28 February 2007

Abu Izzadeen has staked Islams claim to a section of 'Our' Country

The Islamic view of land that they have conquered is that once that piece of land has been converted from Dar al-Harb (House of War) to Dar al-Islam (House of Peace) meaning Moslem rule, then that piece of land is now eternally Moslem land. They are commanded through the Koran to fight eternally through Jihad against anyone who then takes over rule of that land, exactly like what is happening in Israel with the Palestinians and Hamas.

When Abu Izzadeen burst in on Our home secretary when he was in London speaking to the Moslem community live on national TV, he declared that the Home secretary had no place to be in this area of London because it was a Moslem area. Abu Izzadeen has staked his claim for Islam of part of 'Our' Christian country and has openly tried to shame 'Our' Home Secretary in the process. This is complete and utter insanity and why is this dangerous social misfit still walking the streets of London preaching war and hate against the peaceful non-Moslems of Britain. He has declared that him and his Moslem brothers own a part of Our Christian land, is that not treason.

Now that the U.K has large Moslem communities up and down the country, the question is: Do each of these communities now view the land that they are living on as their land? If that is so then Britain has given parts of Our Christian land over to Islam so we are now at war for ever with the Islamic Kingdom within Britain because they have converted parts of Our country from Dar al-Harb to Dar al-Islam.

Do we accept the fact that Islam is now here, give in, give up and give them all that they want, allow the complete destruction of Our way of life and allow Islam to become the dominante force in Our country or work out how to stop the Islamification of Our Cristian Country.

In Islam, Islamic land is eternally Islamic land and they are to fight Jihad eternally for it.

This type of Moslem view is part of the substance and driving force that makes up and drives Islam, there is no getting around this motivational force that every true Moslem has at the core of who he is because it is what the Koran teaches.

These Moslem communities have now established themselves within Our Christian society and are forcing their ways upon us. Things can only get worse for the United Kingdom as Islam grows at a faster rate than the rest of the population.

We the people hope and pray that the Queen intervenes for the sake of her country and people and has these people removed from Our streets for the protection of Our society. These people are a threat to Our National Security and are left walking the streets continuing their Jihad against us. What is Tony Blair and his British government doing about these people? They are appeasing them and are serving the Islamic kingdom of Britain under Dhimmitude (subserviante to Islam) at the expense of the whole non-Moslem population of Britian. The Queen should have this government removed before it is too late and give us a leader and government who will stem and push back the Islamification of Our country.

If these Moslems now own parts of Our country what does that mean for Our children?



Anonymous said...

Abu Izzadeen is a faceless cowerd bastard. this iz our country not this

Anonymous said...

Great Site Lionheart, We need to get this message out.

Email, Mobile Text, and Blog the Following Url to friends, collegues and relatives asap.


Anonymous said...

Want to know what other parts of Britain are now part of the Islamic Caliphate?

What about the BBC, ITV, Guardian, Independent, most universities, most unions (e.g. the highly
'intellectual' UCU), the East End of London, most parts of the West End of London (e.g. between Ladbroke Grove via Queensway up to and including Edgware Road), and of course, Salford, Bradford, Glasgow, etc., etc. Even Eire's Islamic population is rising rapidly and may soon top that of its Catholics.

And if not already, then watch out - soon it'll be down your way too.

Thank you protectors of the Moslem faith such as certain churchmen (Dr. Rowan Williams perhaps????), protectors of union hegemony and the welfare state (various unions), MPs who dance to the Islamic pipes, and assorted others for whom dirty lucre is more important than their native land and their native people.

Talk about Daylight Robbery by Islamic fundamentalist Colonizing Imperialists.

Anonymous Lady

fat dog is missing your help needed said...

islam is the relgion of war rape pilage and persecution anyone who does not see this is blind and needs shooting.14/88