5 March 2007

The Preston Pals - First World War Hero's

We look forward to news of 'Victory' from the frontlines.

You carry the courage and patriotism of the Original Preston Pals in Our generation. Your forebearers would be proud of you.

Islam is at war with us, we are the new generation and we honour the past.

May God give you the strength not to give up or give in for the sake of 'Our' Christian Country.

Get your local churches praying about this abomination seeking to arise within your midst. Once built the land and your community will be lost and the new owners will not stop until they have destroyed the rest of the community and driven generations of local people away because of the hate, oppression, intimidation and fear they will enforce upon you.

Islam is barbaric and forces its way through fear and murder and has no place enforcing itself upon British society.

Allow the Mosque and lose your heritage.

Time has come: Enough is Enough

May God bless you and your families and give you victory.

Is there anyway I can help?



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