7 March 2007

Islam’s ‘Great British’ infiltration

(This picture says it all)

Muslims through the Koran are ordered as a ‘Divine’ requisite to being a Muslim, to convert non-Muslim countries (Dar al-Harb) into Islamic countries (Dar al-Islam). If, as a Muslim you do not work towards that end, then you are not a Muslim and are in the camp with the infidel which ultimately carries the threat of death by other Muslims. Whilst a country is still non-Muslim (Dar al-Harb), meaning ruled by a secular government then every section of society is classed as a ‘war zone’, this is what Dar al-Harb means. Muslims view their surroundings from this basis and have to conduct themselves as living in a war zone until they are able to enforce Islam upon the country and convert it into Islamic rule, Dar al-Islam (house of peace).

This is one of the basic driving forces within Islam which motivates the whole Muslim community to enforce their way ‘Islam’ upon countries at the complete detriment to every non-Muslim living side by side of them. Islam’s ultimate goal where ever it is in the world is to conquer the land and convert the country into one ruled by Islam under Sharia law. This is a fact that cannot be changed so when we interact with Muslims on a daily basis we must understand that this motivational force is at the core of every true Muslim and is a part of their psychological outlook on life and their surroundings, it is inherent in every Muslim because it is one of the basic foundational teachings within Islam.

In Britain we have upwards of 2 million Muslims who have this teaching and perception at the core of who they are as human beings. They view themselves as a superior race of people and all non-Muslims as nothing more than dirt upon the earth that needs cleansing of us, a bit like Hitler’s genocidal perception towards the Jews in the Second World War.

Islam’s ultimate aim as ‘Divinely’ commanded by Allah through the Koran is to convert the whole world into an Islamic world with Allah’s law, Sharia law as the rule for all mankind. Muslims in every corner of the world think like this and act like this because it is what their ‘Faith’ Islam teaches them. These sick twisted devils from the pit of hell (and that is every human being who carries the label Muslim) are seeking for the complete and total destruction of the non-Muslim world so that Islam can rule supreme across the whole earth.

This driving force within Islam is being played out in every country of the world now, with the entire Islamic world at war with the whole non-Muslim world.

On the ground in the UK we have large Islamic communities who are a law unto themselves within our country. The Koran teaches them to reject our way of life because it is inferior to Islam, and no Muslim should ever be ruled by a non-Muslim. Muslims living in our country are living our way of life, under our laws and society structure just until the conditions are right and then they are ordered by Allah through the Koran to take over and enforce Islam upon the land and people. This is Islam’s ultimate subversive agenda that every Muslim is working towards. Again; this view and these actions are at the core of every Muslim and is a part of their psychological make up of how the view and rationalize reality living in a non-Muslim country Dar al-Harb (the house of war).

99% of non-Muslim British citizens have absolutely no clue whatsoever about this fact about their Muslim neighbors. Civilized non-Muslim British citizens treat people how they like to be treated themselves; this is our psychological make up due to what we are taught growing up based on our Judeo/Christian heritage. The thing is, is that this type of innocent civilized perception does not work when interacting with Muslims because Muslims are a different breed of human being due to the sick suppressive murderous psychotic psychology behind Islam and the horrendous view of the world and their fellow human beings it teaches them to have.

Based on this knowledge of the fundamentals of Islam and its ultimate objectives we must treat every Muslim as the enemy because they hold the values of Islam at the core of who they are as human beings which is completely contrary to the civilized progressive part of humanity that all non-Muslims are a part of.

Every Muslim is clearly defined as the enemy to the free democratic civilized world because each and every one of them, to the very last, ultimately wants our Judeo/Christian way of life destroyed and a satanic Islamic one to replace it. The Koran teaches this apocalyptic world view and every Muslim believes in and works towards the Koran and its objectives.

The question is; why have our British leaders in every sphere of British life allowed this situation with Islam in our midst get to the point it is at now with Muslims in every part of British society? Islam has infiltrated ‘Our country’ to the very core, it is like a cancer spreading and growing with the ultimate aim of destroying the host body and killing it. This is Islam’s aims with the UK, with every Muslim playing their part of the cancer working towards our destruction.

If I can see what is happening as a ‘Joe nobody’ based on the facts of Islam and the facts in everyday British life then there must be people in positions of power who see things the same, so why is nobody tackling the disease with a cure for ‘Our once Great Nation’? Great Britain is on the verge of total collapse, being pulled down and destroyed from within. Our leaders are sitting back allowing the destruction of our British way of life by this alien invading force and if the everyday man on the street of our generation continues to sit back on their greedy fat selfish scared a***’s then our children are going to be faced with a horrendous terrifying reality with Islam and the Muslims violently taking control of Britain through open civil war. It is the adults and leaders of this generation now to take a stand against this invading army that has declared war on our nation and the free democratic Western world and repel the cancer from our midst. If we do not then the future for our children that we are walking towards is going to be a dark destructive murderous future with ‘all’ Muslims conducting violent murderous Jihad (Holy war) for the complete and total destruction of our peaceful free society.

Our children if we as a people reach the future, will look upon the leadership of the last 20 years with disgust and disdain at what they have allowed to happen to our once great nation.

The heroes of the two great wars of the 20th century who fought and died for the protection of our free and civilized society would be turning in their graves if they knew what this generations politicians have done to this nation, the nation they fought and died upon the battlefields around the world for. The Great Britain they helped to build and establish for the sake of their children and children’s children, which I and every other true patriotic British citizen is. This generation’s leadership is washing those sacrifices down the drain on a daily basis and we the people will be blamed by our descendants for sitting back idly allowing it to happen unless we do something about it now. We the people need to get up and make a stand before it is too late, for the sake of our children, or we accept the hell hole this country has become and allow Islam to take over. The time has come and it is all of our responsibilities to act in defense of our Great British Christian homeland or role over and accept the degradation this country has become.

What is happening in this generation will go down in the annuls of history as one of Islam’s greatest achievements on its way to conquering the western world while our weak pathetic leaders sit back and help their advancement of conquering our lands. The future for England will either be a golden era for Islam as they conquer and take over or it will be a glorious one for the ‘people’ of the United Kingdom who arose and sleighed the dragon that their treacherous leaders welcomed into their midst. It is everyone’s responsibility to act in defense of our homeland for the sake of those who have gone before us and for those who are going to come after us. Great Britain is called great because it is inherent in every one of us whose descendants built this great nation, we must tap into that part of our historical make up and rise to the challenge that is set before us and never give in to Islam and the Muslims no matter what the cost. It starts with our leadership and if they are not leading this country as the British people need it to be led in the face of this demonic beast Islam then they should be removed and a true British leadership who understands the threat we all face be established to lead us through the dark scary times ahead. The British people will always follow a great leader leading them to victory, look at Sir Winston Churchill as our example. The enemy is encamped upon our shores, is calling for and actively working towards our destruction and this generation’s leadership is helping them on their way (please read my article:
A plea to the Queen – London’s Mega Mosque).

Enough is enough or we might as well all move to a corner of the earth not yet infected with Islam and sit it out until they find us there and butcher us for Allah.

The cancer that is Islam has infected every sphere of British life now with this generation’s public leadership handing our country over to them acting as subservient Dhimmis to the Islamic kingdom in the face of Islam’s threats and murder. I pray that my God will remove each and every Dhimmi in leadership for the sake of this Christian nation. Blair is on his way out, let us hope and pray that every other Dhimmi goes with him.

The following is a very small insight into how bad the infiltration is within British society and should act as a foundation of truth and understanding when looking at the rest of the Country with Muslims working and thriving in every sphere of British life. This is not a race issue because I have absolutely nothing against anyone who means me no harm, I am a Christian and I follow Jesus’ example to love all people. This is about an army of psychotic murders, their wives and children who have a completely different view of the world to me who ultimately want to kill me just for being me and who want to take my country over so they can implement Sharia law and kill everyone who does not agree with them. (please see my article:
shame on the British government to see what Muslim leaders are saying to their British audience).

to secretly become part of a group in order to get information or to influence the way that group thinks or behaves.

Muslims from the Islamic kingdom within Britain have infiltrated every part of British life and are sucking the life blood out, weakening and crippling the nation making ready for Islam’s dominance to take place as the ultimate rule and authority for this country. We have had several high profile extremist Muslim enemies to the British Crown exposed for working in some of the most sensitive and important places within British government which shows the leadership of this generations complete incompetence in running and protecting our country.

A SENIOR member of the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir is working as a computer technician at the Home Office, despite calls by Tony Blair for the group to be banned. The activist, named as Abid Javaid, is said to be an official at the Immigration and Nationality Directorate in Croydon, one of the department’s most sensitive branches.

Hizb ut-Tahrir, founded in 1953 in Jerusalem by an Islamic jurist, Taqiuddin al-Nabhani, has a mission to restore a Muslim Caliphate, a supreme body which advises on Islamic law. More importantly, they believe that this Caliphate should be set up as a replacement for national governments. The last Caliphate was that of the Ottomans, which was dissolved by Kemal Ataturk on March 23, 1924.Their intention to obliterate sovereign governments’ means that their agenda is entirely against the principles of democracy”.

So here we have a member of an extreme Islamic group whose stated intentions are to destroy democracies, who are involved in acts of criminality against innocent British non-Muslim citizens working in our Governments Home office.

DISTURBING details have emerged about the radical background of the chief adviser on Islamic affairs at the Foreign Office. Mockbul Ali, a 26-year-old civil servant, was involved in a Muslim student group that has published material supporting Palestinian female suicide bombers. Leaked documents show that since joining the Foreign Office Ali has argued for Qaradawi to be allowed into Britain and played a part in sending Sharif Hasan al-Banna, president of the UMS, to Islamic conferences in Indonesia and Nigeria at taxpayers’ expense.
The other cleric was Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who has condoned suicide bombings in Palestine and Iraq. Ali has described Qaradawi as “a highly respected Islamic scholar”.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt by Hassan Al-Banna in 1928. Al-Banna and the Brotherhood considered Islam to have an essential political and social character that needed to be reasserted in the face of the societal ills that had come to the Islamic world with secularism. Al-Banna's vision was in perfect accord with that of classical Muslim scholars such as Ibn Khaldun, who taught in the fourteenth century that "in the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force." According to historian Brynjar Lia, "Quoting the Qur'anic verse 'And fight them till sedition is no more, and the faith is God's' [Sura 2:193], the Muslim Brothers urged their fellow Muslims to restore the bygone greatness of Islam and to re-establish an Islamic empire. Sometimes they even called for the restoration of 'former Islamic colonies' in Andalus (Spain), southern Italy, Sicily, the Balkans and the Mediterranean islands."

The British Government employed this Muslim whose allegiance is to the Muslim brotherhood into our Foreign office and to top it all off he arranged for us the British taxpayers to send him and one of his colleagues to extremist meetings around the world. So we are not just allowing them unrestricted access to some of the most sensitive posts in our country we are also paying for their radical expeditions abroad helping them forge links with other extreme groups ready for the future take over of our country. As if this person had anything nice to say about our non-Muslim democratic society when meeting with his Muslim brothers, you can only imagine the contempt and scorn aimed at us the British people, on top of laughing at us the dim witted English for paying his way.

Then we have Abu Hamza’s son who is a convicted terrorist Kamel Mostafa working in some of the most sensitive parts of our London underground system.

London Underground was accused of a security blunder today after it emerged that the convicted terrorist son of the jailed Islamic cleric Abu Hamza managed to get a job on the network. Mohammed Kamel Mostafa, 25, who was jailed for three years in Yemen in 1999 for allegedly plotting a bombing campaign, worked for a subcontractor of the network’s maintenance company Tube Lines. The Sun newspaper claimed Mostafa, who was convicted in Yemen of plotting to sabotage economic and tourist sites, including British and US targets, was sacked when fellow Tube staff discovered his identity.

Even the British military is not immune from the devils from hell; here we have a Muslim spy working for the commander of the British forces in Afghanistan. The problem does not get any deeper rooted than this.

A military aide to the commander of British forces in Afghanistan appeared in court yesterday accused of spying. Cpl Daniel James, 44, is charged under the 1911 Official Secrets Act with "prejudicing the safety of the state" by passing information "calculated to be directly or indirectly useful to the enemy". It was said he had communicated with a "foreign power" in the incident on Nov 2, believed to be Iran.

Our once great British police force that I expect at one point was the envy of the world is turning into a third world police force because of our government. Even they who are there to serve and protect are made to bow down to Islam. This shows that Muslims should not be working in any positions of power or influence because their world view is completely contrary to the civilized people of the United Kingdom. At every single turn the British people are made to bow down to Muslim pressure by our weak pathetic incompetent government. This type of action knocks the wind out of any fight the British people have in them, if the government will not even stand up for the United Kingdom then how will the people.

Sir Ian Blair has ordered an 'urgent inquiry' after a Muslim police officer was excused from guarding London's Israeli Embassy after he objected to the duty on 'moral grounds'.
PC Alexander Omar Basha - a member of the Metropolitan Police's Diplomatic Protection Group - refused to be posted there because he objected to Israeli bombings in Lebanon and the resulting civilian casualties of fellow Muslims. In a move which has caused widespread astonishment at Scotland Yard, senior officers in the DPG agreed that that PC Basha should be given an alternative posting.

Our borders are also completely open to foreigners, as a British citizen we have to go through extremely rigorous checks to be able to work in an airport due to the security implications yet foreign nationals are given a free reign that ultimately jeopardises the security of Britain and the international community. Look at the planned mid air atrocities that we thwarted as an example. There are untold Muslims working in our airports so for anyone reading this around the world, British airports are not safe from attack and it will only be a matter of time before a major catastrophe happens because our airports are over run with Muslims.

FOREIGN nationals are working at British airports - including Manchester - without rigorous checks being done into their backgrounds. All applicants for jobs have to undergo a five-year criminal records check before they can get an airport security pass. But these checks, carried out by the Criminal Record Bureau, only cover offences committed in Britain over that period and would fail to uncover any committed abroad. It means there could, in theory, be new arrivals working for airports and airport contractors with `hidden' convictions such as robbery, theft, assault or even sex offences. It is understood that bosses at Manchester Airport have raised concerns about the issue with the Department for Transport, but have been told the checks form only one part of a `complex web' of effective security measures.

The people of the United Kingdom should rise up and soon before it is too late and instill a leadership who will protect our nation and homeland from these British born and international foreign Muslim invaders. These examples shown are the epitome of what is happening in British life, every true British citizen can confirm and testify to the fact that we now have Muslims in absolutely every single corner of British life and society controlling many aspects of the running of our nation. They have infiltrated some of the most sensitive positions within our society so know the inner workings of our country; it is like having the IRA working for the British government, Hamas working for the Israeli government or Al Qaeda working for the U.S government. It is an absolute ‘no no’ yet the incompetence of this British government and the ‘politically correct’ environment they have created allows for these people who ultimately reject democracy to infiltrate and gather information about how our democratic systems work so that their Muslim army can continue its advancement of conquering our land. We the British people are left sitting watching wondering what on earth is happening to our Country and why are we not being protected, we are watching on a daily basis as our Dhimmi leaders are bowing down to Muslim leaders, handing our country over to them on a plate.

The British state of affairs could not be in any worse a condition than what it is in now, and each and every leader who has contributed to this situation of the last 20 years will go down in history as the destroyers of this Great Nation, Great Britain.

The war is underway, the infiltration of our country has gone on unabated for so long that there is no going back now. There are Muslims plotted up in positions of power and influence throughout the nation who are helping to control our Christian country with the ultimate aim of enforcing Allah’s will Sharia law upon the populace.

This is Civil War, yet our government is blind to this truth or can they see this and are acting as a defeated foe forced into Dhimmitude by the Islamic kingdom within Britain for their own personal political and physical survival?

We the people of this Great Nation have to do something for the sake of our children and the future of our civilized world.

Continued: Islam’s ‘Great British’ infiltration, please click link.


Anonymous said...


Political Correctness: The Ultimate Gag order
By James T. Moore (02/12/07)

Where did this strange animal Political Correctness (PC) come from? Never in our history have we had to be afraid of what we say, write, and do.

We must not bow to that fear. Since PC tries to restrict our freedom of expression—-particularly any form of dissent--it is imperative that we learn everything we can about it: more, for example, than it is simply a rebuke to various forms of bigotry

In an address to academia in 1998, writer Bill Lind dissected PC from top to bottom. What Lind said is so vital, I will try, with implicit permission, to give you a capsule version of the five points he made.

First, political correctness is cultural Marxism. Although it’s everywhere, this socialistic idea is most evident on college campuses, where crossing the line set up by sainted “victims” groups gets you in deep trouble.

PC also thrives on lies. Let’s say you’re told that a certain fact is true. But reality contradicts that. So reality is forbidden, to make the lie seem true. And the power of the State is used to keep the lie alive. That’s why political correctness creates a totalitarian state.

Second, PC, like Marxism, uses a single factor to explain history. Marx uses economics. PC uses power. The power is determined by which groups have power over the other groups. With political correctness, nothing but power has any significant meaning.

Third, with PC, certain groups are deemed to be “good”. These groups, such as feminist women, blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, etc, are considered “victims”, therefore “good”-- whether they are or not. White males, of course, are the bad guys. Their “evilness” is equivalent to the wicked bourgeoisie in economic Marxism.

Fourth, both PC and Marxism take from one to give to another; (or keep for themselves. You can clearly see this at work in quotas, preferences, affirmative action, and other illegal transfers of assets from one group of citizens to another. The nice word for it is expropriation. The more accurate word is stealing.

Fifth, both political correctness and Marxism have a method of analyzing situations which automatically gives them the answers they want. This devious little process is called Deconstruction. Which simply means taking one text, removing its meaning, and re-inserting any other meaning desired.

Anonymous said...

And behind it all the masters of all the tools, including the marxists, the cunning anarchists.
To return to the wild and uncivilized roots of man.
Of course the modern anarchists will discover belatedly
what they lose in return the conveniences of modern life.
Islam, as anarchy, is parasitic, so when the culmination of their efforts reach fruition they too will fall, because the infrastructure that keeps them viable has been destroyed. Productive civilization.

Anonymous said...


Mayor sends Green Goddesses to town in need
By Camilla Sutcliffe
Comment | Read Comments (4)

THREE fire engines are being sent thousands of miles to help the needy in the Pakistan home town of Burnley's mayor.
Three Green Goddess fire engines have been donated by the RAF and are already on their way to Jhelum, where Mohammad Najib was born, and he, along with other members of the council and the fire service, will be jetting out on March 3 on a self-funded trip to the town.
The engines will be used to bolster the almost non-existent modern fire-fighting capacity in the area.
Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service had first planned to send firefighting equipment to developing countries six years ago, but the idea was overtaken by the increasing pressure placed on the service after the 9/11 terror strikes.
But it has been revived this year with Coun Najib's ambition to do something for his home town during his mayoral year, together with the Burnley and Jhelum Friendship Association.
He said: "The green goddesses are not used for fire relief any more and they have been given to Jhelum to create a fire service where they don't exist at all.
"It was my ambition on becoming mayor was to do something for the community and through this we can create cohesion as well.
"I believe that there is a close resemblance between the two towns - they are a similar size and quite a number of people from Jhelum live here in Burnley. Working together helps us to learn about each other's cultures.

Anonymous said...


Estate gripped by fear

13 February 2007
RESIDENTS have spoken of being prisoners in their own home after a gang of marauding youths terrorised their estate.

The Advertiser reported last week how residents locked themselves into their homes as youths clashed around the Bede Estate on Bow Common Lane.

Over two days of violence on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 February, car windows were smashed, a pub had a window broken and bystanders were attacked.

Many believe the motive for the mayhem was to stir up racial tensions, after claimed the yobs chanted abuse and called residents "white trash.”

Geoff said...

We aren't yet in a state of civil war, and I don't believe we ever shall be. We could only have such a state of affairs if their flag was ever to fly over Westminster, but therein lies the enemy. 'Lord Ahmed' swore an oath on the qu'ran. A politically corrupt anti-semite to reach such heights is a disgrace to our long fought for democratic rights. We are being attacked from all angles and I personally must move and continue to fight, Britons will arise, all is not lost. God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

everyone is going onabout the Poles, but the Poles represent a tiny minority of the immigrants that have entered in the past few years. Over four fifths of recent immgrants are from Muslim countries apparently (can't remember the reference for that - any help???.


A devastating report from the London School of Economics has revealed the true costs of immigration into the UK and how it impacts on council tax payers. The report entitled ‘Population Mobility and Service Provision’ is a damning indictment of the present lunatic immigration system.

The report states that immigrants are costing council tax payers at least £200 million a year. Costs for personal translators for immigrants are costing council tax payers at least a £1,000 per year per immigrant. In London with an estimated official growth of 100,000 immigrants per year this equates to costs of tens of millions per year out of council taxes just to teach them how to speak English.

Council tax payers are also paying millions of pounds per year in ’destitution payments’ to illegal immigrants who have just arrived in the country and who are unable to claim benefits because of government rules that require them to follow the legal asylum process.

The report details that schooling for the indigenous children of the UK is suffering and impacting adversely on the education of British children, that unbearable strain is being put on the housing and health systems, that social cohesion is being damaged by the influx of immigrants into the UK, that the council housing systems are in total crisis and that council taxes will have to rise vastly in coming years to cover the costs of the immigration crisis.

Population crisis

The report also reveals that in ten London boroughs, over a third of the population were born overseas with Brent a staggering 46.6%.

Brent - 46.6 %
Kensington and Chelsea - 44.6 %
Westminster - 44.5 %
Newham - 38.2 %
Ealing - 37.3 %
Haringey - 37.1 %
Camden - 36.8 %
Tower Hamlets - 34.7 %
Hackney - 34.5 %
Hammersmith and Fulham - 33.6 %

This report is political dynamite. It reveals that even we in the BNP have been conservative in our estimates of the costs of immigration to the UK. This report only provides one portion of the true picture as it reveals only the costs of immigration as burdened by local councils and not central government. The true costs of immigration to this nation are enormous and unsustainable.

Smoking gun

This report is the smoking gun on immigration, and because it comes from the LSE which is well known as being a liberal-left institution means the report and its conclusions can be smeared as somehow ’racist’ or having an ’agenda’.

The report is based on official government figures as regards the estimates of numbers of immigrants entering the UK. As we all know the Labour government lies out of its back teeth about the real figures of immigrants entering the country. When the Labour government said only 30,000 Eastern European immigrants would enter the country the real figure they later revealed as nearer 300,000. Only last week the Polish Prime Minister revealed that the actual figure of Polish citizens alone who have entered the country in the last two years is nearer 600,000.

The actual numbers of immigrants in this report does not include the estimated 2-3 million illegal immigrants also in the country.

This report is a watershed moment for the UK and a wake up call to all British people.

The British people must sit up and take notice and stop believing the lies peddled to them by the media and the government and vote for the British National Party or else within a generation we will become strangers in our land.

The full LSE report can be downloaded here.

The Green Arrow said...

Excellent Post Lionheart. I hope you do not mind me posting a link to it over at The Green Arrow.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Great site i am passing a link around to our group.
There are two documents that require reading to understand the depth of the mess we are really in,
Maybe you could then do a write up?
One is the Rabat committment....RABAT IS AN AREA OF ISLAMIC MORROCO.
Next and more importantly is the EU/ARAB dialogue.
We are being lead into an islamic europe with the blessings of our politicians and the Queen herself.
This is why we have the influx from muslim countries, the deal was made way back in the 70s during the oil embargo by the French.
Soon the Arab states will become free trade partners with our borders fully open to them all.
This fact i first came across reading the book Eurabia by Bat Ye'or the English version left out this fact but is included in the French version.
Fjordman at the blog Gates of Vienna has mentioned this in his european declaration for idependence, which he refers to as the greatest treachery ever commited against western nations.
The islamification or colonisation of europe is well under way hence the actual figures for muslims already here are covered up.
2001 stats 1.6 million, 1 in every 5 new immigrants are from outside the Eu,
Every year wives from asia are brought over i read 30.000 in total plus all her close relatives.
Add to this high birth rate high immigration from muslim states the stats are way out of date with facts.
Siad in denmark are organising a march 9/11 to go to Brussels letting them know this islamification must cease now!
Cultural marxism has aided this whole process by stifling any debate at all.
The polish are no problem and they stood shoulder to shoulder in ww2 unlike muslims that stood with hitler with their waffen ss troops directed by the grand mufti of palestine.
Blair now sees fit to employ these nazi groups in our establishments.
Hizb-Ut-Tahrir the fifth column are in most top areas of work here,education health law media just a few areas where they have been allowed to infiltrate.
The eu encourage this nay order's this!
closer and close cooperation is on the cards...islam taught in schools is now in 800 primary schools, Arabic soon a bid push on this. student exchanges to come into force.
Romano Prody Italian is just about to bring in closer ties on health.
Westminster is choc full of trai
tors but i believe Blair repealed this act with HRH in 1998 we've been well and truly set up.
Alas we are paying for our own demise.
Fjordman suggests a tax witholding until we have all our demands met.
kleinverzet.blogspot.com for real news from Holland re- the Eu also Fjordmans works can be seen there.
Take Care and God-Bless.

Anonymous said...

It is certainly frightening to see the similarities between the Moslem 'religion' (actually a hotchpotch of lifted sections of the Old & New Testaments (the Bible) and pre-Koran pagan Arab 'religions' where child sacrifice was a tradition. Today sacrificing your child on the Islamic (or palestinian) altar is called called "martyrdom"!

In fact, there are also many similarities in Hitler's Mein Kampf and the Koran. Maybe that's why the Arab/Moslems were traitors to the British (who had been bowing down before them ever since WWI and still are) throughout the Middle East. During WW2, Arab leaders from North Africa, via 'palestine' to Iraq betrayed Britain and collaborated with the Nazis. The Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Haj al-Husseini, fled to Germany in 1941 where he was befriended by Himmler and Hitler and paid a huge monthly wage and given a luxurious villa to live in. He set up 2 SS devisions of Bosnians and Albanians who fought with the German troops in Russia, committing with them ghastly war crimes against the local civilian population, Christians and, of course, Jews. al-Husseini was also deeply committed to the genocide of European Jewry and even visited Auschwitz to inspect how Jewish families, including small children,were gassed. He even offered his advice as to how to render the 'process' more efficient (sic) in order to murder more people, faster. From Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry, he broadcast anti-British, anti-Jewish, pro-Nazi propaganda in Arabic to the Middle East throughout his stay. After the war he fled to Egypt where he lived well until his death. The British never bothered to seek his extradition to stand trial for crimes against humanity together with his fellow criminals at the Nuremburg Trials.

Today, we can no longer brush aside the fact which British governments have tried to do for generations, that the Arab/Moslems have an ulterior plan for the infidel Christians and not just for the Jews. Thus the time has come for a reconciliation between Christians and Jews, especially from the Christian side who persecuted their Jewish populations painfully over the past 1000 plus years - otherwise the Judeo-Christian tradition faces a very dangerous threat to its future existence. Tee Gee

Anonymous said...

I am sick of the complete ignorance and violence that extremist muslims preach.

Islam is often interpreted by its followers as license to oppress people, choke them with stone age values and ideas.

Islam is not in itself a tolerant religion, this is a simple fact. Citizens of the world must become mindful and wary of the creeping sickness and idiocy that Islam spreads like a plague through poor communities of Arabic people.

The type of ignorant and primitive savages that conduct "honor killings" in Iraq and elsewhere in the world should be caged or eradicated.

Killing or maiming a woman because her headscarf is too vibrant or because she has the "audacity" to wear makeup... These savages enrage me.

Anonymous said...

irregardless of what this these evil moslem women or moslem men savage wear in their own backward society, they are still to be avoided like a plague. the islamic virus is most prevalent and obvious in asia (among indian, chinese, malay) and it is scary to see that it is spreading their virus to the european. those evil moslems agenda is to snatch our wealth and then strike us when we are most vulnerable. that is why, we the nonbelievers have to be strong at all times and not let our guard down to these pretentious moslems with evil intent to impose their evil way of life onto us. see how their evilness destroy serbia!! it is scary to see people being misled by two faced moslems "nice" people.

Anonymous said...

It is lovely to see that the fear is shivering your spine:):) regardless of what you say, Muslims do not believe to shauve their religion down someone's throat. unlike Christians who say the only way to heaven is true Jesus we believe in freedom of making a decision of being a Muslim. Islam is te future of Great Britian just because the young generation no longer can put up with all the devilish behavior of the society. enough drinking and adultry and furnication. young generation is sick of impurity.

Anonymous said...

It really amazes and frightens me how these individuals are ALLOWED TO STAY in the country. The level in infiltration is such that we have lost our social identity and now face technology being used against us as the 'sleeping cells' that have now gained citizenship of this land grow, multiply and feed their muslim way into the muslim brains od their offspring. This can not continue. Our forces are dying, protecting the world from their sick, prejudicial way of life. It is so damn obvious but no-one is acting. We are all listening, but no-one is acting, WHY ? We should rally together and evict the whole damn lot of them.

Anonymous said...

It warms hy heart to read the posts on this site and tells me there are a number of good people out there willing to fight for their right to be (and remain) BRITISH. What gets my goat is, they are here attcking our land and society and we are sitting back letting them scheme and devise further methods of doing this. WE MUST ACT NOW. I don't think we should wait any longer. Lets start with removing the mosques. We know when they are there, all we need is a common time, when we know, to strike, Nationally....., all it takes is a little organisation and we could rid our country of these evil twisted, insidious, intellectually retarded, mis-guided fools. If they are not going to conform to the laws of this land, then, with regard to them, there should be no application of our laws......