28 March 2007

Sir Alan Sugar & The Moslem

Tonight's BBC 1 Programme "The Apprentice" which is led by Sir Alan Sugar showed 'as clear as day' an example of the Moslem attitude towards their non-Moslem neighbors.

Live on TV a Moslem contestant of the show deceived his team mates to promote a company he used to work for to the British public.

The old saying goes "You cant blag a blagger"...

Sir Alan caught him out and revealed the truth 'Righteously' in-front of his team mates and to the British public. This is a prime example of the co-habitats we are sharing Our country with, who are demanding things their way because they believe this is their country too.

It's funny because they try enforcing themselves upon us, telling us that this is their country and then when they die they fly their bodies back to their ancestral home. Its a 'bloody cheek' the old British saying goes.

If you don't like it in Britain living the British way you should move home because we have had enough of you intimidating the British non-Moslem public trying to enforce your dark suppressive Islamic ways upon us.

The Moslem on the show also showed his Moslem attitude to women when he swore and threatened his Black female boss. Is this type of behaviour acceptable? Of course not especially not live on TV knowing the camera's were running but this attitude is natural and inherent in Moslems so they cannot help themselves because it is what and how Islam teaches them to be.

Thank You Sir Alan but you should have made an example of him and sacked him for his racist sexist attitude and behaviour.


Geoff said...

As Sir Alan is Jewish, you can be sure he will keep this muslim on until he makes it glaringly obvious to the British public how muslims operate.

Unknown said...

The the blogger:

Do you feel glad that you enticing racial hatred at a time when racial tensions are at their highest? You're trying to make Osama Bin Laden look like the authority over all Muslims and your trying to make racial hate towards Muslims because of your own prejudices and moronic views.

It's disgusting to even read your blog because it's utter lies coming from a far right wing Christian.

You're a hypocrite as well, because calling from the destruction of The Dome of the Rock is just as fanatical as what the Muslim fundamentals preach you idiot.

P.S. Learn to spell Muslim.

P.S.S. This is coming from someone impartial. I'm not Muslim, I'm not left wing and I'm don't support either side in the Middle East conflict. Reading this has just infuriated to the point of me actually having to comment, which I don't do very often at all. I hope you get your act together and open your eyes.

Unknown said...

Also, If you used the good English sense that you should be blessed with (compared to the rest of the world) you wouldn't be as stupid as to use such childish and naive tactics. I just hope that your hate spewing, scaremongering blog gets any recognition as a credible blog.

Lionheart said...

bleak ranter.

Islam is not a RACE it is a Religion, so i am not causing racial tension, i am stating the facts from a christian perspective, not pandering to people like you.

Osama bin laden is following the basic tenents of Islam that all Moslems are told to adhere too, one of which is jihad!!

The Living God has outlined in the Holy Bible that at the end time King Solomon's Temple will be rebuilt so this abomination will have to go. if you have a problem with that take it up with the Living God. The prophecies were there long before i wrote my blog and stated the facts.

You say you are not left wing and you are not Moslem, so what are you?

Get a life Bleak ranter and then come back, then you might have something intelligent to say to me rather than empty meaningless words.

God bless you