1 August 2011

Key points

For me, as crazy as it sounds, I have been implicated in Breivik’s act, so it’s on my shoulders to find out why, not least for myself but also for all the young people who have lost their lives and for their families.

Did he get brainwashed by me and this blog, or is something else much bigger happening?

It’s easy to just blame me; maybe it’s a little bit more difficult to accept there is an organised intelligent extreme right-wing neo nazi group out there who are intent on waging war against society to force through their ideals into the public political sphere in Europe, and have targeted Norway first.

I am completely against the Islamisation of Europe and the jihad being waged against us, but I do not equate that, to the cold blooded murder of innocent Norwegian children that is then blamed on me.

There is 4 – 5 years worth of my writings on this blog, so if I was his inspiration to commit mass murder in Norway, you would think my writings would at least get a mention in his manifesto. They do not, not even once, unlike his Norwegian counterpart Fjordman who is mentioned over 100 times, and is seen as his ideological/spiritual mentor.

I would say Fjordman brainwashed him don’t you think?

Instead it’s me conveniently getting the blame for brainwashing him.

Who is Fjordman and why the media blackout on him?

The whole manifesto is linked and influenced by the intellectual political financial side of the European anti-jihad movement that Fjordman, Alan Lake and Chris Knowles to name a few, are all a part of.

On the outside for the gullible masses, it’s easy to finger the blame at me in the media based on the few key pointers Breivik eludes too, and what he has wrapped his crime against humanity up in. I fit the picture of blame perfectly, and then the ignorant masses get on with their lives and are happy believing I was his inspiration while I languish innocently in some prison somewhere blamed for my complicity in his dispicable Norwegian mass murder.

It’s a little different when you start to look a bit deeper than what is on the surface.

Breivik himself has directly involved me by pointing the finger of suspicion on me. He did not even try hiding the fact, it’s as blatant as it gets. So my question is why and for whom? (I don’t know him, have never met him, have never been in communication with him, and have never been to Norway.)

He wants us to believe there is an English ‘mentor’. It might be true; it might not, but in all likelihood it’s true because they want the world to know there out there otherwise the attack is a waste of time, so ill work on that hypothesis for now.

I was not in any meeting in London in 2002, and I am only 3 years older than Breivik which isn’t really the age gap you would expect in a mentoring relationship. This means the English ‘mentor’ is someone else.

Alan Lake is linked to London and Norway, and is maybe 15 + years older than Breivik which puts him squarely in the frame.

The name he gave his English ‘mentor’ is ‘Richard’ which was one of the key points to link me to him as his ‘mentor’. ‘Richard’ they say is ‘Richard the Lionhearted’, which must relate to me because I have an anti-Islam blog called Lionheart.

The name given for the ‘mentor’ could be false, specifically to point the police in my direction knowing what they would find once they arrived at my blog. Anti-Islam, Christianity and Templarism.

If I was his ‘mentor’, then as intelligent as he is, he has stitched me up good and proper with that one.

He claimed there were other Knights Templar cells out there that are active and ready to strike, so immediately pointing them to me and my blog kind of gave the game away instantly if I was involved with him as another active cell don’t you think?

This proves he has pointed the finger of suspicion at me for a reason.

What is that reason?

If he just wanted to give me a platform for others to read my blog because I inspired him, then all he had to do was mention me in his manifesto, but he didn’t, not once, which means in his mind, he did not respect me or my work, or even know about it. Ive been pretty much silent over the last 2 years, apart from trying to remove “Tommy” the little tit and Alan Lake’s control over the English street protest movement (motive).

The manifesto was everything to him, his life’s work that he was willing to commit mass murder for. It contains his ideology, beliefs and vision, and I did not get a single mention in it, which I am obviously very glad about, yet I am supposed to be his inspiration? This proves we are polar opposites otherwise I would be mentioned, and after several years in this type of right wing world, the polar opposites to me are the white supremacist neo nazis based upon my in-depth knowledge and experiences when watching what they say about me.

I would say it’s quite logical to say that his reason was that he wanted me to be arrested and hopefully imprisoned, why else lay the blame and finger of suspicion directly on me? This would also deflect blame and unwanted attention from those he is directly linked with in his manifesto. If I had been his ‘mentor’ for nearly 10 years and we had been working towards waging a terror campaign throughout Europe, then he just destroyed all that hard work at the very first hurdle.

It’s much easier for me to believe that I was the perfect fall guy in more ways than one.

Further reading:

The Norwegian Government would know he was not a lone wolf that he had a network behind him, but to keep things away from the general public they would say he was working alone and I inspired him, and then close the chapter, and move on which was exactly the plan.

The plan has not gone to plan though and nobody can ignore my claims now, and if they are not thoroughly investigated, especially the Englishman with neo nazi ideals Alan Lake from London then it’s a cover up which desecrates the memory of the dead Norwegian children.

Being a part of a secret Knights Templar group is probably real, but it’s more of a fantasist warped Knights Templar group involving people higher up on the social ladder than most, who want their group to relate to something, so have chosen this to wrap themselves up in to have that brotherhood bond within their secret grouping.

True Knights carry a formidable reputation and have done throughout the ages, so there are many who desire and idolise being them today. A Knight is chosen by God, and anyone professing to be a Knight not chosen by God is not a Knight. A little group and a secret ceremony does not make a Knight that is just a group of men with ideals and agendas dressed up in the clothes playing a pantomime without the power and authority.

Murdering nearly 100 children in cold blood is definitely not the work of a Knight chosen by God but a man controlled by the devil dressed in the clothes.

The other pieces of disinformation added to point the finger of suspicion in my direction and that of Nick’s was the diamonds in Liberia and a Serbian General. Very coincidental that Nick supports Charles Taylor of Liberia and the Serbian General, and does not hide the fact on his youtube channel. Only he has never been to Liberia nor met that Serbian General.

These lies re-enforce his finger pointing and bolster any perceived case against us in the public eye, and the eyes of any investigators which includes the media who are creating the story for the consumption of the masses.

The worlds media have already convicted me based upon the Times Newspaper hatchet job, and EDL’s little “Tom” tit’s slander on TV.

If Breivik made up his whole story based upon our lives and I inspired him based upon the pages of this blog, and then went and murdered all of those innocent children, then he is definitely certifiably insane. But to me that doesn’t add up, to me, he has diverted hostile attention our way with the expectation we would be arrested, in some way being complicity with him and his act.

If this is the case then it is the act of a sane minded man.

If I was locked up in a cell somewhere right now, then I would not be able to give a defence and the whole world would believe exactly what the media tells them based upon amongst other things, what Alan Lake’s EDL puppet “Tommy” the little tit’s accusation spread across his media platform of me being Breivik’s ‘mentor’.

Trial by media with my conviction sealed, without any evidence or facts, and me then known as the inspiration of a mass murder of innocent children. Not really the reputation I want.

Would have been the perfect stitch up for them laying blame upon us; especially because they knew at some point we were coming to take back the EDL; but we must have people on our side who know there is absolutely no way this has anything to do with us and would have told the Norwegians that.

If Breivik is sane then his convenient finger pointing is premeditated whilst working to a much bigger plan with other people. Which means the attempt to sell us to the world as the fall guys is part of a much bigger agenda, involving other influential people who are out there now, probably pooing their pants wondering when it’s all going to collapse in around them. From me to you “it’s coming”.

Not hard for me to see the group of people these individuals are from.

The battle ground for ideas and public opinion after Breivik’s act is now being waged through the mainstream media and in the online world, and the people Breivik mentions in his manifesto dominate the intellectual side of the online European anti-jihad movement with the backing of influential American’s like Geller and Spencer, so they will be using his terrorist act to further their own ideological political cause, because everyone is now going to want to see who they are and hear what they have to say.

Its not rocket science - its political terrorism

And one of Fjordman’s essays has exactly the same title as Breivik’s manifesto: European Declaration of Independence, and they have tried framing me!

I personally thank whoever was on my side at the beginning stages of this.

The other smoking gun from Breivik that sealed my fate as the accused inspiration behind his act was his passing comment about wondering whether or not his ‘mentor’ was the founder of the English Defence League, to which he commented to himself that “he may never know now”, or something similar.

This places both me and Alan Lake in the frame because we were both there at the beginning of the EDL, but only one of us could have been his ‘mentor’. I reckon this was a subtle hint of respect in passing for Alan Lake his mentor, but a very big mistake and a wrong thought.

I have never been to Norway, am only 3 years older than Breivik, was doing completely different things with my life in 2002, and his Dad was a diplomat so we are from different social backgrounds.

Alan Lake is 15+ years older than Breivik, has travelled extensively to Norway and Sweden promoting his political ideals and agenda, lives in London, has a similar place on the social ladder to Breivik, has the same extreme right wing views as Breivik, is linked to everyone Breivik talks about in his manifesto, has the financial capability to fund a terrorist attack, is currently behind the extreme right wing EDL street protest movement in the UK, is also active on the intellectual side of the European anti-jihad scene, and has very good reason to frame me and Nick to get us out of the way.

Me and Alan Lake have to be prime suspects and I’ve already offered to go to Norway and assist in any way that I can to help get to the bottom of this and bring the truth to light.

The other comment that Breivik made which was a ‘boast’ on his part to show us his perceived self importance, which I believe to be true, was that he supplied ideological material to the leadership of the EDL at the start. I was there at the start and so was Alan Lake and he definitely did not supply me with any information about anything.

If he was in contact with someone at the start of the EDL, then who was it?
Had to be someone, unless he is making it up?

If he created his fantasy world around me and Nick then he is insane, if not, then he is sane and is a part of a small group of extremists with intent, and his words carry truth and lies.

Separate the truth from the lies and then you have Breivik and his accomplices.

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