a shame that these Royal Knights are all old men who are part of the 'Knights Templar gentleman's club' and not young fresh blood who will help and protect the women and children of the community from the Barbaric Moslem Savages from Luton. It is good to see people acting though but in reality what is a little bit of graffiti going to do to stop the invading army of Pakistani Moslems from raping, impregnating and pumping Our children with drugs. I personally look forward to the day that we are posting news of acts of war against the Moslem community and not just graffiti.

A Warning to the Aristocracy and Local Land Owners

The lighting of this Beacon brings back into my mind something God revealed to me one day when I was driving through the local countryside. He brought to my attention that there are groups of young Pakistani Jihadi Moslem men who drive through Our countryside like any normal people around here do when they go for a day out or to escape from the hustle and bustle of the town, who are laying claim to properties and land throughout the villages. These Moslems firmly believe that in the future Our Nation will become an Islamic State and the local Luton Moslem population are preparing for that occurrence now. They are staking their claim to properties and land for the future and they have their mini militia to support them with their planned take over. The Aristocracy and local land owners cannot escape from the invading army of Islam who are seeking to take from them their properties and land that has been handed down to them from generation to generation that they plan to hand down to their children. It may not be this 'Our generation' that sees this occurrence, but it might, but one thing is certain, the plans to destroy Our children's futures are underway, whether you are part of the aristocracy or a local town peasant we all face the same threat together.

Those of us in the local towns are living on the frontlines in this war aimed at us by the Islamic Kingdom in Britain and if we lose Our frontlines, rest assured that the local land owners and aristocracy are next on the list as the Moslem cancer spreads deeper and further afield into Our countryside. We already have incidents of Pakistani Moslems from Luton committing acts of armed robbery and violent burglary against land owners like with the example of Mr Carter of Carters Yard Dunstable so this is all a reality and a reality if not addressed that will get a whole lot worse for Our children.

Please think about the future, you might not be here living in it but your descendents will be and they cannot escape the future Our country is walking towards and will pay the price for all of Our ignorance.

I pray that God will set Our Beacon ablaze for the whole world to see, we are living in the 21st Century with the technology for the whole world to see the blazing fire of Our Beacon.

In His Service



Anonymous said...

For every major jihad incident like 7/7, there are thousands of unreported or underreported 'street jihad' attacks, traffic 'accidents', rapes, pedophilic abductions etc.

Yet despite their apparent random nature, these 'lesser jihad' incidents are all part of the same 1400 years old war of the Ummah against the Kuffar, Dar al Islam against Dar al Harb.

This continuous, relentless, implacable 'Jihad of attrition' is ultimately far more effective in subduing and intimidating the Kuffar into a state of dhimmitude than the spectacular bomb attacks.

Hatred of the Kuffar is the pivot of Islamic existence. They want to exterminate or enslave us. Any muslim who claims otherwise is merely practicing Taqiyya - lying for the greater glory of Allah the Babylonian brothel-keeper and his Satanic perverted pimp Mohammed.

Anonymous said...

Is 'Youths' the French word for 'Asians'?

From http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/world/20070327-1444-france-subwayclashes.html

March 27, 2007

PARIS – Riot police firing tear gas and brandishing batons clashed Tuesday with bands of youths who shattered windows and looted shops at a major Paris train station, officials said. Nine people were arrested.

Officials said about 100 people were involved in the melee at Gare du Nord, one of Paris' most important transport hubs. Officers and police dogs fired tear gas and charged at groups of marauding youths, some of them wearing hoods and swinging metal bars.

The youths responded by throwing trash cans and other objects at the officers. A group of youths smashed the windows of a sporting goods store and looted boxes of shoes. Others attacked automatic drink dispensers and set fire to an information booth.

Commuter Cyril Zidou, a 24-year-old electrician, said he was coming home from the gym “when I just got gassed.” One woman was evacuated by paramedics for inhalation of tear gas.

The violence did not appear directly related to France's presidential election less than a month away, but it highlighted the social and economic tensions that the country's new leader will inherit when he or she takes power in May.

The train lines from Gare du Nord radiate out to the same suburbs north of Paris where three weeks of rioting erupted in 2005. That violence was born of pent-up anger – especially among youths of Arab and African origin – over years of high unemployment and racial inequalities.

Youths at the station said Tuesday's clashes started when police manhandled a young person of North African origin. Some claimed that the youth's arm was broken in the confrontation.
Zidou said the violence had echoes of the riots in 2005. “They never finished,” he said. “It slowed down a bit, but it was never over.”

Another commuter, Guy Elkoun, said: “There's always a feeling of insecurity in this train station ... I knew this could happen someday.”

Officials from Paris' RATP public transport authority said the violence started after a man without a Metro ticket punched two inspectors during a routine ticket check. Youths also attacked the inspectors and later turned on police patrolling the station, officials said.

“The inspectors were hit with projectiles, as were the officers who came to assist them,” said Luc Poignant, an official for the Force Ouvriere police union.
The clashes forced the closure of the station's subway and commuter lines for several hours. The station's long-distance rail hub and Eurostar terminal, which is attached to the subway station, remained open throughout the melee.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for taking this thread off topic but there is an online poll that may be of interest to you regarding the building of a mega mosque in London (currently stats are 56% in favor):


Anonymous said...

LionHeart, take heart, while the Royal Knight may be older he still knows younger men of our order, so keep up the good work and never quit.

10 men said...

God's Speed LionHeart.
This will give hope to many!
I posted it and soon I'm sure we will see beacons alight all over the globe.

The Hammer said...

We at Not To Islam! wish you God speed and safe times. We are all on the frontline until this problem is resolved. Worse times are coming.