2 August 2011

Just a thought

I had not posted to this blog for some months before recently being inspired to put up a post on the Newcastle EDL demonstration in 2010. I believe it was 1 day before Breivik’s murderous attack which obviously made me think; why, was there any link?

Was it pure coincidence in the timing?

Did I set him off?

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How much respect would Breivik have for his English ‘mentor’ if he was willing to carry out the murderous atrocity he did, to further their group’s political aims and agenda?

In the post I wrote about Alan Lake being a little snake. Would that have been enough to send him over the edge with rage against me? Then he goes out and commits his act and then conveniently blames me for being the inspiration behind it? Thus apportioning blame for the atrocity on me and removing the threat posed to Alan Lake and his future right wing political ambitions in the UK and Europe.

All of these coincidences must mean something.

Breivik was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, he would have been mentally preparing himself for what he was about to do, so who knows whether or not ‘something’ was the trigger that made him go bang and explode into his cold blooded murderous rage and commit his actions. Someone sitting thinking about, and preparing for what he did is definitely not in a normal state of mind.

Strange how I posted then a day later he commits his act and then apportions blame on me.

I read somewhere that he was planning on attacking in autumn but brought it forward.

Is everything just a coincidence linking me? Or is there something going on?

If me being his inspiration is a cover to deflect attention and apportion blame, then I can safely say that pretty much everything I have written about Alan Lake is exactly right.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s also hard to believe that I am in the centre of this; accused of being his inspiration to go out and kill almost 100 innocent Norwegian children so nothing is beyond the realms of possibility when you look at the facts.

How central and important was the EDL to Alan Lake and Fjordman’s European plan?

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