3 August 2011


The Norwegian government and Royal family might prefer to wrap this National tragedy up in the clothes of one lone Norwegian wolf inspired by me and my blog, and then fed to their people, but me and those I am linked too who have been brought into this are not going to sit back and let our names be tarnished with such an accusation by anyone.

We might not be your conventional Church going Christians, but one thing we are not is child killers, and any attempt to link us to such a thing is an abomination and we will refute the claim at every opportunity.

Breivik wrapping his act up in Templarism was very convenient, but the whole world knows that if Templars are at war it is with moslem fundamentalists, not a bunch of innocent kids enjoying their summer camp.

Why have Fjordman and Alan Lake not brought themselves out into the light to defend themselves from the accusations being leveled at them? Fjordman actually being named in the manifesto as Breivik’s mentor, yet I am the one who is being blamed as the ‘mentor’.

Convenient fall guy!

Breivik was no lone wolf, he was a part of a much larger European political movement that I have not been involved in for over 2 years, apart from trying to remove the EDL leadership, and within that movement, by default, he must have been directly linked to certain individuals. Who are those individuals he has been linked to over these years?

A lone wolf is like Thomas Hamiltonwho killed all those kids in Dunblane. His only motivation was cold blooded murder, where as the ideology behind Breivik’s was to further a larger European political agenda.

I cannot escape the fact that he has directly fingered me, so no matter how fanciful people might think my thoughts are, you’re not being directly linked as his ‘mentor’, I am. Very easy to pass it off to the masses as a lone wolf, rather than accept there is a group of individuals out there.

You don’t have to ask yourself; why me? I’m the one in that position!

I am pretty confident in the thought that Alan Lake is his English ‘mentor’, and Alan Lake has not even attempted to publicly deny this claim yet. All of the circumstantial evidence surrounding Alan Lake, and even worse for him is the fact he travels extensively to Norway and Sweden promoting his anti-Islam ideas that are in-line with Breivik’s, and also being directly linked to the Norwegian Fjordman and others mentioned in the manifesto.

The big question

Why would someone want me removed? Or more importantly why would Alan Lake?

Alan Lake is the political controller behind the English Defence League, the point man between all those involved in the European anti-jihad movement on a higher political level that stretches into America (Christine Brim – Frank Gaffney).

Remove him and they have nothing, remove “Tommy” and uncle Kev, and Alan Lake has nothing, which means they all have nothing.

Back to the drawing board and a waste of time and money.

Within this anti-jihad world, myself, Nick, and others I have been linked with were their direct enemies, because they know like we know that it was only a matter of time before we removed Alan Lake, “Tommy” and uncle Kev from their control over the patriotic anti-Islamisation English/British street protest movement. This would have meant some powerful and influential (political) people losing out on 2 years hard work, their future plans for using the EDL to further their agendas, and all the money and resources that had been poured into the movement from around the world wasted.

Is that motivation enough for an extreme element within that nucleus of people (Alan Lake & Co) to decide to have me removed, and our names tarnished forever?

Everyone who has supported and endorsed the leadership of “Tommy” and uncle Kev over the past 18 months are our direct enemies, and are enemies of the ‘true’ English/British anti-Islamisation cause. Isn’t that right Snowy? This goes to Gates of Vienna, Pamella Geller, Robert Spencer, Diane West and others in America. Civil Liberties Alliance, The Jewish Task Force, Canadian Jewish Defence League, Paul Weston, and all those writers mentioned in Breivik’s manifesto including Fjordman.

Anyone who endorses or supports a leadership, who invaded the sanctity of my mother’s home and threatens me with kidnapping her, and issuing threats against my sister, my children, and my wider family, is my direct enemy. No ifs or buts!

That is an act of war – You better decide ‘original old school’ MiG crew!

Not only that they did the same to the street protest movement hero Snowy, when “Tommy” sent a couple of Luton heavies around Snowy’s house attempting to rough him up in-front of his 12 year old daughter. They were arrested leaving the house and their names are with other people right now.

Not only that, these online political writers and commentators still supported “Tommy” and uncle Kev, when these 2 and other leaders like Roberta Moore, publicly lied about their EDL leader Richard Price being a convicted peadophile, even defending him and his actions.

I publicly took it directly to them and to the heart of the European anti-jihad movement over this, calling into question their integrity and that of the movement as a whole because their silence meant complicity in child abuse. This was brushed under the carpet by everyone, even by a Family Security Matters writer who wanted me to just keep my mouth shut.

Those who have been supporting and endorsing the English Defence League, and more importantly the leadership of “Tommy” and uncle Kev, over the past 2 years are complicit in these crimes against the people of England, which means they are our enemies, and are enemies of civility. So it will come as no surprise when they are directly linked to Anders Breivik and his inhumane actions.

Without the support of those mentioned above, endorsing the leadership of “Tommy” and uncle Kev, then the leadership would have been removed and replaced a long time ago.

They are in bed together, so all parties lose out if one is removed. Is that motivation to remove their No.1 threat because they knew we were coming?

How important is the EDL to the plans of the some of the intellectual ideological anti-jihad elite that stretches from the U.S and across into mainland Europe?

Did the threat we pose to their plans mean we had to be removed at any cost?

Remove Alan Lake, “Tommy” and uncle Kev and what do they have? They don’t have any control of the EDL that’s for sure, and the EDL idea as a role model has been adopted internationally.

Breivik doesn’t even like me because he does not even mention my work in his manifesto; he mentions the work of all of my enemies within the movement. Bit of a snub to me his English ‘mentor’ who is supposed to have inspired him don’t you think?

Instead he has rather nicely and conveniently pointed his finger at me, placing me directly in the frame as being complicit with him in his crimes.

As far out as it might seem to you, was he in direct communication with one of my enemies who needed me removed? Namely his real English ‘mentor’ Alan Lake who is surrounded with a case load of circumstantial evidence linking him to Breivik.

Its not far out to me, what’s far out to me is that Breivik has pointed his finger at me.

I spoke to a contact of mine last night who has been involved high level within the EDL and this person told me that there is a lot of Jewish money being poured into the movement. I am not anti-Jew as everyone knows I am a Christian Zionist and have some close Jewish friends and I regularly travel to the Holy Land, but this just goes to show the different influences behind Alan Lake.

Alan Lake is the point man between the people on the street in the EDL and the intellectual ideological financial elite of the anti-jihad movement, and the different groups out there.

The Canadian Jewish Defence League recently stated that their aim was to revive the spirit of Churchill and direct confrontation using the EDL. Excuse me but who do they think they are dictating what happens with an English movement upon English soil, using English/British patriots?

“Tommy” and uncle Kev didn’t care though, nor did Alan Lake.

I wonder how much money and influence they pushed Alan Lake’s way that then went to “Tommy” and uncle Kev?

The Brazilian Jewish neo nazi Roberta Moore who is head of the Jewish division of the EDL has publicly stated that it is ‘us’ using the EDL and not the other way around. Who is the ‘us’ she was referring too, and what did she mean?

Moore is the one who brought the influence of the Jewish Task Force into the English Defence League.

Under this banner and cloud you have the most naïve and stupid English patriots following along like little pathetic sheep, although the BNP have their hold in the movement too, at grass roots level, with their people there for their own reasons.

The only Lion I have seen over the past 2 years is Snowy, who stood up with integrity and did not back down when the attacks and smears came his way. Although his groupings up the North of the Country need to clean their image up.

After 2 years work, those behind Alan Lake have helped push the EDL into the public sphere with “Tommy” as their speaker. Anyone who knows anything knows that “”Tommy” is a pathological liar so you cannot believe one single word that comes out of his mouth, and does not have the slightest bit of integrity in any part of his body. He is a known cocaine dealer, cocaine addict, and a complete disgrace, yet this is the man they backed, who is now speaking on-behalf of the English anti-Islamisation cause in the public sphere. As you know “Tommy” used his EDL media platform recently to conveniently publicly state I was Breivik’s ‘mentor’.

Without “Tommy” those above all lose everything because we have no respect for any of them now because they are complicit in everything. Although there is one thing they can do to show us where they stand.

We dictate what happens on English soil, not all these foreigners wanting to start a war with Islam in England. If there is to be a war it will be a defensive war, dictated by the English, not these wanna be international intellectual elites wanting to use gullible Englishmen/women to further their own form of political agenda within England.

For months Alan Lake has been forced between a rock and a hard place when knowing I am coming for him to take back control of the EDL. This is a man who talks publicly on National TV about executing people. How far would he go and to what lengths when he knows he is about to lose his whole life’s work?

I can just hear him and see him now “He has to be removed”, then that evil cold murderous streak kicks in that cannot be hidden, that coincidentally raised its ugly head on Norwegian TV.

Did he set things up with Breivik as crazy as it seems? Is he Breivik’s real ‘mentor’?

He is directly linked to Breivik’s part of the world and is an integral part of everything.

Why is there not an international manhunt to track him down and question him?

I thought the worlds media were good at their jobs, they came to me quick enough, so why not Alan Lake, and what is he hiding for?

Imagine the weight on his mind right about now if he is linked to Breivik, and how uncomfortable all those people who have backed and supported him and his EDL leadership are going to be feeling right about now, if it is proven that he is linked to Breivik.

This situation has brought everything else out into the open that they are complicit in.

I think it’s about time Fjordman and Alan Lake are publicly outed for the sake of the integrity of the European anti-jihad movement, and all the hard work, good and decent people have put into it, like those at SIOE who have been caught up in this. It will say a lot, especially about the person who does the outing, so I personally await to hear who is the first to publicly out them both. I know Robert Spencer has met Fjordman and knows him personally, and I know Chris Knowles is in bed with Alan Lake, and I know the people surrounding him.

Anyone linked to the murder of nearly 100 innocent children needs to be brought out into the open so as to be eliminated from the enquiry. What if that was one of your innocent kids there at that summer camp?

We might not like another person’s political beliefs but that does not equate to the cold blooded murder of their children to force a point.

Who were those people with Alan Lake at that first EDL meeting in London talking about military strategies? Kinana (something like that) was one of them!

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