1 March 2007

London Terror Alert - Know your surroundings

It is sad to say but people living or visiting England should be on the alert on their travels around London due to the threat of attack we face from British born Pakistani Al Qaeda killers.

Our underground subway system, cafes, shopping centres and buses are all likely targets because they are what the security services class as soft targets. A soft target is somewhere easy to penetrate with their bombs with mass human casualty.

This is the type of hateful murderous psychotic suicidal social misfits we have living amongst us coming from the Islamic Kingdom in Britain. We call these extremly dangerous social misfits 'Muslims' and they want to kill you, your friends and your family because you are not one of them, 'Muslim'.

They are actively and continualy plotting murder and bloodshed against us so that they can inflict fear upon peaceful people so that we give in to Islams demands.

These dangerous psychotic suicidal maniacs are part of the military wing of Islam - Jihadi's, Islamofascists, Jihad fighters or plain old Muslims.

When they attack they attack with no warning and have no regard who they kill. When these people are given their orders to 'go', there is no stopping them apart from a bullet in the head because their only aim is to commit suicide and take as many innocent people with them.

Our security services have said that the threat of attack has not been higher than it is at present since 9/11. That means that the possibility for Muslims to walk into London on a mass murder mission is very credible and very likely. These suicidal mental patients should be in the asylum yet they are walking Our streets, hate us and Our way of life and are waiting to kill themselves to show us that fact.

We the British people and those visiting Our Country cannot escape these facts, all we can do is be aware of Our surroundings and who is in them for Our own safety and security.

Death, Terror, Bloodshed, and Murder is aimed at all of us and it is not 'if' it is going to happen, it is 'when'.

Muslim Profiling:-
In my view the most dangerous Muslims are the ones who blend in. No beard, no dress or hat, a normal everyday western looking Pakistani or African. No distinct features to say they are Muslim murderers so no one takes a second glance. Easy cover to penetrate a large group of people without arousing suspicion.

The other mental patients on the loose are those who are dressed from head to toe in Muslim garb. These ones stick out like a sore thumb and everyone knows who they are. We are accustomed to these people walking our streets so even these can penetrate with not much trouble. These suicidal mental patients on the loose are more likely to attack cafes and shops as they only have to walk through the front door then its game over for those inside.

Our underground system is likely to be penetrated by Muslims in disguise just like on 7/7.

London Underground system:-
Our London underground system has absolutely no security to protect it from attack. Certain stations have security and Police but this is very minimal and the British public believe that there must be many undercover police on the system. Whether this is true is down to the police who are there to protect the public. You can board a train into the underground system from almost anywhere around London from just walking unhindered off of the street. If you know where you are aiming to go, then to plan a route of where to enter the system to board a train to get to your destination is not an issue. These psychopaths will have already worked out their routes of where to enter and where to blow themselves up so it is just a matter of when and what is the best time.

Always be aware of who is in your carriage and who is standing near you and do not feel stupid moving because your life could depend on it.
A quick glance around to see for any danger will take seconds and if you feel danger move away as fast as possible, there is no escape once these people come so the aim is to get as far away as quickly as possible.

Having a coffee in London is a Great British past time, coffee houses throughout London are usually all full of innocent people, with no security.
This is an extremly soft target because there are so many of them across London full of people, this is why it is a favourite target of the Palestinians in Israel.

If a suicide bomber enters a cafe to blow himself up then who ever is inside has very little chance of escape. There is one way in and one way out.

if you sit by the door and someone comes in then you can get out, unlike if your sitting in the middle of the shop. Always be aware of who is coming in the shop and profile them your life depends on it.

We have absolutely no protection whatsoever for Our buses. Muslims can jump on a bus with a large suitcase from anywhere in London.

Do not sit upstairs because you cannot see who is getting on the bus downstairs. Look to see where all of your exits are and be aware of everyone who gets on.

These are my thoughts on the terror threat we all face when traveling around London.

The threat we face is credible and potentialy imminent.

As you are reading this there are Muslims in Britain who are counting down the time before they depart from this life by blowing themselves up killing you and me. These psycopaths are out there waiting to cause mass carnage, murder and bloodshed.

Vigilance at all times is the key when faced with this threat aimed at us by suicidal psycopaths.

Stay safe.


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Anonymous said...

Lionheart don’t forget white Muslim converts (such as Yvonne Ridley) who are just as capable of strapping on a bomb and blowing themselves up.