7 March 2007

The British Moslem Block Vote

The leading British Political parties like Conservative and Labour are appeasing the British Moslem community for their political vote from a 'Dhimmi' status.

The appeasement for those votes is having an extremely
damaging detrimental effect on Our country 'Great Britain'.

In the UK you have the Moslem block vote, the black block vote etc all aimed at obtaining that section of societies votes. I have no problem with the black block vote because they are a part of British society and culture now. Non-Moslem Africans do not want to take Our country over and kill those who disagree with them. Black, White, Yellow, Brown it doesn't matter what colour you are as long as you are not destroying this country and accept the British way of life then why should there be a problem. We are all human beings who want to live in 'peace and security' with one another. This is the homeland of the Christian Anglo Saxon race, this is why Our country was a safe and secure place and we accepted peaceful innocent people to live and work with us. The blacks and Whites have had their ups and downs in the past but we have integrated as like in America because we are the same people and hold the same values, Christian Values at the core of who we are as human beings.

The Moslems are completely different and threaten everyone, are fighting Jihad (Holy War) against the non-Moslem community and trying to change the British way of life to fit in line with Islam.

This is a Christian country not Islamic and will always be a Christian country. The non-Moslem people of Britain do not want to live under Sharia Law and forced to convert to Islam or be killed. This is Islams ultimate objective so why on Earth are the main political parties appeasing that part of the British community for their vote.

That is a complete abomination against the non-Moslem people of Britain.

These parties then aggressively attack, vilify and publicly lynch a legal British political party to divert votes away from them. They are abusing non-Moslem, some times Christian, British Anglo Saxon citizens for wanting to protect their national identity, culture, heritage and history.

Who's vote would you prefer?

The Moslem vote or the Anglo Saxon vote.

I pray that God will bring confusion into the Moslem community over their block vote and will surpass the Muslim block vote with a BNP block vote.

I am not racist, I am an Anglo Saxon Christian British citizen and this is my country.

We hear of Jews, we here of Africans, we hear of Arabs and now people are going to start to hear the name 'Anglo Saxon'.

There is a War on in this world, it doesn't matter what colour we are or where we come from, Moslems want to kill us all or convert us for Islam. You are either a friend or a foe because I am not going to live in an Islamic country no matter what the cost. I will do everything to prevent my children and other peoples children from losing everything Our forefathers have handed down to us, the Anglo Saxon race to protect.

We are a Great Nation and People and Islam has no place trying to destroy that.

I pray that God will unite the Great Football stadiums around Our Once Beautiful Green Land and unite the Anglo Saxon race so we can send a clear and direct message to the Islamic Kingdom of Britain and to the World.

There is a British block vote the length and breadth of this country, men and women who love Britain, who have children growing up in this land and who want to preserve their culture and identity for their children and grandchildren. They fill the stadiums and watch their teams just as past generations have done, Islam threatens each and every one of them.

We watch Our fans on tour and they show the world what they are capable of. The Moslem community in Britain forget this when their spokes people like Abu Izzadeen come out on Our TV screens declaring Jihad and terror against us and Our children.

I pray the God will create an Anglo Saxon block vote from amongst Our great British Football stadiums.



urban11 said...

I have thought for some time now that football fans represent our ngreatest hope, but all seater stadia have dulled that hope. Had captain hook and his un-hinged followers been around 30 years ago, they would have had 7 bells kicked out of them by any of the London clubs fans. They wouldnt have come back for more,

Anonymous said...


What you said is exactly why many Americans are fighting back in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of us understand that you cannot compromise with someone who wants to kill you if you don't convert to his religion. America is all about Freedom. We also do not want Sharia law applied in America, and the vast majority of Americans - even the ones against our trying avoid Iraq from becoming a safe haven for Jihadists, - would fight to the death to avoid that. You and your country are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, for you to read!
hhtp;//www2.edu/f dupress/05102806review.html
use search there to see the Rabat committment.
This is a little of the missing parts in the book Eurabia, but then our politicians prefer that we don't know about their dialogue which leads to more free entry into Britain from muslim nations.