18 March 2007

A Message to Wales - England - Scotland

An excellent message of 'Truth'.

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SENTINEL REPORTER09:40 - 17 March 2007
A Judge said a man should be deported after jailing him for nine years for raping a woman in her home.Afghan national Ibrahim Mansoor, aged 24, of no fixed abode, was one of two men who carried out the attack on the woman in her Potteries flat in August last year.
Prosecutor Peter Grice told Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court that the two men tricked their way into the woman's home.He said: "She understood he was saying he wanted to check the gas."He went inside the flat and went in a number of rooms."Once in the bedroom he became violent, and pushed the complainant face down on the bed. He then called out for another person. At that stage Mansoor entered the room," said Mr GriceHe said the first man, who the Crown says was Aman Saeed, held down the woman on the bed."She tried to scream for help. One of the men put a hand on her mouth and they gagged her with a headscarf," he said.Mr Grice said that Mansoor raped the woman while she was held down by Saeed.He then raped her while Mansoor held her down.The men left the flat, leaving their victim partly-clothed and very distraught.Mr Grice said she was at home on September 21 when she received a telephone call from a man who said he was one of the two men who had sex with her weeks previously.The next day Mansoor phoned the woman again, telling her he wanted a relationship with her, as he knew she was lonely. The next time he called police were present, and they used a recording device to tape the call.Mansoor told the woman he would visit the next day to give her a SIM card for her to use in her mobile.Just before 6am the next day, Mansoor called the woman and said he was on his way round to her home.He arrived at 6.15am and was arrested for rape.Mr Grice said the victim had contemplated committing suicide and had a miscarriage soon after the rapes, although it could not be proved the rapes caused her to lose her baby.Mansoor and Saeed, aged 30, of Rectory Road, Shelton, both pleaded guilty to one charge of rape and one charge of aiding and abetting a rape.But there will be a trial of issue before Saeed is sentenced, because in his pre-sentence report he said he was coerced by Mansoor to commit the rape, which was not accepted by the Crown or Judge Paul Glenn.Eugene Hickey, defending Mansoor, said his client pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, and had no previous convictions.He conceded the offences were aggravated by the fact they were planned, took place inside the victim's home, and there were two offenders.Judge Glenn told the defendant: "These were grave offences.You tricked your way in. This was planned. She was forcibly raped by both of you."People are entitled to feel safe in their own home."She suffered bruising to her hips, legs and other parts of her body."The psychological effects are likely to be much more long-term, almost certainly permanent."Mansoor must sign the Sex Offenders' Register for the rest of his life, and the judge recommended him for deportation, saying his presence in this country was very much to its detriment.

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Cabbie on two sex charges
By David Watkinson
A TAXI driver accused of indecently assaulting a woman passenger was arrested on suspicion of a similar offence weeks after being allowed to carry on working.
Zaheer Arshad, 28, of Richmond Hill Street, Accrington, was arrested after an allegation that he assaulted an 18-year-old woman in the back of his Ford people-carrier in Baxenden on February 4.
He was bailed by police but not charged and a loophole in the law allowed him to go back to his private hire job with CB Radio Cars in Accrington.
Just weeks later it is alleged that he re-offended. This time he was accused of attacking a 43-year-old woman in Oswaldtwistle, again in the back of his vehicle, at around 3am on March 11.
He has now been charged with two offences of indecent assault.
Police said that they tried to ensure that Arshad had his licence suspended by Hyndburn Council after the first offence.
But Hyndburn Council said that the law allowed him to carry on working as he had appealed against its decision to suspended him.

When he appeared before Hyndburn magistrates Arshad did not enter a plea to the charges. He was remanded in custody to appear at Preston Crown Court.
The boss at CB Radio Taxis, who are based in Church Street Accrington, Abdul Naved-ul-Hassan, was unavailable to comment.
10:59am today

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Published: 14th March 2007
Councillor in money laundering charge
COUNCILLOR Fida Hussain.
A WERNETH councillor says he is confident he will be proved innocent of money laundering charges brought by Greater Manchester Police after a five-month investigation into his financial affairs.
Cllr Fida Hussain has been released on bail until May 8 pending further enquiries.
He was detained last Wednesday after officers raided his home in Newport Street and took documents.
The Labour councillor said: "I can say with absolute confidence that I have done nothing wrong. I have nothing to hide.
"There is absolutely no question that I have ever been involved in money laundering."
The 45-year-old father of five has agreed with council leader David Jones to temporarily step down from his council duties while the investigation continues.
Cllr Jones said: "It is so he can concentrate on clearing his name. We are hoping he will be able to resume his duties soon."
Cllr Hussain said he was happy to help the police with their investigation and was confident he would be exonerated.
He said: "I fully support the investigation and understand that the police have a job to do. It is their duty to investigate and I will fully co-operate with them."
The electrical engineer has served on the council since 2002 and is chairman of West Oldham Area Committee.
He represented Oldham on Greater Manchester Police Authority from July, 2004 until June, 2005.
The keen footballer added: "I have been a resident of Oldham for 30-odd years without any problems and this has been upsetting for my wife and family."
But he said he had been comforted by the backing he had received.
He said: "People from a cross-section of the town have called to offer their support. They know I haven’t done anything wrong and I am grateful."
When asked for information about the allegations, Cllr Hussain said he had "no idea" where they had come from or why they had surfaced.
He said: "Who knows? Maybe it’s happened because it is getting close to local election time."
Cllr Hussain is a well-known fundraiser and he joined former Lord Mayor of Manchester Afzal Khan as part of a delegation to Kashmir in the wake of the 2005 earthquake.

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Last Updated: Friday, 16 March 2007, 19:58 GMT E-mail this to a friend Printable version

Doctor, 27, admits stealing drugs
Omah Ahmed was reported by the Kent and Canterbury Hospital
A doctor has pleaded guilty to stealing drugs from the Kent hospital where he worked. Omah Ahmed, 27, of Ancaster Crescent, New Malden, south London, admitted four charges of theft from the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury. He took diamorphine and morphine sulphate from the stroke unit and morphine sulphate from Kingston Ward, Canterbury Crown Court heard. He was given unconditional bail until 11 May to await sentencing. Judge Adele Williams indicated she was considering a suspended sentence. The thefts took place between 12 and 30 April last year. He has not worked for us since and will not be returning to the trust East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust
A charge of attempted theft of controlled drugs during the same period was ordered to lie on file. The court heard Ahmed is receiving treatment at the traumatic stress unit at St George's Hospital in south London. A spokesman for East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust said Ahmed had been on a training contract as a junior doctor but no longer worked for the organisation. "He was suspended and reported to the appropriate authorities on 18 April 2006, as soon as it was suspected there was a problem," he said. "His contract expired on 1 August 2006. He has not worked for us since and will not be returning to the trust." A General Medical Council spokeswoman said Ahmed's registration had not been revoked, but there were conditions attached. He is not allowed to practise as a locum and must only work in NHS training posts under supervision. "Doctors who have been convicted of an offence may be referred to a public hearing in which a panel will make a decision about the doctor's fitness to practise in light of the conviction," she said.

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March 19, 2007 12:00am

A MAN has been arrested after an "absolute flood" of calls over an indecent assault on a young girl at Chadstone shopping centre.
Media coverage of the attack in a Myer clothing change room last Wednesday prompted the calls to Crime Stoppers, and on Saturday detectives arrested student Mohammad Khan.
Mr Khan, 22, was working at a Clayton supermarket when sexual crimes squad detectives arrested him about 6.45pm. He was detained without resistance.
"I'd say he was very surprised to see us," Acting Det-Insp Simon Clemence said yesterday.
Security footage of a suspect appeared on TV and in newspapers after a man was seen carrying children's clothing into a change room where two sisters, aged 8 and 9, were sexually assaulted.
Mr Khan, of Springvale, was taken to the St Kilda Rd police complex, where he was charged with single counts of child abduction and false imprisonment, and three counts each of committing an indecent act with a child, committing an indecent act in the presence of a child and indecent assault.

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Even here in the United States, a Middle Eastern name is often omitted in the media's reports. Later downt he line, we might get the name, but we have to ferret it out.

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“Raiding American Forums is Among the Most Important Means of Obtaining Victory in the Fierce Media War... and of Influencing the Views of the Weak-Minded American”
“There is no doubt, my brothers, that raiding American forums is among the most important means of obtaining victory in the fierce media war... and of influencing the views of the weak-minded American who pays his taxes so they will go to the infidel American army. This American is an idiot and does not [even] know where Iraq is... [It is therefore] mandatory for every electronic mujahid [to engage in this raiding].”
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Indicate You Are an American
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“Obviously, you should post your contribution... as an American... You should correspond with visitors to this forum, [bringing to their attention] the frustrating situation of their troops in Iraq... You should invent stories about American soldiers you have [allegedly] personally known (as classmates... or members in a club who played baseball and tennis with you) who were drafted to Iraq and then committed suicide while in service by hanging or shooting themselves...”
“Also, write using a sad tone, and tell them that you feel sorry for your [female] neighbor or co-worker who became addicted to alcohol or drugs... because her poor fiancĂ©, a former soldier in Iraq, was paralyzed or [because] his legs were amputated... [Use any story] which will break their spirits, oh brave fighter for the sake of God...”
How to Make Americans Feel Frustrated With Their Government
“You should enter into debate or respond only if it is extremely necessary... Your concern should [only] be introducing topics which... will cause [them to feel] frustration and anger towards their government..., which will... render them hostile to Bush... and his Republican Party and make them feel they must vote to bring the troops back from Iraq as soon as possible.”
“Do not... discuss issues pertaining to Arabs or Muslims at all, whether negatively or positively... because this could be a trap for you... In addition, do not ask people to circulate the material [you have posted] in other forums... as these types of requests will expose you...”

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A vefry informative blog at that, i was going to post but am not yet a member of the Israpundit blog. Thanks for sharing this with us.