5 August 2011

Norwegian Democrat spokesman recorded talking about killing MP's

The plot gets a little clearer as the days pass by.

Alan Lake the political controller of the EDL and its international off-shoots is directly linked to Norwegian politicians. He has publicly stated that he has a friend who lost people at both crime scenes in Norway. This is a man who by sheer coincidence talked about executing people on Norwegian TV.

It has now emerged that the top Democrat spokesman HÃ¥var Krane and his collegue Kaspar Birkeland who are both Mayoral candidates in Norway, and both directly linked to the Norwegian equivelant of the English Defence League were secretly recorded sometime in the winter during a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference and spoke about killing Norwegian MP's and bombing the government.

Quote: "It had indeed been a pleasure to kneel before him, bent his head forward, one Glock in the neck hollow and drawn by ."

I wonder if they are linked to Alan Lake?

Now you can start to see and understand why I was framed as a convenient fall guy for the whole picture.

Much respect to those Swede's who brought this recording to light for the sake of those innocent children.

Norwegian article:
Mayor candidates talk about political killings

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