1 August 2011

People who need to answer questions!

I am not being shafted by anyone over the murder of almost 100 innocent children in Norway and this blog will bring to light all those who have questions to answer over this.

Innocent children are not legitimate targets in war, look at the Chechens and their school massacre who we despise!

This is worse.

I will do whatever is necessary to help get to the bottom of this for the sake of those who have been murdered and have no voice, and for the honour of Templarism in the name of my Christian faith.

Below is Pamella Geller along with Lord Pearson. Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer both publicly distanced themselves from the EDL about 3 weeks ago citing the movement had been taken over by neo-nazis. Then 3 weeks later a neo nazi inspired terrorist attack happened.

What can she tell you?

Below is Chris Knowles of Civil Liberties Alliance, the main support behind "Tommy's" leadership of the EDL within the UK. He was at the very first meeting in London and was the one who invited the active intellectual side of the European anti-jihad movement.

He lives in Yorkshire and works for local government

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