2 March 2007

Muslim Hegira (Depart)

The banner for Hegira has now been lifted.

Reject Islam because of the murder, intolerance and hate it contains or depart from 'Our' Beautiful Christian
Land in safety.

Take a read of what Hegira means over at 'The Home of the Green Arrow'.


I was reading another article written by Daniel Pipes over at Israpundit, he outlines three possibilities to how Europe including the U.K will react to the Islamification of Our country that is going on un-hindered.

Being British I can tell you the truth that there is no other option but option two which he states.

The banner has now been lifted so it is just now a matter of time. There are 60 million non-Moslems to 2 million Moslems. They can believe falsely that their god 'Allah' will help them, but in reality 'Allah' is a fantasy so will have no option but to leave Our peaceful British homeland for their safety.

The homeland of Great history that this generation is seeking to destroy.

The Moslems in Britain threaten us with murder and bloodshed whenever they get a chance. The British people leave it to their government to deal with the problem but instead they are making the situation worse for the non-Moslem residence of Britain.

The British people have been pushed down, trampled on and used as verbal diarrohea for long enough. The time is coming when the British people will arise and stand before God fearlessly and sleigh the beast in their midst that is seeking to destroy the culture, identity, history and future of this amazing land and people, and will let anything stand in their way.

"No surrender is the British motto".

There are no other choices other than options one and three left and believe me as one coming from the beautiful Green pastures of England, 'this is Our homeland' they are options that have no place being on the table. It is a joke to think Islam can conduct itself in Our country in Our presence seeking Our destruction as it is. Our government is protecting them while they are destroying the country and killing innocent British citizens. The madness of
King Blairs Britain. Time is ticking towards a new dawn in British history.

Islamic rule could never happen and will never happen no matter what the cost in money or blood (as The Green Arrow says). This is the only Nation in the world to be called 'Great' and when destiny comes knocking as it has in the past the world then sees why we the Anglo-saxon people whose country this is can carry that banner upon the Earth.

Upheaval is coming and there is no middle ground, the sooner Our leaders realise this the better. We the people are living on the frontlines in Islams war against Our country while the likes of Prince Charles and Tony Blair who live a world away from the common man serve Islams war against the British people. Something doesn't add up there if you ask me and it is only a matter of time until the rest of the population wake up to that fact. Maybe it will be after the next Islamic Terror attack against us, the spark to light the fire that will never be quenched until every last one of them has left Our peaceful Christian country because being a Moslem is not conducive with the ways of Our Civilized Christian land.

Please take a read of Daniel Pipes article at Israpundit and you decide for yourself. International pundits can talk from the outside but us Brits talk from the inside and the word from the ground is 'no surrender' and
'not in my name' Tony Blair and Prince Charles'.




Geoff said...

walter schellenberg - ss general (1940)

“It would be wrong to underestimate the enemy… The English national character has a flaw of putting tradition above all, retaining for as long as possible what might have been right some decades before. But it is possible that in an emergency the British would be capable of letting everything go and becoming surprisingly modern…The British are capable of a complete transformation when thinking that their country is in imminent danger, and ...they are at their most formidable in that situation”.

The Green Arrow said...

Brilliant article Lionheart and inspiring. We cannot lose with that kind of spirit. It is time to carry out their Hegira and take their evil cultism with them.

Anonymous said...

islam breeds an evil culture. it has no place in our modern tolerant free peaceful world. the place they really belong is the museum.

Anonymous said...

Your suspicions on Islam comes from it being Foreign?.

Well so is Christianity and Judaism.

Jesus spoke in Aramaic - this was a semitic language like Hebrew and Arabic.

One God as we write and speak of in english means essentially in semitic the following;

Hebrew it is El or Al - Eloah / Aloah the singular word for Eloahim or Aloahim. The way it is written in english should not matter.

Aramaic it is simply Alaah or Allah depends how you write it.

Arabic it is Allah.

Now all these pronounciations of the english One God come from the semitic root word;

illah which means God or God we worship.

Therefore Al - Illah or El -illah means The One God or The One God We Worship.

In Arabic Allah is The One God worthy of "ALL" worship. Therefore it essentially means to believe in a creator, believe there is only One God.

Islamic fundamental belief and tenant is the same for Judaism and Christianity.

Christianity then gets complicated with trinity as you know.

I just thought this was relevant, Lion heart makes Islam belief in One God alien to other monotheist faiths.

Not True.