1 August 2011

The reason

All influences linked to Breivik and Fjordman in the manifesto were my direct enemies, and they know full well when faced with me, and those with me, that they had already lost which left them in a dilema.

I was there most ardent critic over the past 18 months and they knew they had to get rid of me before they and their influence were removed.

Alan Lake, Fjordman, Gates of Vienna, Civil Liberties Alliance and others have been working over the past several years on their European political agenda. Geert Wilders and Lord Pearson, along with Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller are directly linked to them, although I would say their nucleus is seperate and just laps over.

The English Defence League was one part of their plan to force through their European political agenda.

Was Breivik and his atrocity another part?

What did Lake mean about taking things to another level?

This intellectual group from across Europe who are all linked to a yearly conference in Brussels, have spent alot of money, alot of time, and excerted alot of political influence to force through the EDL under "Tommy" the little tit, into the political debate.

How far would they go to protect themselves and their agenda?

We jeapordised all their hard work and money over the past 4 - 5 years because taking back the EDL was going to be like taking candy from a baby and they knew this. They are the brains not the brawn and "Tommy" and his uncle Kev are nothing more than a couple of washed up drunken druggie Luton football hooligans, and they have no one with the stomach around them to support a war against us. Unless the local Luton IRA want it?

How committed is this intellectual group to force their European political agenda, and could they have used Breivik to frame us?

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