15 August 2011

In light of the English riots 2011

When I was the age of the majority of the young people across London who took to the streets, I would have been out there amongst them, so I cannot condemn them. Thank God that He saved me and changed me, so that now I understand that that kind of meaningless violence goes against civilised society.

For the most part there were no political goals so it was meaningless and just a bunch of youth letting off steam, although in some places there were overtones, especially because the young guy murdered by the Met police was connected to the top figures in the Manchester underworld.

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Posted 3/8/08

Christianity the Hope for our Nation

Extract: One of the biggest ills of Our society that is separate from the War that is unfolding across our land is what the media calls ferrell youths, these are the ones who are killing one another, wounding one another and murdering innocent people in the process of terrorising their communities and leaving an environment of fear for others within society. Children and young adults who are lost with no vision for the future, on a path to destruction that they are forcing others against their will by their actions to join them on because they have no real understanding or comprehension about life and its true meaning and purpose because they are so young to realise this, and the true irreversible consequences of their actions. Those amongst us who have had no adult guidance to teach them the right path in life, left alone to grow in a messed up Country, of which this (Labour) government has created.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there on the streets where our children are growing up and its only the toughest who survive, a bit like the Lord of the Flies.

I know this from my own personal experience and thank God that He Himself chose to show me the truth and place me on the right path before it was too late and I threw my life away as a consequence of my actions like so many young people are doing today.

We are not all that fortunate to be saved from that path of destruction though but that what saved me is exactly what a Chief Constable is saying should be used to help the ferrel youths within our society.

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