11 August 2011

Norwegian cover-up

Daily Mail: Breivik acted alone

Anders Breivik committed an act of terrorism which will hopefully be classed as a ‘crime against humanity’ in the name of domestic politics. His main points were Islamisation and immigration facilitated by Norway’s Marxist left wing politicians, so he killed their children. Just before he carried out his terrorist act a right wing politician in Norway was recorded at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference making threats to kill opposition members of parliament and targeting the whole Norwegian government. He has since been charged with these offences and is currently awaiting trial.

Can you see the parallels?

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Although it has been claimed I was his inspiration behind the attack which was a very convenient deflection tactic by those involved with Breivik for the early stages after the attack, in reality it was his fellow countryman Fraudman who he was inspired by. The whole ideology behind Breivik’s manifesto even including the name (European Decleration of Independence) came from Fraudman, who is supported by an online network of ideological supporters throughout Europe and the US like Gates of Vienna, Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer to name just a few.

These people named in the manifesto who are centered around Fraudman are all actively involved in the Stop the Islamisation of Europe and America movement that the Norwegian Democrat MP was attending when making his treasonous statements against his opposition government.

Breivik might have acted alone on the day he committed his terrorist acts but no intelligent mind when looking at the facts can say he was a ‘lone wolf’ inspired in his bedroom to go out and commit his acts alone. Definitely not when looking at the complexity of his manifesto and the embedded codes. Breivik is just a pawn in a much bigger plot.

It just doesn’t add up when looking at the larger picture, although for the gullible masses these are the easiest clothes to wrap the tragedy up in, rather than alarm everyone without being able to prove it. The only thing with this is that the general consensus in the media is that I was his ‘mentor and inspiration’ which is a lie, and is an abominable accusation to have leveled at me.

The only way I will be exonerated is if the full truth is told, and claiming he acted alone is not telling the full truth, it is a cover up of the truth. Maybe the Norwegians have not got the stomach to confront the reality of this act going right into the heart of Washington DC and the US military via the likes of Pamella Geller, Robert Spencer, and Gates of Vienna & Co who all have high level backing. This backing means they are complicit when those they support use Breivik’s act to propagate their political message.

To me what happened in Norway centers on Alan Lake, who is rumoured to be either an MI5 or MI6 asset, but this has yet to be confirmed or denied. Alan Lake has used the EDL to gain direct links into Washington DC, the Teaparty movement, the Stop the Islamisation movement, the Swedish government, the Norwegian government and the British government, to name the few that are known so far.

Alan Lake is directly linked to Norway, lives in London, professes a Christian background, is from a similar social background to Anders Breivik, they both the same political ideology about murdering liberals, and is the right age to be Breivik’s mentor. Yet I was conveniently pointed out to the world as being the ‘mentor’ and ‘inspiration’.

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Mr Halto quote: After initial speculation that others were involved in the attack, Norwegian police increasingly believe Breivik planned and committed the attacks alone.

Quote: A special police unit set up to investigate the attacks has been looking at whether Breivik acted alone or if he had contact with other cells of right-wing extremists in Western Europe opposed to the immigration of Muslims.

The prosecutor stated that after 40 hours of questioning, they are fairly certain Breivik acted alone and that he appears to be telling the truth.

The Norwegian government wants the World to believe Breivik acted alone which leaves the accusation of me being his ‘mentor and inspiration’ hanging on my front door.

Mr Hatlo quote: Police have been able to verify much of what Breivik told them about the attacks, and that they had not discovered 'any direct lie, yet'.

So if Breivik acted alone in the whole scheme of things and he has not told a ‘direct lie yet’, then Mr Halto must be lying which means there is a cover-up underway.

Breivik claims he was at a meeting in London in 2002, which based upon Halto’s claim of there being no direct lie from Breivik means that this meeting did take place, which means Breivik is part of a larger group.

Breivik claims he had an English ‘mentor’ assigned to him during this meeting in 2002. This means Breivik is a part of a group (cell) unless he is lying, but Mr Halto states they have not discovered a ‘direct lie yet’ which means Breivik is a part of a group.

The prosecutors say he is a lone wolf who planned and carried out the attack on his own and is not linked to anyone.

Who is lying?

Breivik claims he sent ideological material to the leadership of the EDL at its start, and wondered if his ‘mentor’ was the founder of the movement.

Is Breivik lying? According to Mr Halto they have found ‘no direct lies’ yet which means he is telling the truth, which then means he is a part of a group via his English mentor, but the prosecutors say he acted alone in its entirety.

In the scheme of the bigger picture, him committing his acts and then the media blaming me as being his ‘mentor and inspiration’ was all very nice and easy, only it’s a lie and the devil is the author of all lies, sent to accuse Gods elect.

Who is the English ‘mentor’ who was part of the group in 2002? Unless Breivik is lying about this, but Mr Halto has said he has found ‘no direct lies’ from him.

Mr Halto quote: 'That is also why we, with a certain confidence, we can say that he was alone, but I have to emphasise that we have not concluded yet,' Mr Hatlo said. 'Nothing supports suspicion about other cells [being involved], rather the opposite,' he added, declining to give details.

Anders Breivik & Co had been planning this act of terrorism for a long time, and who knows the level of intelligence behind any other people who could be directly involved with him. It is highly unlikely, if not impossible, that Breivik was going to leave factual evidence directly linking any others within his group to him and his act because that would give the bigger game away. So from that basis the prosecutors are never going to be able to link him directly to others, so a ‘lone wolf’ is the easy option to feed to the public.

I would stick him with a syringe full of CIA truth serum.

His act was committed on-behalf of Fraudman & Co because they were always going to be the ones left behind to dictate the ideological battle in Europe and the US for the heart & soul of public opinion which is what is happening right now. Disgustingly enough sites like Gates of Vienna and Fraudmans online support now using this act to further their own political agenda which is in-line with Fraudman and Breivik’s agendas. Anders Breivik knew this was going to happen because it was the whole point of his actions in the first place and why he released a manifesto pointing out his influences like Fraudman.

Fraudman could then take up the torch and carry things on.

I didn’t get a mention.

Breivik has been led to believe that he is the man who will go down in history as starting the war in Europe, which was probably the indoctrination tactic of his English ‘mentor’, if this ‘mentor’ is real.

A bunch of cowards who targeted innocent defenceless children on a summer camp, in the name of anti-jihad, and should now separate the good from the bad within the whole EU – US anti-jihad movement, either online or on the streets.
Breivik, his act, and those who support it should be held with the scorn and contempt they deserve from civilised society.
The Norwegian police might not be able to directly link Breivik to anyone, but I have enough circumstantial evidence to make a case in my own mind, and I will hold those people to account on this blog, and I would ask anyone who can help and support me in that aim to do so too.

For the sake of those voiceless children, the honour of Templarism and the faith I am sworn to uphold, I will take the ideological battle to them and hold them to account for what they are complicit in.

Fraudman & Co have a trait of being complicit in a lot of things, which shows they have no integrity or morals when seeking to achieve their political aims, which kind of fits in with them and Breivik, and casts a disgusting shadow over the legitimate anti-jihad movement. Fraudman has not even got the morals or integrity to stand by his words that indoctrinated Breivik, and now wants to go running back into the shadows and hide like the little wet back he is.

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They, Fraudman & Co which includes Alan Lake & Co all had good reason to silence me and hay presto the whole world now thinks I am Breivik’s ‘mentor and inspiration’. They are all directly linked to him through his manifesto and I am not.

I think the Norwegians have a duty to throw us some meat of truth linking Breivik to Fraudman & Co’s ideological network, and even to Alan Lake even if it is circumstantial. We know Fraudman was in email contact with him, and Pamella Geller has been caught doctoring emails from a Norwegian.

Fair is Fair!

Justice is Justice!

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