4 March 2007

British Governments 'Third World conduct'

What hope have we with the modern leader of the British Empire controling his people like an Egyptian Pharoh with an iron rod.

Any political dissidence will be crushed with brutality and the population forced into submission through fear.

The dark non-Christian powers that be, who are in positions of power in this country are enforcing their control upon Britain at the expense of the British people and their way of life.

In the UK you can be sacked from your job for supporting a legal political party the British National Party. How can people vote democraticaly under those conditions? How can that be fair 21st century elections in a civilized society? It is control of the masses through fear and intimidation.

I read this article today on The Home of the Green Arrow regarding a member of the BNP who has been imprisoned under extremly dubious circumstances. If the facts of the case are true as written which I have no reason to doubt considering the legal implications for those proclaiming the truth then this is a prime example of a British political prisoner in a modern democratic society.


This is the madness of Blairs Britain that needs rectifying.

We pray that God will rectify the degredation of Our country.



Anonymous said...

many B.N.P. members are sacked just for their political beliefs just like the honest hard working man sacked by A.S.L.E.F. and at the same time a protester who dressed up as a suicide bomber during the cartoon march started to clean Cambridge trains.
Omar Khayam a Muslim who is a convicted drug pusher/user was welcomed by A.S.L.E.F. to work on the trains

Most of the B.N.P. membership was at one time were union members but this saga from the train drivers union comes straight out of a bier Keller in Bavaria

Anonymous said...

The most underhand way of making sure your job is lost in the field of health is to remove your good name after years of first class service by a black unknown mark on your CRB check.
Just another dirty trick in this fascist state with no rights when the bnp are your choice.
This leads to everything you've worked for gradualy being lost.