7 August 2011

Fraudman the Norwegian blogger

Dictionary: Fraud

I think Norwegian blogger Fjordman should now be called Fraudman because he is nothing but a Fraud to the legitimate anti-Jihad and Stop the Islamisation of Europe movement.

For an educated man his anonymous writings carried weight within the movement but as a man he has no substance or courage of his convictions, which has now been clearly shown which means he is a fraud.

Peder Jensen began blogging in 2005 but was so afraid to face the world with his words that he hid behind the alias Fjordman (Fraudman) and went into deep cover shutting down his blog in 2005, and then only allowing his writings to be published in America through Gates of Vienna so that he could not be traced by anyone. America where the most financially and politically influential anti-Jihad movement is that he is directly linked too via Baron Bodissey at GoV.

This makes you wonder what his future plans were to go into such deep cover at an early stage.

Funny how the Norwegian child killer Anders Breivik was able to trace him though, with them both having direct email contact in 2009 - 2010. I wonder how that one worked out?

After the cold blooded murder of nearly 100 innocent Norwegian children on their left wing political summer camp, it emerged that Fraudman was the ideological inspiration and mentor behind Anders Breivik the Norwegian child killer.

I call him child killer because he specifically targeted children because they were children.

Although I was conveniently initially implicated by Fraudman and his political ideological network that crosses Europe and into the U.S, which includes the pawn Anders Breivik and the EDL puppet "Tommy" to deflect the blame away from themselves and their involvement in the larger political conspiracy.

Even knowing that he, himself, Peder Jensen was the central figure behind Anders Breivik and his mass murder spree in his native homeland, it did not compel him to immediately come forward and own up to being Fraudman the Norwegian blogger who inspired Breivik, (being mentioned 111 times) and shed light on the investigation. Instead he went to ground and was eventually forced out into the open by the ideological political heavyweights of the European anti-jihad movement who are/were behind him who gave him no alternative but to own up to being Fraudman the anonymous Norwegian blogger.

So he did not attend the police station of his own free will as he would like everyone to believe, he attended the police station under duress, after nearly 2 weeks in hiding. Not only this he even attempted to hide his computer from investigators, by taking it to a lockup out of the way of those investigating the atrocity. Guilty consciounse about something comes to mind.

Once in the police station for being the brains behind Breivik and his mass murder of Norwegian children in the name of European politics, he did not accept this interrogation as a part of the process in such a horrendous crime, which is a crime against humanity. Instead he publicly claims police harassment, even though he is the central figure behind Breivik and the mass murder.


Any police harassment over such a serious crime that has effected a whole Nation, that you are implicated in, is worth it if you have nothing to do with it. Although Fraudman does have something to do with it because he was the ideological brains behind it, which is why he went to ground for 2 weeks and tried hiding his computer.
After the police interrogation Fraudman comes into the light and the world now knows his real name is Peder Jensen, whose father is a part of the extreme left in Norway, with he himself working against the Jewish State with some left wing group in Hebron as part of his studies whilst at Cairo University where he was studying Arabic.

A little perplexing to try and unravel the personality of Fraudman after such influences, and is no wonder he is directly linked to the mad-man Anders Breivik.

Now the whole world knows Peder Jensen as Fraudman, he has decided never to blog under that name again. That's all well and good but his words under that alias and spread across the internet have been the inspiration behind a mass murder spree in his home Country and now he wants to disassociate himself from the crime, and deny being the main influence and motivational force behind them.

He does not even have the courage of his convictions to stand behind the words he has written over the past nearly 10 years. So he sat on a computer behind his anonymous alias, he communicated to his followers via the anonymous world of the internet and then when the 'bomb exploded' into such devastating consequences at the hand of Breivik and his network, he wants to now disassociate himself from his involvement.


At least put your name and your face to your words and have the courage of your convictions to stand by them when something happens, otherwise do not write them in the first place.

I stood by my convictions on every TV interview and newspaper interview over this crime, and point blank told each of them that this event in Norway has nothing to do with me because I know what I write on my blog and will stand by my words, otherwise I would not write them. And to link Breivik's act to me and my writings was wrong because they were completely at enmity with each other and did not add up.

1 day in the eye of the media storm and not knowing what was going on, I admitted it was logical to think I was his inspiration, but it still did not add up to me. If it was found to be true that my words were his inspiration and I was his mentor then I would have had to address that then, but nobody knew at that point.

Fraudman & Co is what added up to me.

After Fraudman came into the light, we then found out about his left wing anti-Jew, anti-Israeli work in Hebron, which obviously makes things look a little bit more suspicious concerning him and his involvement within the European anti-Jihad movement and the political mass murder of innocent children in his country.

I am all for Stop the Islamisation of Europe, but not at the price of Fraudman, Anders Breivik, Alan Lake & Co, and the cold blooded murder of almost 100 innocent Norwegian children because of their political leanings.

I wonder what we are going to find out about Alan Lake's involvement with Fraudman and the Norwegian Democrat MP's talking about murdering opposition members of parliament and bombing the government building?

Rumour has it that Alan Lake could be operating for MI5 or MI6 but we do not know yet because he has disappeared and will not talk to the press. He does have high level contacts though, right into the heart of the British and Norwegian governments, on whose side we do not know yet. He is also directly linked to the House of Lords and the financial and politically influential heavyweights in the anti-jihad movement in the U.S and Europe.

Gaia has always been my contact, only she was the one who brought Alan Lake to the table via Chris Knowles, with Alan Lake then setting about removing me and hijacking the English Defence League street protest movement.


P.S Fraudman, I wonder if they will stick you in the same 'silence of the lambs' cell as Breivik now when they directly implicate you, if not and you go on a normal wing watch out because they dress men like you in make up and womens clothes and then pimp you out across the different wings for fun.

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