5 August 2011


The geeky nerd forced into the arms of the police under duress, and for no other reason even though 77 of his innocent countryfolk (children) on their summer camp were murdered by one of his sheep.

It took this blog to force him out into the open!

The worlds media spread the lie that I was in communication with Breivik when this man was in direct email contact. Why have the worlds media not reported this fact, and the people he is linked too? Gates of Vienna giving Fjordman 10,000 euros for his contribution to the ideological political side of the European anti-jihad movement. I wonder where that money came from?

For a dog that barks and doesnt bite, I sure bite your a**e Peder, and of course none of your ideological network like me, Ive just outed you all over the past week and given my reasons why I do not like any of you and why one of you have sought to frame me for being the inspiration behind a mass murder, so its a mutual understanding and feeling and pre-dates Breivik and gives motive for attempting to frame me.

Lets just see if I am right about Alan Lake and then that kind of seals your fate!

Always remember the mass psychopath murderer Breivik mentioned you 111 times, he mentioned me zero times.

The man behind Breivik below.
You want to hope someone does not hunt you down and murder you now for being complicit with Breivik's acts. You will never know when where or how but death now hunts you like a thief in the night.

A man who will always be looking over his shoulder!

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