16 August 2011

The macabre Breivik re-enactment and whats behind him

In amongst his human savagery on the day of his slaughter of nearly 100 kids on a summer camp, Breivik has attempted to show us there was some humanity within him by not shooting the 2 kids he said were 11 and 12 because they were too young. He must have asked them how old they were, so in that moment of madness in the middle of the slaughter of innocence he paused and wondered what he should do.

Was this the ‘psychopaths’ act of playing god in the midst of committing a cold blooded mass murder?

Was this the act of a ‘lone wolf’ brainwashed on the internet?

Or was this the act of an organised group, who trained him to be a cold blooded political killer and showed him how to build a remote detonating car bomb, like the one he blew up the government building with?

Or did he learn how to build that type of specialised bomb at home alone on the internet?

How did he fund his terrorist attack?

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Other sources are linking Breivik to training camps in Belarus being run by ex-Soviet Union military figures, possibly moslem converts after the Chechen war. You can google it and read through the information and see whether or not it is true.

The ideological thinking behind his manifesto was based upon a small influential section of commentators and writers behind their own form of extreme right-wing anti-jihad Western thought. His fellow countryman Fraudman in Norway, to Gates of Vienna, Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer in America, back to Alan Lake and the English Defence League in Britain. It is an attempted European extreme far-right ‘call’ to begin a civil war against the political Left to influence domestic politics, and not a religious war against Islamic fundamentalism. Possibly trained, funded and influenced by former Soviet officers who want to help destroy the 'peace and stability' and infrastructure of an emerging United Europe. Then Islam as a religion will seek to assert its dominance under the mayhem as they seek to convert Europe into Islamic rule from within as they propagate their religion and turn Europe into the planned Eurabian peninsula and eventually bring down the United States.

What if it is proven and he was trained and influenced in Belarus for his ‘home grown’ terrorist attack, by ex-Soviet officers, possibly moslem? What would this mean?

If he did take part in a meeting in 2002 and was assigned an English mentor, his English mentor would have influenced his thinking to his own domestic political ideology in England which is what is contained in the manifesto linking Breivik to the ideological influence behind the EDL so he was knowledgeable about the UK for a reason.

A group declaring war is no joke, and Breivik is the proof.

If Alan Lake is English, how did he get his contacts into the Swedish government who he preached anti-jihad to at a Stop the Islamisation of Sweden conference, the same Swedish MP who he wants to go back and visit now he is going to the next level with his extreme right-wing anti-jihad plans.

What contacts in the British government and ‘House of Lords’ does he now have on the back of his control over the hijacked English Defence League street protest movement?

A Russian living in Sweden has come on TV saying he was friends with Breivik and that he visited him often in Sweden.

Video: RT News

Alan Lake operates in Sweden and Norway, and is currently using the EDL to upset ‘peace and stability’ by using the extreme far-right in the UK and those following on, to start race riots and inflame tensions within the Country. The EDL is controlled by 2 Irish Catholics from Luton, a well known (historically) IRA base on the mainland.

Where did Gadaffi send his IRA men when they were being funded to fight a terrorist campaign against the people of Ulster in Northern Ireland, and on the UK mainland?

Further reading: Game on

Under the supposed ‘peace process’ there are a high number of terrorist attacks and attempted terrorist attacks still going on against the people of Ulster who are a part of the United Kingdom.

What State sponsors of international terror do we now have to watch out for? Oil rich Libya connected to the IRA and their continued campaign of violence is one, along with oil rich Iran connected to anyone who is against America, Israel and Europe another. Not to mention either, the spread of Wahhbi Islam that influenced Osama Bin Laden and his followers now being spread across the world with Saudi oil money.

Video: Undercover mosque

There is already a global terrorist network of ideological and trained jihadi’s preparing to take their war to the next level to defeat America and the West, and now we have a ‘home grown’ terrorist attack by a wolf dressed up in sheeps clothing, possibly trained and influenced by a former Soviet Colonel in Belarus.

Who is the connection between Eastern Europe and Western Europe, if Breivik did travel to the East to be military trained, via somewhere like his Russian friends in Sweden, which is also a safe environment to meet his English ‘mentor’ outside of Norway to plan what happens inside Norway. Alan Lake has got an excuse for being in Sweden, when he visits his friends in the government there.

Alan Lake fits the English ‘mentor’ perfectly apart from the ‘perfect Knight’ title.

What is Alan Lake’s Nationality, and is he an MI5/MI6 asset?

If Breivik was invited to the meeting in London in 2002, then he was already going to be used against Europe and Christendom and not in defence of it like he seeks to promote. His acts are completely contrary to anti-jihad (they are right-wing left-wing domestic politics issues and not religious), and in the process he wrapped up his crime to damage the public image of Christianity, Templarism and anti-Jihad in the West and in the Arab moslem mind which was a good p.r coup for any forces against the ‘peace and stability’ of a United Europe and America, when both are very vulnerable to another collapse and widespread civil unrest.

We are gloating about the Arab spring.

Didn’t we help the former Soviet Union collapse after the Cold War, and fund Al Qaeda and the Taliban against the them in Afghanistan?

Real Knights Templars and associated Christian Orders have always historically played their part in defending Christendom from the onslaught of Jihad because all Orders are sworn to uphold the Christian faith and all that that entails. Today is no different and Breivik slaughtered innocence and then told the world he was a Templar and a Christian, when he was neither.

This means there is an organised group intent on waging war against Christendom, attempting to bring down Europe, or force it to its knees which will mean widespread unrest and possibly civil war throughout many European countries between moslems and non-moslems on the ground. We know that the global jihad in-line with Iran/Libya/Afghanistan/Pakistan/ and Somalia is the No.1 force out there, but what about another rogue terrorist force or a part of the same force, with government backing helping the process along through funding, training and influencing?

What does the Queen of England say?

This group that Breivik is linked too (if he is linked) is more ideological aligned with the global jihad, than the Crusade to defend Christendom which is what Breivik is professing to be a part of, and they could have a hold of the Irish/IRA led English Defence League via Alan Lake and all of his rogue Jewish American/Canadian financial and political support, to stir up unrest across the Country which is what has happened and is happening now, exactly as they have planned it. Who knows whether Gadaffi is back funding the IRA, or any Eastern European military figures intent on waging a terrorist war against the EU and Nato?

Alan Lake being instrumental in stirring up civil unrest within Britain using the hijacked EDL, and being directly linked to Breivik’s part of the world Sweden/Norway, even in a documentary on Norwegian National TV.

Video: Alan Lake & Breivik

Alan Lake might believe he is a knight and Breivik might perceive it to be so, but no ‘English Knight’ would be complicit in the cold blooded sacrifice of innocent kids in the name of Christianity and Templarism to further an extreme right-wing political agenda, and to say otherwise is preposterous.

So he could not have been of ‘English’ heritage, and he has links into the Swedish government, and Northern and Central Europe.

Isn’t it about time the lights were switched on towards Alan Lake so we know whether or not he is circumstantially linked to Breivik’s, and what are his links into MI5/MI6?

The other worrying aspect of this terrorist attack against a European Nation State is that the blood soaked manifesto has map co-ordinates embedded within it, and one of them is linked very closely to the murder of the MI6 code breaker Gareth Williams. Gareth Williams was working on tracking the Russian mafia’s money into Europe and was found dead, his body zipped up in a bag from the manufacturer “North Face”.

What Country is Facing North of the UK? Norway.

They say the Russian mafia is run by former Soviet KGB agents who used their military skills and took up organised crime as a profession after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. It is said that they swapped nuclear suitcase bombs with Osama Bin Laden for heroin, which made them serious players in the global market of Afghani heroin controlled and supplied by Al Qaeda. There was a threat leaked through wikileaks about Al Qaeda using the nuclear option if Bin Laden was killed. Could we now be on a count-down to a nuclear bomb being let off somewhere, possibly supported by former Soviet KGB officers who had/have access to nuclear devices?

Further reading: Nuclear terrorism in London

It has also come to light that 2 Russian diplomatic cars were seen in the vicinity of the Pimlico flat on the day of the murder of the MI6 agent, so they were not really being very discrete about it.

If we are now at war with another extreme ‘right wing’ influential force within Europe, in a defensive position because of possible planned future attacks from this group, with rogue extreme right-wing European operatives now being trained in places like Belarus. Would it not be good to know who the enemy is and who is supporting them on State level?

Who sold Gareth Williams out to them, from within?

How did any outside forces stoke up the flames of the recent ‘English’ riots, and how could someone like Alan Lake and his Irish puppets stoke up more riots in England and the media then call them ‘race riots’ to cause further civil unrest in Britain which would mean another p.r coup for our enemies, for the World to see?

Plus also destabalise the Nation right up to threatening the future 'safety and security' of the throne of England and the faith the Monarchy is sworn to uphold.

In war there can only be one winner at the end and we are in World War III so chemical, nuclear and biological devices going off somewhere are inevitable. It’s a matter of when and where not, if.

International Terrorism is the new form of warfare in the 21st Century, backed by rouge Arab regimes, their oil money and more worryingly the proliferation of their technology.

“Nation will rise against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom”

Video: "Tommy's" threats against the UK

(November 2010)

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