30 March 2007

The Case for Civil War in Britain...

The Case for Civil War in Britain.

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A Warning to the Dunstable community

Abu Izzadeen - Islams UK mouthpiece

Abu Izzadeen has staked Islams claim to a section of Our Country

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The 21st Century Enemy we face

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Anonymous said...

The beacon's first brilliant shafts of light have penetrated the dark fibers of the internet, struck deep into the souls of the indigenous British, Welsh and Scottish.
Our Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Norman and Scandinavian bloodlines welded in a past of sweat and toil. The labour of our foreathers hands built all the wonderful machinery of the industrial revolution. Our Peoples brought ship, rail and road transport to the World, and we taught the human race to fly, we kick stated medicine and all forms of science, bequeathed to us by the legendary figures of our history.
Our Brittish heritages are intertwined to form our Nation's Heritage, a unique blend of European life, alongside the People of Gallic, Germanic, Breton, Basque,Catalan, Teutonic, Spanish, Italian,Slavic,Holandisch,Finnish, Belgic,Flemish,the great Viking races of Scandinavia,The bloodlines of the Normans, Grecians, Serbians , Russians, Peoples of the Cuacasus,The Great Eastern Orthodox Peoples,The Coptics,and so many more descendants of the bloodlines of Ancient Europe.

The call on the wind is for unity. Each Nation of Europeans fighting for their existence on their own soil, but united in the task and supportive of their neighbours.
This is the reality of European Unity, not the beaurocratic centralized control-zone of conformity, that is on offer from the current European Parliament.
One great alliance of Peoples, whose communal past was wrought in bronze, iron, and steel. When once we were in constant strife, now we must all within our own territories, use the skills our God(s), our education, our clear sight and our guts bequeathed us.
Let us not dishonour the lives and hopes of those that have passed before us, our forefathers and mothers.
Those unbreakable roots that place us here firmly in our mother-soil.
We must remember those things that make us more than just a herd, not tied by the bondages of false belief in superiority, and the blind belief in dusty words that guide others.

Remember that what the enemies of Civilization so lust after, is dominion, control and power over the marvels that our cultures have created.
Over our wealth, our homes, our bricks and mortar.
No more must we flinch in the face of peril.
Our anti-British Parliamentary figures daily squander the Rights of our People, and slaughter the responsibility of the State to serve the People.
As to God they have given allegiance in their oaths of Office, so to do they accept the punishments of God when they leave the path of good Government.
Traitorous and capitulating weaklings and cowards have emerged at crisis-times before in our great history, and that history has condemned them to oblivion.

It is the names of the the Brave, the Resolute, the Undiminished that shall stand as a testament to our children.
Those that fail the test will deserve no less a fate than that being prepared by their common enemies.
War has been declared not only on those that serve loyally in our military, but on us all.
Each and everyone will be tested and division is the stratagem of the enemy and their servants.

We must not listen to the sirens that preach the mixing of oil with water, unless you are making salad-dressing. (Yes Monty Python lives! and laughter and comedy are sharp instruments in our fight.)
Both nature and testament show that when you mix clay and iron you will not produce bright steel but only furnace slag.
The steel in our hearts, though created by the forge and the hammer, is wrapped in the kindness and welcome we show to friendly strangers. A tolerance now abused and spat upon by the ungrateful.

Our near ancestors fought amongst each other, the most unimaginable horrors inflicted by neighbors, but now we are collectively attacked within our homelands by strangers who believe we have no rights to exist as we are, in the place of our births.
Those inalienable Rights we now reclaim.
The flags of freedom are now unfurling, the breeze is stiffening in the West.

Our Society is being attacked from within and without. Our leaders eat and drink while the Nation is a tinderbox of conflict, with the dry winds blowing the sparks of the match ever nearer.
Desperately, the elected leaders play with their genitals, as they deceive the youth of Britain.
The disorder of the so-called yob-culture is the direct result of deliberate social engineering and meddling by the "Socialist/Liberal" ex-hippies and Marxist lecturers and their gaggle of "human rights" lawyers that squat in the Halls of Power.
Designed to cut the balls off the young men, to neuter them. Sending them to conflicts abroad, when we must have them here for the defense of the Realm.
The governing elites would rather grovel to the foe than confront them.
They are running scared because they realize that their deception is coming to an end, when the ordinary person can no longer be fooled into believing the politically corrected dictates of a corrupted and deviant, perverted elite.

The swell of great music is humming over the white cliffs. Stirring hearts and minds to thoughts of the great deeds of our our Churchills, our Nelsons, our Collins' our Bruces our Arthurs, our Cadwalons our Pendragon Kings.
Is it an echo we hear of the engines of war that our stupidity has set in motion?
Is it the humming of the great battle songs of the British People and all our cousins of old?
We set aside our differences as we hear the words reverberate through time, to remind us of our past and to kindle our hope for the future.
"Land of Hope and Glory"
"We'll Meet Again"
"You'll Never Walk Alone"
"Abide With Me"
"The Lord's My Shepherd, I shall not want"
"Shud Alde Aquantance Be Forgot"
"Land Of My Fathers"
"I Vow To Thee, My Country"
"We Will Rock You"