26 August 2011

Fraudman who was Fjordman

Fraudman: The Norwegian blogger mentioned 111 times in Anders Breivik's blood soaked manifesto that is dripping in the blood of 69 innocent Norwegian kids who were murdered on a summer camp along with 8 adults from the bombed Government building.

Not only is this man mentioned 111 times inside the pages of the 'cursed manifesto' but it is also named after one of his essays - European Deceleration of Independence

He hid from the world behind his anonymous alias for a number of years and encouraged through his online written direction, the likes of his countryman Anders Breivik to commit his murderous atrocity against the people of Norway.

It is a known fact that the 2 were in direct email contact too.

Then as soon as he was exposed to the light of day, a little nerdy leftie come out of the shadows as the mighty Fraudman, the so-called dark prophet of Norway and the man 'ideologically' behind Breivik.

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Only one thing though. Once standing in the light of day after his words created the monster "Anders Breivik" who committed his murderous atrocity against the people of Norway in the name of extreme right wing politics. He decided he no longer wanted to play the online extreme right wing ideological political game and said he would never write under his writing name again.

Bit late don't you think?

How can anyone take the man serious again and print his words in a mainstream newspaper when he does not even have the courage of his convictions to stand behind his 'own' words that he has been spreading across the online world for the past years that helped create Anders Breivik?

He thinks he is intellectually superior to most mere mortals which is why he plucked up the courage to call me an 'old fashioned fool' through email to a Norwegian newspaper.

The one thing this old fashioned fool can live with is the fact that he proved his innocence from being complicit in such a horrendous crime, of which the trial by media initially found him guilty. Sadly the same cannot be said for the mighty Fraudman and his family though, who now have to live the rest of their lives with the knowledge that he is inextricably linked to the monster Anders Breivik and his cold blooded mass murder, with the blood soaked manifesto that has been given to our world dripping in the innocent blood of 69 Norwegian kids, being named after one of his own essays - Live with that one big man!

He has not even got the 'courage' to debate a local Norwegian moslem who has called him out over his online words either. Instead he sends emails to newspapers attacking people who hold him to account in the public eye.

Dont forget either that he hid his computer from the Norwegian police too which in the scheme of things shouts out "GUILTY" complex about something.

He should crawl back into the darkness of the sewer he has come from and hope that death does not catch up with him as it hunts him down over this Norwegian tragedy he played his part in.

"It is better to make the right friends than the wrong enemies" - Lionheart

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