3 March 2007

Muslim drug 'masters' use schoolboy mule.

Thanks again Drakes drum for being on the pulse of what's happening on the street in Our country.

I have reported extensively on Al Qaeda's British born Pakistani drug Empire in Luton. I have stated that local Pakistani Muslims are pumping Class A drugs out into my community using taxi's as cover.

Here in this article local Muslim drug barons used one of their 16 year old cousins or brothers dressed in his school uniform to carry their drugs for them in a taxi for cover. If caught the main players would get off 'scot free' and the child in his school uniform would be let off.

Exactly what happened when he was caught travelling in a taxi to drop of the £6,000 worth of heroin.

I will say again; Al Qaeda in Britain are using street drugs as a weapon of war against the people of Britain and the sooner this trade in Al Qaeda's Afghan heroin is stamped out, the better for the future of Britain and Our children.



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Yankee Doodle said...

Keep trying to get the word out. When they realize what's going on, the people of the UK will do the right thing.