21 August 2011

Anders Breivik – Lifting the flag

Click image to see all International organisations behind the writers and commentators mentioned in Breivik's manifesto. All linked to, and surrounding Fraudman and the leadership of the English Defence League via the SIO organisations.

A powerful influential click who wanted me removed because of my continued assault on "Tommy's" control over the EDL, which has become their international street army, made up with what is commonly known as 'useful idiots'.

Anders Breivik the Norwegian mass murderer/political terrorist lifted up his flag on the day of July 22nd 2011 and declared war in the name of that flag, its ideology (manifesto) and for all those who now stand behind it. His flag is comprised of a very extreme right-wing anti-EU and anti-jihad ideology based around his Norwegian comrade Fraudman and Fraudmans wider circle of online political commentators who are now using Breivik’s acts to propagate their own political ideals and agenda in Europe.

Its not rocket science.

I can safely say I, and those I am associated with do not stand behind his flag. I and those with me are now standing facing him, his flag, and all those now standing behind him, and have done so for quite a while now, although Breivik came from nowhere to the front of their queue but he is safe in prison now.

For the past few years we now know that he has dwelt relatively anonymously in the midst of the online European anti-jihad movement, and more importantly in England amongst the EDL, even going as far as leaving the EDL membership a comment of support on their forum as an act of solidarity before embarking on his cold blooded murderous mission to further their mutual political aims.

He committed his acts in the name of his fellow Norwegian Fraudman & Co and then subtly conveniently pointed the finger at me which was then supported by “Tommy” leader of the basterdised EDL street protest movement who also continued the finger pointing in my direction across his media platform in the UK.

Another attempted smear job and character assassination by the EDL against myself, which many now know is a well worn tactic used against anyone who threatens the EDL leadership of Irish “Tommy” & Co.

Is it a coincidence that everyone standing behind Breivik and the flag he has now lifted up, and the manifesto he released, is linked to Fraudman and EDL’s “Tommy” and have been my direct enemies within the anti-jihad movement over the past 18 months?

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All my enemies within the anti-jihad movement standing behind the EDL leadership of “Tommy” and uncle Kev were mentioned in his blood soaked manifesto numerous times, yet I was not mentioned once. Not once, but the worlds media have done a very nice job of smearing my name and reputation linking me to Anders Breivik which is probably the very least Breivik & Co expected would happen after the event.

Video: "Tommy" & Breivik

I see Alan Lake has successfully burrowed deep into a rat hole somewhere due to how serious his guilt by association is, and how messy that could be for a lot of people higher up the food chain than him, if he is exposed and they are directly linked to him.

On this basis I can safely say with almost 100% certainty that Anders Breivik was in direct communication with one or some of the people contained in the nucleus surrounding Fraudman, even possibly Fraudman himself (they did have email contact), because any subtle finger pointing towards me after the crime was a planned hostile act by Breivik, so the question has to be; why and for who? Then the picture becomes clearer, irrespective of outsiders narrow minded personal opinions.

To show how disliked I have been within a section of the European anti-jihad movement because of my righteous and justified continued criticism of the EDL leadership and the hijacked movement as a whole. Most mainstream online commentators heavily influenced by Breivik’s American connections mentioned in the manifesto do not even mention me on their blogs or websites anymore, even though it’s all over the world news that I am alleged to be his ‘mentor’ and ‘inspiration’. Yet Fraudman who is mentioned 111 times and is 100% Breivik’s ideological inspiration is hailed as a hero on them same sites.

Work that one out?
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Shows just how low a large section of the Western anti-jihad movement has sunk into the depths of human depravity (A large section linked directly into the highest realms in America government and military via a small nucleus of people). To use the murder of almost 100 kids on summer camp in the name of politics, to further their own political agendas, and in the process lift up the true ideological inspiration behind the mass murderer Breivik as a hero.

I reckon my name must be taboo in the mainstream online anti-jihad world as they bend on their knees licking the boots of the likes of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, the onetime Royalty of the movement, entertained by Lords, Ladies, politicians, the business world and military figures to further their political ideals and fill up their big fat bank accounts. Not to mention the mainstream media platform they preach to the general public across too.

I wonder what their supporters are now thinking about their links to Breivik and his blood soaked manifesto. I have not finished yet either, bringing more explanation and understanding to this situation so as to attempt get to the bottom of Breivik in my own mind for not only my sake but for the sake of those he murdered whose memories deserve justice, rather than a State sanctioned lie - ‘Lone wolf’

Even though we know for a fact he was actively involved in the extreme right wing and European anti-jihad movements, and was in direct communication with people inside, even EDL leaders, and some of those mentioned in the manifesto, we are being told ‘lone wolf’.

I was once, even hailed as one of the anti-jihad ‘heroes’ on the Gates of Vienna blog because of my contribution and sacrifices to the movement in the West, and now not even a single mention, nor a little whisper? (Thank God)

This should show those who have been involved in the movement over the past 5 years and been following things, how deep the animosity is between me and them (the Fraudman nucleus in the manifesto) brought on by the hijacking of the EDL movement by Alan Lake and his neo-nazi collaborators, supported and endorsed by Lutons Irish “Tommy” & Co which clearly proves my point about Breivik and their convenient communal finger pointing in my direction.

There is, in my mind, credible talk of Serbians and ex-Soviet’s in Belarus, but being in the middle of this, I cannot escape the facts that I can clearly see, and that is, that I was the No.1 threat to ‘their’ control over the EDL, and then low and behold, next thing Breivik commits his horrific murderous acts in the name of ‘anti-jihad’ and then turned pointing the finger at me, when all along Fraudman & Co mentioned in the manifesto are the ones standing right behind him and the flag he has just lifted up which includes the hijacked EDL.

Tactical move to silence and remove their opponent and critic.

The world’s media are not legitimately portraying Fraudman as his inspiration; instead that lying accusation is still leveled at me. Probably because they are not humble enough to accept they made a mistake at the beginning stages of the media story, or don’t care about destroying peoples reputations in the name of a ‘good story’.

Breivik also wrapped up his actions in Christianity when he was definitely not a Christian by his own account, and then he went on to conveniently point the finger at me, a Christian, which is a classic tactic of the devil (the accuser). He also wrapped up his crimes in the garments of Templarism, yet when he called the police he called himself “commander of the anti-communist resistance”. Does that sound like a Templar or a Crusader? Of course not, it sounds like a godless extreme violent political right-winger who killed left wing kids because of their politics and not their religious beliefs, and then dressed it up in other clothes in an attempt to deflect and apportion blame at the initial stages. The same as dressing up as a policeman to lure his victims out so he could murder them (wolf in sheep’s clothing) Breivik & Co thought they had their perfect scapegoats with the Christian and Templar labels based upon the ideology and iconography behind this blog, and it’s not the first time I have been accused under similar circumstances based upon other peoples acts, who are now linked to Breivik.

Can you see the anti-thesis between the props on the stage show created by Breivik?

Breivik did not lift his flag up for me or those associated with me, I had already lifted my flag up in my own Country that has had an effect in other Countries. This blog contains the work and ideology behind the flag I have lifted up and it’s a continual work in progress completely different from Breivik’s.

Nothing on my blog can add up to the cold blooded murder of nearly 100 kids on a summer camp because they were left wingers, and nothing anyone who is associated with me has ever been involved with, in the past, can link them to such a crime either, regardless of people’s thoughts, opinions and judgments.

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."

All factual circumstantial evidence points in a completely different direction to this direction, the only thing making people look this way are the clothes the act was dressed up in and the convenient subtle finger pointing through the worlds media for public consumption. But we know that the clothes do not fit, so what’s the real story behind Anders Breivik?

Imagine Alan Lakes picture all over the world’s news if it is proven that he was involved in this act of political terrorism in Norway, taking it from a ‘lone wolf’ into a small extreme right wing conspiracy. The shock horror of all those on the next level above him who are indirectly linked to him personally or via some of the names and groups mentioned on this blog. Not to mention his contacts in the Swedish and Norwegian governments, that’s when things certainly get a little bit stickier for everyone if they are not already. From what I can gather from what I have been told, Lake is MI5, or at the least an asset of MI5, so it’s not going to look good for them either, with all that circumstantial evidence pointing to him and him being under their control? Maybe that’s why, so far, he has been able to burrow himself away from any media attention, not wanting to protest his innocence in the public eye because he is guilty in some capacity.

Video: Alan Lake & Breivik

He looks guilty as charged and I see the old stained wood of the old bailey (unless it’s the inside of a coffin I see) and scales of justice already…

We do not need Anders Breivik or anyone else, to commit any act on our behalf or in our name. We are more than capable of dictating our own agenda.

The main objective has got to be to desecrate and destroy that extreme right wing flag Breivik has lifted up, and then watch as each of those standing behind it who are using it to further their own agendas, fall from the ‘curse’ placed upon it through the sacrificial murder of nearly 100 innocence. Let death track those who are using Breivik’s murderous acts and his manifesto just like it tracked the innocence that died at his hands in Norway. When you hear of the first to fall, that’s the proof of the dark curse upon that blood soaked manifesto Breivik & Co gave to our world.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

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