6 August 2011

The Norwegian domestic terror cell

Update 8/8/11: Charged with threats to kill

Treason or Civil war in Norway?

There is a recording of 2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s, one of them the Democrat parties speaker talking about killing other members of government and bombing the government building at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference: Norwegian article

(Ander’s Breivik’s main point was Islam and, moslem immigration.)

Not only that but these 2 Democrat MP’s are presently both Mayoral candidates in their Country.

Is that the usual talk (treason) of Democrat MP’s in Norway?

Doesn’t really look very good after Anders Brievik killed almost 100 left wing children at a summer camp, after bombing a government building in the name of Stop the Islamisation of Europe does it?

That’s civil war if Breivik is part of a group linked to opposition government members.

Alan Lake is directly connected to people in the Norwegian government after stating that he has friends who lost friends at both crime scenes in Norway. Are these 2 Democrat MP’s who are talking about killing members of their elected government the people he is connected too?

Let’s see.

They were taking part in a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference when they were recorded.

Alan Lake travels to Sweden and Norway talking at Stop the Islamification of Europe conferences about anti-jihad.

Everyone Alan Lake is connected too is in-directly linked to all Stop the Islamisation groups which includes SIOE and Pamella Gellers controlled SIOA. I do not believe the SIOE leadership of Anders and Stephen was involved though, but they are both now indirectly linked to Breivik’s act through Alan Lake though.

I’m all for “Stop the Islamisation of Europe” but not at the price of Breivik (a monster) and innocent murdered Norwegian children, no matter what their parent’s political affiliation, and then leveling the blame at me for being the inspiration behind the monster.

Video: Al Jazeera interview

During the recorded discussions they talked about the Norwegian Defence League and how it is under the control of its parent group the English Defence League (EDL). This means it was under Alan Lake’s political control because he is the middle man. Alan Lake is operating for many other groups with financial and political influence and getting funding from those groups, which includes the American Teaparty via Rabbi Schifren, to further his political agenda. “Tommy” and uncle Kev are just the willing English puppets, although they are Irish professing to be English.

These 2 Norwegian MP’s were also talking about joining the Norwegian Defence League and there being a secret list of members and supporters to join.

Is this a secret list of high level support that has government influence in different European Countries and have been in-directly supporting Alan Lake’s aim of war against the Norwegian government. I wonder what the American’s Christine Brim and Frank Gaffney have to say about the European anti-jihad groups and conferences they are linked too, and who are directly linked to Alan Lake and the EDL leadership of “Tommy” and uncle Kev via the likes of Fjordman and Gates of Vienna?

Alan Lake is a pure hardcore nazi and could quite possibly (time will tell) be an accomplice to the murder of nearly 100 innocent children in your name.

Has Alan Lake declared war in your name, or is he an accomplice to a mass murder of children in Norway supported by no one? Or was Breivik a lone wolf inspired by me who he did not even have the courtesy of mentioning in his blood soaked manifesto for the world to read?

Who is behind Breivik?

Alan Lake talks about executing people on Norwegian TV, 2 high level Norwegian Democrat MP’s are recorded talking about murdering members of government and blowing up the government building with the political opposition inside, and also supporting the rightwing street protest movement the EDL and its NDL off-shoot that the murderer Breivik was directly linked too.

That’s some hardcore stuff that has resulted in the murder of nearly 100 innocent Norwegian children on their summer camp that no civilised person can justify or support, whether or not they were playing lefti pro-Palestinian games. It’s the same as the Chechen jihadi’s laying siege to a Russian Orthodox school full of innocent children and then attempting to kill them all, or firing katusha rockets into Israeli schools all day to kill innocent Jewish children because they are Jewish.

Breivik lured them out into a false sense of security dressed as a policeman and then set about murdering them all – child killer

That cannot be justified in any war and is a war crime, a crime against humanity which is why we have The Hague.

Where is the dignity and humanity, it is pure evil and the work of the devil.

And then they attempted to blame me as being the inspiration for this inhumane act to deflect attention and blame from themselves and have me removed from the anti-jihad field because of the threat we pose to Alan Lake and their bigger political European agenda, that the EDL street protest movement is central too.

Breivik’s manifesto was born into our world at the price of blood from innocent murdered/sacrificed children, so those who believe in the act and support the cold blooded murder of innocent children can justify that act in their own minds to further their own political ideas and ambitions against the democratically elected Norwegian government and Crowned Royal Family.

That was the whole plan.

To gather all groups and like minded people together around the same political ideas and agendas with those named in the manifesto as the influential ones to follow once you are awake and listening to the rhetoric coming out from these writers after Breivik’s act. It’s exactly the same political tactic of the moslems when they attack a country, it is an act of terrorism.

That is unless their plan backfires and they have no government support anywhere, which means they are on their own now, with all eyes now on Alan Lake, Fjordman, and these 2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s.

A small group of hardcore influential fascists from different Countries and Nationalities, all united around the anti-jihad banner that have serious intent to wage a war in Europe to topple a democratically elected European government to further their own political agenda in Europe. They are all mentioned in Breivik’s manifesto surrounding his compatriot Fjordman, Breivik’s real mentor and inspiration.

Do those mentioned in the manifesto still support the real ideological brains behind Breivik – Fjordman or is he now a pariah (Judas) within the anti-jihad field?

Everyone mentioned in the manifesto who supported the EDL leadership of “Tommy” and uncle Kev over the last 18 months were my direct enemies via Alan Lake, and it included Fjordman and GoV. I stayed true to my calling and supported the grass roots EDL when I could, and at times when I had no other alternative but too over the last 18 months.

Alan Lake did what he did, and him and his EDL puppet “Tommy” needed me removed.

Irish ‘Tommy’ the puppet was the first to propagate the lie of me being Breivik’s mentor for his political masters (Alan Lake & Co) across his EDL media platform because the EDL was mentioned in the manifesto with Breivik linked to EDL Divisional commanders that “Tommy” then lied about on National TV (no change there then). All the blame and attention was directed at me for Breivik’s inhumane act, which was the plan from the start which is why Breivik pointed the finger directly at me as being one of the other Knights Templar European cells.

Blatantly obvious to a trained eye.

Further reading: Motive

Further reading: The Conspiracy

Nobody can justify or support Breivik’s act, and under no circumstances am I going to accept being the inspiration behind it, along with our names and what we represent being tarnished with it.

So who was behind him?

Further reading: ‘Richard’ the English mentor

Is Alan Lake the political controller behind the EDL now using pawns like Breivik to direct international terrorism to further his groups Fascist political Europe agenda? Almost 100 innocent children murdered for political purposes by a group of people is an act of war.

While Alan Lake is free, the threat of another attack lingers, unless the threat is there so he is not arrested?

He declared war on Christianity and the honour of Templarism, as well as against the Norwegian government and against civilised society as a whole via Breivik and his act. His EDL puppet Irish “Tommy” then proceeded to threaten on National TV that similar attacks in the UK will be carried out by EDL supporters within the next 5 – 10 years, as well as accusing (devil) me of being Anders Breivik’s English mentor ‘Richard’.

Devils…no other word for them!

All in the name of an English Defence, and supported by a bunch of English sheep running up and down the country at Irish “Tommy’s” command, smashing up Towns and Cities, and terrorising innocent people – E – E – EDL under the Templar Cross in the name of Christianity. Wolves dressed up in exactly the same sheep’s clothing as the child killer Anders Breivik which is why he mentions them in his manifesto.

How to win friends and influence people the EDL way.

I don’t care who you are or what you might threaten to do to me, those innocent children did not deserve to be gunned down in cold blood to further someone’s right wing political agenda, wrapped up in Christianity and Templarism to add the desired after effect, and then accuse me and those linked to me of being involved. I wonder whose idea that one was.

Maybe it’s just me that thinks that way…

The only thing I can think is that Alan Lake is a lone wolf, with his own agenda and attempting to use others to finance that agenda with them not knowing the full extent of the agenda, Breivik now showing those people the extent and capability of that agenda. 70 Innocent murdered children on their political summer camp lured out by Breivik dressed as a policeman and then gunned down in cold blood by him. That is not a justified or supportable tactic in my eyes.

I am either right or wrong; I cannot see any middle ground?

I wonder when Alan Lake is going to go on camera in news interview to answer his critics and deny all involvement with the child killer Anders Breivik.

Fjordman was in direct email contact with Breivik in 2009 – 2010. It was hard to have email contact with Fjordman in 2008 - 2009 because that’s when I was in America attempting to seek political asylum and he sent me an email of support via GoV. This was at the same time/just after there was an online anti-jihad dispute in America with the Little Green Footballs blog.

How and why, did someone like Breivik have direct email contact with Fjordman?

Gates of Vienna were the hub to contact Fjordman.

Fjordman has been an anti-jihad blogger for many years if he closed his blog down in 2005. He then went to ground and just sent essays to GoV which were published on their site.

Why did he go to ground and change his whole modus operandi, which is what happened?

Strange places of Education too, he looks like a Leftie and its normally only Leftie students and intelligence community type people who study Arabic in places like Egypt. His Dad is on the extreme left of politics in the Country too which must be perplexing.

Bi-polar family.

Strange that Fjordman was an observer to the percieved persecution of Palestinians at the hands of Jews in Hebron, which is as Leftie as it gets: Fjordman the observer

This is my in the West Bank to see the difference: ISM terror connection


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