7 August 2011

Breivik's 46 map co-ordinates

Cryptologists have discovered 46 map locations inside Anders Breivik's blood soaked manifesto. One of those locations is in Luton.

I wonder if EDL's "Tommy" drinks in any of the pubs in that location before the football? Or if the pub he was photographed here in, is in that location?

Type the location into google: Breivik & Luton

Seems like Breivik is giving a little shout out to someone in Luton linked to that location by alluding to it within his manifesto.
Out of 46 locations he has pinpointed, Luton gets a mention for some reason.

How comes "Tommy" got married a couple of weeks ago before Breivik's terrorist atrocity? Does he know something we do not, so it was an act of preperation (getting his house in order)? He is under the control of Alan Lake after all, and we still dont know yet, whether or not Breivik was also under Lakes control either?

What did Alan Lake mean when he said he is ready to go to the next level?

Breivik sent his manifesto to several hundred EDL & BNP supporters in the UK.

You never know, Alan Lake might be a good mind manipulator to use his willing pawns to further his right-wing political agenda through violence and terrorism. Look at Breivik as an example, if they are linked through SION and those Norwegian Democrat MP's.

Who was the one who came out on British TV using Breivik's act, to threaten similar attacks in the UK unless he is listened too, which is inline with using the act to further a mutual political agenda? Irish Catholic Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka "Tommy" Alan Lakes EDL puppet on his financial and political strings.

The same person who immediately used his EDL platform to accuse me and label me as being 'Richard' the English mentor of Anders Breivik.

You cannot hide from the truth - It just depends on whether or not people choose to ignore the truth...

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