20 March 2007

Patriotic British Military leader 'Demoted' for being Patriotic

In the midst of a Civil War within Our Nation, one of Our Military Leaders has been demoted because he is a member of the British National Party.

His Senior Military Officers must have acted on behalf of Labours Multicultural Elite and stripped him of Rank because he stands by what he believes in which threatens their dream Utopia for Great Britain and it is easy for them to publicly hang people like this Officer to get their message across.

Islam the Beast lurking in Our midst is the one forcing Multiculturalism on Great Britain because it is the only way Labour can keep the Moslem community happy and make the non-Moslem population accept it. The non-Moslem community which is majority Anglo Saxon are forced to accept what is happening to their country because Labour as a Political Power enforces its will upon the people and its will is Multiculturalism, keep the Islamic kingdom happy, give them what they want, control and filter the media to Our way of thinking, arrest any descent, paralyse the community through fear of arrest and we all keep Our extremely high paid jobs and stay in Power to play around with local and global Politics.

How could any civilized British citizen accept this conduct with Islam forcing itself upon us, Our British society and way of life.

When survival instincts kick in when you realise the threat your Nation and people face you instinctively turn to your fellow kinsfolk because there is a common bond especially when the smell of Death is in the air as it is now.

Islam is at War with us and the people are getting ready.

I Pray that God will restore and promote this Military leader that Blair's people have publicly hung and let him be an example to his troops.

Full Story at 'The Home of the Green Arrow'

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