3 March 2007

Britains Special Branch

The non-Muslim population of Britain's last line of defence.

"Special Branch is the arm of the British, Irish and many Commonwealth police forces that deals with national security matters. They acquire and develop intelligence to help protect the public (and the state) from national security threats, including terrorism, separatism, and subversive and other extremist activity".

There has recently been news in the British media regarding Our Special Branch and some of its covert operations in Northern Ireland during the troubles.

It has been discovered that Special Branch officers supported the Ulster Volunteer Force in their war with the I.R.A.

It is ludicrous to think that Special Branch officers who operated for Queen and country in defence of the British population of Northern Ireland are now being threatened with prosecution for doing their job properly protecting the U.K from terrorists.

In conditions of war winning is the ultimate objective no matter what the consequences and all resources must be used to achieve this aim which is what has happened in this case in the defence of Northern Ireland.

How on Earth can the people involved in helping Queen and country achieve its aim of victory in Northern Ireland now be threatened with prosecution, with the gravity of the situation now hanging over theirs and their families heads. These officers and UVF members protected their communities, families and country from an army of terrorists and thankfully achieved their aims. Just because there is now a peace process does not mean we should now sell these brave men and women out who served the British Empire during this time in Our history because our one time enemy is now asking our government to do so. This jeapordises the morale and will of the serving members of the British security services in protecting the British homeland and is unacceptable.

The type of actions in question are the response when you, your family and country are threatened with murder and the over throw of the 'rule of law'. We should be looking to these people as our examples in the face of the invading army of Jihad fighters conducting civil war within mainland Britain not threatening them with prosecution.

This Labour governments treacherous words and actions towards Our fellow British citizens who helped achieve the British governments aims in Northern Ireland are a continued example of the break down of British society and leaves all sections of the country completely subdued through fear of the consequences of protecting themselves from an Islamic army hell bent on their complete and total destruction. If Special Branch cannot operate in their positions for the protection of Queen and country then how can the common man protect himself against murderous Islamic Al Qaeda operatives living in his country and community wanting to kill him, those around him and take his community over.

What hope do we have if Our security services cannot even help protect us.

"Blair's secretary of state for Northern Ireland, Peter Hain, said UVF veterans and former police officers both should stand trial for crimes".

Blair and Hain should both hurry up and leave office for the security and moral of the people of the United Kingdom. This labour government has done nothing but erode every part of Our British identity, society and morale. The British people salute the brave men and women working in Special Branch, they should be able to protect their fellow British citizens and Our monarchy by all means necessary without fear of prosecution. They are one of Our last lines of defence, take that away, the powers they posses and threaten them with prosecution and we will lose the war being fought in Our generation against Islam.

The sooner this political party leaves its government offices the better for the sake of Our Great British homeland. Thankfully the Queen is the ultimate ruler of Our country and we hope that for the sake of her country and people that she will intervene if she has to, to protect those who have helped protect her and her Kingdom in Northern Ireland.

Our modern day Special Branch should look to these veterans of the Northern Ireland troubles as hero's and learn how to win against a civil murderous enemy like what they faced, not look to them as criminals. We the British people are faced with British born Muslims who want to take Our country over and destroy British life and we look to Special Branch and other security services for Our protection. If because of this labour government they cannot protect the British people then the question is: who is going to protect us??

Islam has declared war with the non-Muslim population of Britain and 'No surrender' is the motto of the common man which is the same motto as the British people of Northern Ireland.

Let's hope that the people in positions of power within Britain rubbish Peter Hain's desire to prosecute the UVF and Special Branch operatives and lifts this dark cloud that is hanging over all of their heads.

We look forward to hearing the book being closed on this matter for all concerned. Then Special Branch can get on with protecting the non-Muslim population of Britain against the invading army of Islam without fear.

We salute Special Branch and the UVF.


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Anonymous said...


London (CNSNews.com) - As the Anglican Communion continues to fight over homosexuality and as church attendance plummets, experts say that Islam is well on its way to becoming the most dominant religion in Europe.

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Leading academics yesterday defended an eminent Oxford professor against a students' call for him to be sacked for his links to an immigration think-tank.
Oxford Student Action for Refugees has circulated a petition seeking the removal of Professor David Coleman, a leading expert in demographics, because of his connections with MigrationWatch.
The students believe that because MigrationWatch warns about the negative effects of present and future immigration, it is inherently racist.
But Professor Coleman condemned what he called a "shameful attack on academic independence and freedom of speech".
He questioned whether the students involved should be allowed to stay at the university themselves.

Anonymous said...

The Queen should shut down

Prosecuting those fighting against
the IRA terror group will cause
not having any who will serve to
defend and protect Queen and Country.

Geoff said...

I thought you might b,. Adams in always waving the Palestinian flag. interested in this picture.