25 August 2011

Testimony - A diamond in the rough

Further reading: The Hope for our Nation

A blast from the past with a starring role.

The life changing Christian testimony of ex-local Luton Town Football hooligan Badger.

Statement from Evangelist Daniele

Paul Ray Lionheart, is the orignal founder of EDL which when he formed this group was totally non-facist. All though Paul is very radical and fundamental in his Christian view-points, he is by no means a racist and would condone any violence. He withdrew from the EDL membership because of their connections to racist & political groups and football hooligans who make up for the hard-core majority of members of the EDL. Most of the 'Mig Crew' - Luton's football hooligan firm are active members. They are the ones who have completely changed Paul Ray's (Lionheart's) original plans for the English Defence League as a non-racist Christian group into what it has become now - a new BNP!!!

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