21 June 2008

HRH Prince William: Is he the long awaited annointed one?

Within the British isles there is a legend that has spanned the ages, the legend from the past speaks of a time in the future when a King will arise at a time that the Nation and its people are in ‘Great Peril’. This King will be the long awaited one who puts on the mantle of the legendary King Arthur and lead his people to victory over the invading enemies and save the Nation.

Sir Winston Churchill once famously said that the further back in time you look the further forward you can see.

There are many stories surrounding King Arthur, fact and fiction that points to a great leader, and Knight, in the Middle ages who defended his people against the Saxons and Romans, who then went on to build his Kingdom which became known as Camelot. There is the story of the lady in the lake who gives Arthur the mythical sword ‘Excalibur’, his beautiful wife Queen Guinevere, his equally beautiful half sister Morgan le Fay who added a dark side to the story, and of Merlin placing the Kings sword in the stone that "Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone is the right wise born king of all England." to which King Arthur was the one and became King of England. King Arthur also had his Knights who met around a round table, which is where the story of the Knights of the roundtable derives from.

Whatever is true about the real King Arthur from the Middle ages, is that the story and legend has withstood the test of time, with people within the British isles from every generation awaiting the return of a King anointed with the leadership skills and chivalry who will fit the legend and save them from the awaited future peril that is to befall these islands that has been spoken off from the distant past.

We cannot be certain about all of the facts surrounding King Arthur because of how far back into our history he lived, but we can look at the legend as a type of prophecy given to the people of his day that has reverberated throughout history up until today, and all along awaiting fulfillment, in a time in the future, for when it was given.

Myth and fantasy has surrounded the story throughout the ages but the core truth remains of a future King saving his people from great peril, and the one who has always represented this great leader and King has been King Arthur, the anointed one of the Middle Ages who saved his people and became King of England at that time, this is why the story of King Arthur returning has always been the central theme of Arthurian legend.

It is my personal belief that the time has arrived that the fulfillment of that ancient prophecy given to the people of the British Isles has arrived, and HRH Prince William is to be the anointed King of Arthurian legend, born, blessed and anointed to lead and save his people from the greatest of perils in hundreds of years.

In my mind the possible rule and timing of HRH Prince William ascension to the throne, including all of the conditions surrounding him points very clearly to him being one of the most important Royals ever to sit on the throne since Medieval times, because if we lose this War that is befalling this Nation now then there will no longer be a throne of England sitting over the people of these isles, it will be a distant memory, erased by the darkness of the new Moslem masters of this land if the military wing of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain succeeds in achieving their aims of flying the black flag of Islam over 10 Downing Street.

Do you think they are going to let a Christian King rule over them?

Exile awaits those too weak to defend England at a time when the defence of the land is the only option left because of the corner we have been forced into.

Al Qaeda has already stated that Our Queen is an enemy of Islam and a target for the Moslem armies in Britain, and more recently several Moslems have gone on trial for planning to kill members of the Royal family and having detailed private information about their movements and where they live.

The Sovereign Rule of the ‘House of Windsor’ over the people of Great Britain is in the greatest of perils for hundreds of years, and the Royal Families heads are just as much on the Islamic chopping block as the rest of us, if not more so because of who they are.

Can you imagine the coo for the Islamic World to have the head of Our Christian King or Queen on a stake somewhere in England?

Don’t say that that is rubbish because anyone who knows anything about Islam and Jihad knows that that is what they have in store for their enemies; look back into history to see what has befallen our Kings and their Knights at the hands of the blood thirsty armies of the devil in the embodiment of Moslems.

What we can say is that it will never happen, because we will never let it happen, and over our dead bodies they will have to climb first, and there are millions of us who they will have to climb over.

Last Sunday saw the 793rd anniversary of the Magna Carta, the same Magna Carta that this extreme Liberal Left Wing Marxist Government has torn to shreds since being in power. Totally destroying the British peoples ‘common law rights’ that have been with us for generations. This Labour government has also destroyed the safety and security of the British homeland by nurturing and feeding the blood thirsty Islamic beast that is now living in our midst seeking our complete destruction, and their eventual take over of rule of our land. They have stripped Our Sovereign Rulers of their rule over us the people by using the state apparatus that was entrusted to them for our protection, against us and against any sign of dissent from their political agenda and treason. High treason is what this government has committed against the people of the British Isles and against the Crown, but because they control the power of the State and have placed their robots in the overall positions of that power, there is nothing we can say or do without the fear of arrest by their private army the police force. They now have ultimate control over the British people and pass laws in government to stifle any dissent from their Marxist will. The House of Windsor is slowly but surely becoming obsolete because of the Marxist agenda being enforced upon us by the Marxist revolutionaries in power that the Revivalist Bishop Nazir Ali spoke of. There is also no greater example of complete contempt for Our Royalty and their place within our society than when Tony Blair’s wife refused to courtesy to the Queen. This was the ultimate disrespect and sign of betrayal to Our leader and showed the view of our Royal Family from the top tier of this Labour government seen as though she was Tony Blairs wife the then Prime minister and would have been informed of protocol.

Is it any wonder this Labour government removed the death penalty for treason!

The following day from the anniversary of the Magna Carta saw HRH Prince William anointed before God as the 1000th Royal Knight of the Garter. A milestone figure placed upon the head of our future King, as he joins the ranks of one of the knobbliest Orders in the World. An Order of Knights that has withstood the test of time, that has absolutely no interference from the government, it is the Queen who picks and chooses on her own volition and this year the time was right to induct her grandson and heir to the throne into this most noble of orders, and a new commander within the realm.

We can only hope that HRH Prince William will see his new position within the Realm as something more than pomp and pageantry as his future Kingdom and inheritance burns all around him.

Everyone and I mean everyone I speak to about England says exactly the same, it is lost, this government has destroyed it, there is nothing left and people are getting out as quick as they can. While those who hate us and our way of life are jumping in as quick as they can because Britain is a free ride, paid for by the good decent hardworking British taxpayers who are left and have no other option but to pay their taxes that goes to feeding and housing their mortal enemies.

Nothing is lost though when there are people willing to fight for what is right and the preservation of everything they hold dear; they just await a leader with the keys to the Kingdom, a leader like HRH Prince William, the 1000th Royal Knight of the British realm who will arise and save the Kingdom and people from the darkest of perils that is befalling them and their homeland.

It was announced that Prince William was to be anointed the 1000th Royal Knight on St Georges day, the day of the English people, the day that this government spent a measly 230 pounds over the last few years to celebrate while they spent hundreds of thousands celebrating other peoples and Nations upon our land. What does this say about this government and their contempt for the English people who they rule over?

Thank God Our Queen knows exactly what she is doing by choosing to announce the induction of her grandson on St Georges day. She knew the hatred that would be aimed at her by the multi-culti leaders in government who would find this offensive to their new pet, but went ahead and proclaimed it anyway on the English peoples day. The Queen has clearly shown where she stands, and there are many millions across the land who stand with her.

This Labour government cares more about the block vote from the Islamic Kingdom than they do for the block vote from the English people whose Country this is. They bend over backward to appease and surrender like begging drooling dogs just for their votes. The sooner they are out of power then the better it is for England, that is unless they sell us out to Europe first and take their place within the new European government and continue controlling us from afar. Thank God there are people out there though who do care about the English people who are rising up to be a voice for the silent majority within this land. A people removing the shackles of the past to be relevant for the future, the uncertain future we are all entering.

It is my belief that depending on what the future holds, based on the decisions that are made about the future leadership over the people of this land, because those who sit on the throne are the leaders of this land and people, and the government works for both of them and not the other way round, will determine the outcome and future of this Nation and people. War has been declared against us and there can only be one winner at the end of it, them or us no middle ground. When HRH Prince William ascends the throne of England and takes on his responsibilities as ‘defender of the Faith’, if he serves God and his people faithfully through the dark days that lay ahead, and we come through as a people together, then he will become our future Patron Saint, a leader who arose at a time when the Nation was most in peril and through his bravery, courage and leadership saved the land and its people from a fate worse than death. He will always be remembered as the saviour of the British Isles, the same as King Arthur is always remembered from Medieval times, with his story reverberating throughout the ages. That is why Prince William fits the Arthurian legend as the awaited King who arose at a time when England and the British Isles needed him most. Almighty God blessed him, anointed him then sent him into mankind for the job that lay ahead. The question is; does Prince William stand with his people?

Only time will tell now as we walk into the future and all it contains.

May God bless Prince William and the True Knights and commanders of the Realm.


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The Code of Chivalry
Courtesy of Born a Templar

Live to serve King and Country.
•Live to defend Crown and Country and all it holds dear.
•Live one's life so that it is worthy of respect and honor.
•Live for freedom, justice and all that is good.
•Never attack an unarmed foe.
•Never use a weapon on an opponent not equal to the attack.
•Never attack from behind.
•Avoid lying to your fellow man.
•Avoid cheating.
•Avoid torture.
•Obey the law of king, country, and chivalry.
•Administer justice.
•Protect the innocent.
•Exhibit self control.
•Show respect to authority.
•Respect women.
•Exhibit Courage in word and deed.
•Defend the weak and innocent.
•Destroy evil in all of its monstrous forms.
•Crush the monsters that steal our land and rob our people.
•Fight with honor.
•Avenge the wronged.
•Never abandon a friend, ally, or noble cause.
•Fight for the ideals of king, country, and chivalry.
•Die with valor.
•Always keep one's word of honor.


Anonymous said...

Just a small comment about King Arthur.
Although Arthur and his story was revived during the Middle Ages, by various writers, it is said that Arthur himself was likely to have been of Romano-British born within the period following the departure of the Roman Legions from Britain after 400AD, possibly the 6th. Century.
12th. century writer Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote a popular book called "The History of the Kings of England," where he traces British Kings back to Brutus said to have landed in Britain during the Bronze Age about 1100 B.C.
The first London was not the "Londinium" of Roman history, but the City founded by King Ludd where now stands the Tower of London, the existing buildings seen here having been erected by the Normans.
Hence we see his name remembered as "Ludgate." The ancient City was also of great import to the Templars, as one of the docks for their fleets.
The Raven was a sacred creature of the Ancient Britons, being important in divining the future, hence we see the tale of the Ravens of the Tower and the "superstitions" of warnings seen in the movements of the magpie, one of the same family of birds.

Largely dismissed by modern historians, this book by Geoffrey has had some details confirmed by archaeology, and is likely to have more conformity with facts than these scholars would like to admit, no doubt they are infected with the same disease that other Marxist inspired educationalists have been.
Shakespeare himself was inspired by this book and by contemporary scholars that based their own works upon it and other lost documents.
For instance, "King Lear" and "Cymbeline." (some from around the Luton area, where the symbol of Vauxhall cars, ie. the winged Griffon, is almost identical to the symbol used by an Iron Age King about the first Century B.C., on the gold coins of that period.

Britain indeed has a deep and ancient Royal lineage no matter what the scoffers say.
I often think that it would be a good bet, to put a tenner on Prince Charles never ascending to the Throne and instead, William will be the next King.
People of our own incline are prone to denigrate our Gracious Queen Elizabeth II as a "German" or "Hanoverian" as if that precludes her lineage.
Princess Diana had an interesting lineage also, and indeed this bloodline is most ancient and now runs in the veins of our future King.
I agree with your instinct that the future King shall play his part in obtaining our Freedom from the pious pretenders who worship at the stone of Baal, and the usurpers of our Constitution in Euro-Socialist La-La Land.

Our young folk may have been deprived of the knowledge of their identity and hereditary, but not forever.
Britains history is replete with legend and facts that show we have a unique history of self preservation.
When Julius Caesar threatened Britain, the tribes were united under one great King, Caswallon, who was appointed "Pendragon."
Though Caesar wrote his history to show he conquered Britain he did not, and it was not until nearly 100 hundred years later that the devious Claudius launched all out invasion.
The time approaches for a modern day Pendragon to emerge from the mist to reinvigorate the march of Destiny.
The enemy is a vacuous shell, bereft of any original identity and enslaved by the chains of falsity.

Anonymous said...

Well Paul I hope you're right about the young Prince because England really needs a hero to save it from the ragheads that threaten it. Also concerning Arthur, it matters not if he lived or was just someones imagination, it is what he stood for that matters along with his "Rules of Chivalry" we should all adhere to.

Ana Rebecca1027 said...

Lionheart~ Excellent post! I so enjoyed this one for many reasons.

Would you mind if I cross posted this to my site? I would like my friends to see this.

God Bless you~

p.s. I agree with Highlander's comment. The "Rules of Chivalry" need to come back.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, loved this article and the thought that William might well be our (yes, mine too!) next king - and Kate (sorry, Catherine) our next queen, finds favour in my eyes.

The Scriptures say that there will be a descendant of the Royal Line of David reigning at the time the Messiah arrives to save the world from utter destruction. Indeed,the Royal Line of David has been reigning in various kingdoms in various parts of Europe since the seeming 'end' of the line of David.

Many Christians believe that the present British royal family is descended from the royal line of David - and there is quite a lot of evidence to back that up.

Even Queen Victoria believed this and it was something she discussed with her favorite PM - Benjamin D'israeli.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the late Queen Mother knew she was of Jewish ancestry. She had a great sense of humor & sometimes told
'anti-semitic' jokes. One of her ladies-in-waiting described the following incident which took place at a palace dinner party.

The queen mother told a very funny joke which was a bit 'anti-semitic'. Someone remarked that though it was very funny, perhaps it wasn't nice to tell such jokes.
"Well" replied Elizabeth, "such jokes are told by Jews themselves as Jews are allowed to tell jokes mocking themselves. Seeing that I am of Jewish origin, there is no reason why I can't tell such a joke too." This incident was described in a British newspaper years ago. My mother who, incidentally was the spitting image of the late queen mother, sent me the cutting, which took my breath away. I still have it some-where.

It is also on record that Hitler sneered both at the 'decadent, degenerate English' who would never fight against him but, if they did, they would easily be defeated (did he get the surprise of his life soon after Dunkirk!) and at the "Jewish royal family".

The Duke of Windsor (the former Edward VIII) and his wife Mrs. Simpson, cosied up to Hitler in the hope that if, or rather when, Germany conquered Britain, der fuehrer would put Edward back on the throne with Simpson as his queen and 'get rid' of George VI, Elizabeth & their 2 daughters. Either Hitler, the racial 'expert' already knew about Elizabeth's Jewish background, or was told about it by the Duke of Windsor.

The funny thing is that Der Duke also had Jewish blood in him from Queen Victoria...

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

I'm not being funny here but some of you guys live in fantasy land.

The elite, albeit The Royal Family, Politicians, Media etc all work for the common goal that is a New World Order.

You can see from what is going on across the West from America's stripping of its people's rights to Europe's free movement of people to break down patriotic thinking. There is constant attempts to push through a European Constitution to give a select Elite control of all laws that are passed throughout Europe. Even though this was rejected by the Irish people (all Countries need to agree for it to pass...apparrently...) I guarantee, this constitution will be repackaged and another attempt will be made to get this passed which will be another step towards a European Super State.

The Royal Family makes up part of this Elite and I'm sorry to say that a Royal Knight in shining armour does not exist.

It's time for the normal man in the street to snap out being a sheep and start searching for the truth instead of what they're being fed by the Elite controlled media.

RG said...

Put him in charge of England, and let his brother command the military.

Why Islam Cannot Reform

I started by reading the Qur’an, at the painfully slow rate of 5 hate-filled pages a day. It soon became apparent that this revered Book of Peace had more in common with Mein Kampf than with the New Testament. In fact, there were many similarities between the two. Both were filled with violence and threats of violence, both shared an arrogant contempt for those who dared to disagree with their authors, both advocated for the complete and utter subjection of all unbelievers, and sought an eventual worldwide hegemony.

Both are difficult books to endure. And basically for the same reasons: incessant redundancy, awkward literary style and structure, an annoying tendency to digress and wander off subject; and, although both books were written by undeniably powerful and charismatic leaders, both displayed a fundamental lack of basic literary ability.

However, for me, the most difficult part of the laborious challenge of the Qur’an was in wading through page after page of the incessant and obsessive hatred and violence — by this author’s count, of the 434 total pages in my Penguin Classics version of the Qur’an, 288 pages contained some form of usually quite graphic violence, invariable directed against the unbeliever or the apostate.

For me, the question had been resolved. Resolved by the power of unquestionable numbers. 288/434. No longer could anyone ever convince me that the Qur’an is a Book of Peace, that had merely been misinterpreted. Numbers don’t lie, people do...

Ducky's here said...

Yessir, an inbred geek is your salvation. Loser

Anonymous said...

Duck-arsche, I think you mean an inbred "Greek?"
Or were you looking in the mirror when you wrote that comment?
That suits you well sir, a geek with a beak!
How is your mate Beak?
Are you still egging him on?
I would like to roll you up in little pieces and place you with some finely cut leeks into a nice little pancake, dose with Hoi-Sin sauce and then place into my, eeerghh! No way, even my liking for Chinese food does not go that far.

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 22-Jun-2008 22:34:00

You talk about some people living in fantasy land? What exactly is reality? Is reality the New World Order or Bildebergs?

You talk about the need of the ordinary man in the street stepping up to the plate but when with all that is happening when is it going to happen?

The ordinary man in the street is up to his eyeballs with problems, having to deal with raising taxes, threats from feral scum, the madness of politically correct laws. He is full of cynicism and nihilistic towards the thought that anything that can be done to fix things.

This cynical, nihilistic attitude hasn't just come about. It's been carefully orchestrated by a liberal media that sneers at our nation and chip's away at our national institutions using cultural marxist techniques.

People growing up now have absolutely no sense of identity, all their interested in is indulging their senses to the point that they are falling about the street not aware of what they are doing or who is about them.

While millions of mature people knows that 'something isn't right' in our country, there is nothing to unite us under to rally against this.

Although I'm not bowled over by the Knights Templar and King Arthur thing, it doesn't mean I'm going to knock Lionheart.

If he can get people believing again and give folk a bit of sense of purpose and identity then fair play to him. It's a bit better than supposed unsubstantiated conspiracies isn't it?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 17:19 on June 23rd...very said. When I read the other response regarding The New World Order. I knew then this person wasn't dealing with reality. And living in a conspiracy world. I bet he doesn't believe the americans ever landed on the moon or been to outer-space for that matter. People like him live in a delusional world. And thought they might not believe whats being said to us from the Main Stream Media (MSM). He believes in something just as crazy if not more.

Humanity was all given the gift of reasoning, rationalizing, common sense and most of all intelligence. When things are reported to the population. It's our obligation to do further research from reliable sources. And use the aforementioned things I said to come to a rational decision. Unfortunately, there's a lot of stupid people who roam this planet...mostly the muslims.

And it's true 250 plues pages of any quran out of 454 pages has graphic voilence mention on it. And muslims around the world do their best to hide this aspect of the quran. Or give some crazy BS explanation which only amplifies the craziness of the quran.

I do know this islam is preparing for an all out war against the kuffars. And they are arrogant enough to believe they can defeat us in this war. Well, their arrogance, inexperience and plain old stupidity will get a lot of them killed, before they surround. The real answer is to erdicate islam all together. It only brings more harm to the planet. It never brings any good. No islam nation has created or innovated a thing over the last 150 years that has contributed to humanity. They have nothing to offer humanity. They aren't even willing to compromise and get along with people who believe differently from them. Whereas, others have no problems getting along with others.

An Iranian girl told me recently that her nation created all their nuclear technology. So, I gave here reliable sources to show her. That russian sold their nuke tech to iran and even built it for them. Yet she is so brainwashed and she was adamant I was wrong. How do you deal with a people like this. Since we're beyond any point of reasoning. Eradication is the only method to ensure our planet and the majority of it's people aren't destroyed...it's called self-preservation. And in the end we will win this one.

Lady Cincinnatus said...

LionHeart, You know your history and I wish others knew theirs. This is one of the only sites that talks about the link between Islam and the Knights of Britain and the West. Although, I'm beginning to want Prince Harry as the leader of Britain. He's a little more battle hardened. :)

Ducky's here said...

Love that code of chivalry. Who wrote it, a Klingon?

Joanne said...

"Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:

And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." Malachi 4:5,6

Whoever God chooses to lead us, it will most certainly be a man of God, whether great or small. I do not know or can say if Prince William or Harry will fit the bill; one can only put their trust in the Lord to deliver us from evil.

Anonymous said...

I am actually an avid reader of Lionheart's blog and believe he has got some very valid points. But for me to be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist is a bit hasty when our so called leader is openly talking about a NWO - a one world government:


Globalists are incredibly arrogant. They'll brag about their plans in one breath, and in the next, try to convince you that they didn't say what you just heard them say!

They often even put their agenda in print, making itemized checklists for tyranny... banking on the fact that most people don't read.

Some people DO read what the globalists are writing, and say "holy **** these guys are nuts!" But when they try to warn others about what's going on, they're accused of being 'conspiracy theorists'. And when the plans set forth in these documents come to fruition, in perfect sequence, exactly as planned, the 'conspiracy theorists' (having been proven right - time and again) receive no apology, and gain no credibility.

It would almost be funny, if it weren't so deadly serious.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart:

May I ask you a leading question? Suppose Islam did take over continental Europe and our beloved British Isles - would it disturb your faith in Jesus Christ?

I hope the answer is No, but either way you would need to ask yourself WHY our Lord and Saviour had permitted it. So it is a good idea to consider ahead of time why He is permitting Islam to rise at this time.

He is a just and moral God, so it must be judgement for something. What sins have we as a nation been doing in recent generations that we were not doing before?

One change is that we have become sexually promiscuous to an extent great enough to wreck our family structure and stability. Is this the sin responsible? God takes family so seriously that he even commanded capital punishment for 'dissing' your parents in ancient Israel. I find that deeply sobering.

PLease find a copy in a library of the book "Sex and Culture" by the secular scholar J.D. Unwin, published in 1934. Among 80 distinct cultures over time and geography he found almost total correlation between the rise of a people and their adherence to biblical sexual morality (abstinence before marriage, enduring fidelity within it), and the fall of a people within 2-3 generations of going promiscuous. That can only be God at work enforcing His moral law, even among peoples that have never heard of him.

Our statistics for births outside marriage, divorce, and children living with only a single parent have never looked like this since reliable records began under King Henry VIII. All have rocketed from 2-5% in the past to 20-40% since the social revolution of the 1960s. The consequences are an avalanche of broken hearts, disturbed children (who need to be brought up by two parents who committed in love to each other - I know personally the pain when this is not so), and murderous abortions. How does that look in God's eyes?

We are not a Christian country today, whatever our constitutional arrangements are. In street polls 70% of people say they are Christian but less than 1 in 10 of those go to church and fewer still pray regularly in their own words. I tremble for them on the Day of Judgement.

Britons like to think our way of life is better than that of Muslims, but that is not God's view. He will not tolerate our present behaviour for long, whereas the Islamic family and way of life is stable even if there is precious little love in it. Our way of life has more freedom, but when freedom is grossly abused God takes it away.

The gospel of Christ is a message to repent - fight evil within - before you are fit to fight evil in the world. That also applies to our nation. We cannot expect to overcome the challenge of Islam unless we put our own house in order. I would rather trust the gospel message than the hope that Arthurian prophecy from the Dark Ages (not the Bible) is accurate and that it refers to Prince William, of whose thoughts we know little.

What can we do? Obviously, have sex only within marriage. Remember whenever you are tempted that loose sex fuels the rise of Islam. Christians must preach the gospel, to both secular people and to Muslims (the best way to deal with an enemy is to make him your friend). But the New Testament suggests that the faithful church will always be a minority, so at the political level we must undo the subversion of the education and tax-and-welfare systems by which our children are taught that sin is fun and its consequence are subsidised.

How might this be done in Britain today? We cannot complain that we do not get the government we deserve because we re-elected New Labout twice. But every few generations a new political party rises. If a few disenchanted MPs from each of our present parties were to found a new party with a foreign policy of leaving the EU and domestic policies based explicitly on (1) what is good for the family and (2) realism about Islam, I believe they could win a general election. Although most of the leaders of such a party would probably be Christians, it should not restrict its electoral appeal by calling itself "Christian".

On a larger scale, World War III is coming and it is not between Christianity and Islam, it is between secular humanism - the New World Order - and Islam. Both hate the church, and whichever wins the war will spawn the Antichrist world dictator spoken of in the Book of Revelation (in particular chapter 13), who will make Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung and Hitler look like kittens. He will persecute the church but the church will survive (Matt 16:18). The Bible tells us that he will be overthrown when he marches on Israel and the Jews call at last on Messiah Jesus for help. 2000 years after they rejected him, he returns. With the Jews back in the Holy Land it is exciting that we are obviously approaching these times. Never fear when times get worse, because God prophesied they would. Nothing can stop his plan.

Lord, have mercy upon our land.


Anonymous said...

Some good comments here,
God is not giving Europe to Islam, if anything, it is our own complacency and the lack of resolve that is placed in our European hearts by the Men and Women we have entrusted with our government.
You are right perhaps about the secular society and the pride it has in it's own certainty will be it's undoing.
Globalism is a reality, it is the only answer our politicians have to solve the problems of a world population growing to beyond the limits of the Planet's ability to support it.
The natural law or ratio of quality versus quantity is apparent.
As the quantity of the human race rises, the quality of life diminishes.
Put rats in a box with finite food and let them breed, eventually they will turn to cannibalism and the strongest will survive.
As the quantity of humans increases, the quantity of other species is diminishing in proportion.
Hence the quality of all life on Earth is being diminished.
We worry about our own personal problems like the cost of gas and food, but it means little to us that a species of another creature (such as the Indian Tiger)reaches extinction. We watch it on TV and then forget it.
Islam has no answers to the problems of over-population.
They have no breeding controls and indeed breeding children is one of the most important aspects of that system.
To place all Man's reliance on a God, whatever you call him, negates Man's responsibility to be self sufficient and live within the bounds of the habitat he is in.
Maybe we will develop space-travel and move to other worlds but that is mere fantasy at present, unless we have a new discovery of massive importance such as understanding anti-gravity.
Relying on God, merely throws away personal responsibility for our actions.
The words of great Avatars such as Christ and Buddha give Man guidance that holds the key to survival.
The lack of abilty of Man to follow that guidance, is why Man himself will become extinct at the rate we are travelling.
Islam's prophet does not address these issues of the 21st. Century.
Turning to Sharia will change nothing except the balance of power and the distribution of wealth.
Study of Arabic countries will show where Shari will lead the world.
Iran with a massive population explosion and the need to develop nuclear energy, with leaders who are more interested in expansion of their influence, as did Germany as it strove for "Living Room" will almost certainly guarantee another war.
The greed of the rulers of Saudi Arabia show how even under Sharia the worst aspects of humanity triumph.
The Weat should prepare for war, it is inevitable.
Just like Churchill and a few supporters warned to prepare for inevitable war with Germany, but were ignored, so now, are those that warn of what is to come in our time.
War and Humanity go together, it has always been so.
It will be a question of resolve, who shall survive and what system shall triumph.
It will upset our cosy lives, yes even risk the end of modern civilisation for many, but we cannot avoid it.
Put it down to prophesies if you like, but our inability to learn from the past guarantees war.
When it comes to the crunch, we will fight to survive, that is the human way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous of June 25th, 13:25:

Don't worry too much about overpopulation; the claims that it is a problem are talked up by the eugenic arm of secular humanism. I don't know of a single famine in world history that was due to overpopulation. Almost all famines have been the result of drought (divine judgement) or warfare and political action (ie, human sin).


Lionheart said...


I agree with your analysis, whether or not it is all down to the sex issue is debatable.

But as Christians and the Church none of us are immune from the darkness of the World, although we seek to be more Christ like in our daily lives which is hard considering the rule of the devil and his influence over this age.

And yes we must get our house in order first but nothing and no one is perfect, only Jesus, we must do the best that we can as we stand under His shadow seeking to fulfill his will here on Earth.

For all have sinned and fallen short of Gods glory.

The hope and trust that we have is that Jesus has set us free from our sin and shame, we must then seek to walk out our calling with fear and trembling.

The signs of the end of days are all around.


20 Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; 21 nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’[d] For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.”
22 Then He said to the disciples, “The days will come when you will desire to see one of the days of the Son of Man, and you will not see it. 23 And they will say to you, ‘Look here!’ or ‘Look there!’[e] Do not go after them or follow them. 24 For as the lightning that flashes out of one part under heaven shines to the other part under heaven, so also the Son of Man will be in His day. 25 But first He must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. 26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: 27 They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. 28 Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; 29 but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. 30 Even so will it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed.
31 “In that day, he who is on the housetop, and his goods are in the house, let him not come down to take them away. And likewise the one who is in the field, let him not turn back. 32 Remember Lot’s wife. 33 Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it. 34 I tell you, in that night there will be two men in one bed: the one will be taken and the other will be left. 35 Two women will be grinding together: the one will be taken and the other left. 36 Two men will be in the field: the one will be taken and the other left.”[f]
37 And they answered and said to Him, “Where, Lord?”
So He said to them, “Wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together.”

Lionheart said...

This post about King Arthur is obviously not what i base my faith on as the salvation of my soul.

This post was to talk to the English people and around the World about an ancient legend that has spanned the ages upon these isles.

Why can Prince Willam not be that long awaited King upon the British isles that has been foretold throughout the ages.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart:

It's your blog, and I respect that. Two questions, though: How do you know that the claim of a new King Arthur is not a false prophecy? And what makes you think it applies to Prince William?

Indeed, I too have fallen short, and am saved only by grace through faith.

An outstanding book on the endtime scriptures, which is a very vexed field, is "When Jesus Returns" by David Pawson.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart:

How can you square your comment immediately above, "I have not stated that i believe the prophecy to be true or false, i have written a post that puts the question there for others" with the original statement on your blog that "It is my personal belief that the time has arrived that the fulfillment of that ancient prophecy given to the people of the British Isles has arrived, and HRH Prince William is to be the anointed King of Arthurian legend, born, blessed and anointed to lead and save his people..."?

I'm not trying to pick a fight but am thoroughly confused.


Lionheart said...

Ok my mistake, i never went back over my post to see what i had written before replying to you.

You are trying to pick a fight and your coming at me from a RELIGIOUS perspective.

In writing i am a creative writer so write what is in my mind at the time of writing based on my belief system.

You are picking holes in my writings from you moral religious high ground to make me trip up to which you have succeeded.

Well done!

This is the second time you have tried and have now succeeded.

The legend has spanned the ages as a type of prophecy about a time in the future, of which now fits all the requirements in my mind.

Is it a biblical propechy? NO

Can it be real still? YES

The readers of my blog can read it and make their own minds up about what is written exactly the same as everything else on my blog.

The legend of King Arthur is an inspirational story, and it is inspiration the British people need right now.

Christian and non-Christian alike.

God can speak so us in many ways.

Joanne said...

Unconditional Promise

II Samuel 7:10-17

16"And thine house and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever."

.....this is directed toward King David...

St. Luke 1:31-33

"And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name Jesus.

He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David:

And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end."

Where is this throne today? Jesus will return to the throne of King David and shall rule over Jacob/Israel for ever. This throne must exist today as promised and must exist for Jesus to have the throne to reclaim.

Queen Elizabeth II sits upon it - she is a descendant of King David and of the tribe of Judah; she sits upon the throne of David of which Jesus will return to reclaim and rule as King forevermore.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart:

Please try to see me as someone who shares your faith and your concern about the rise of Islam. I want your blog to stay accurate, because then people will take it more seriously. We got into this because I didn't get an answer to whether you believed it was a real or a false prophecy. Surely prophecy is about information more than inspiration?

I'm glad you are my brother in Christ.

Hey Joanne - show me the line of descent from King David to Queen Elizabeth II (generation by generation as in Old Testament genealogies) and I might start believing in British Israel...


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading this debate and reading Scriptures I may not have ever read otherwise. Thanks.
The history of British Kings did not begin with the Middle Ages.
What has been lost, is the history of Britain before the Roman invasion of Claudius about 43 AD.
The only surviving records are those of a few mediaeval writers (and the words of a few Roman and Greek writers including Julius Ceasar himself,) notably Geoffrey of Monmouth and certain heraldic sources.
These have been rubbished by modern historians, but are nonetheless a fascinating source of information some of which has been proved through archaeology.
"The victor writes the history" it is said.
It all starts with the Druids whose knowledge seems to have come from ancient times and whose practises are similar to those of the ancient Hebrew Priests.
This is a compact summary of Geoffrey's work.
Winston Churchill wrote a History of the British Isles, and he mentions information given by Geoffrey of Monmouth.
The legends of Cornwall and Somerset convey the possibility that Jesus visited Britain as a child in his "missing years," conveyed here by the precious metal trader Joseph of Aramathia.
Many place names in Cornwall record this.
The foundation of the first church outside Jerusalem is said to have been Glastonbury., founded by some of th3 closest disciples of Jesus.
Britain had very close relations with Rome, it is a complex story, shrouded in the mists of time but a vine ripe with the fruit of British history.
The ancient Britons whose closest descendants are the Welsh, and whose language closely resembles both Welsh and ancient Phoenecian, hold a special place in history, and the "myths" which have become known as "British-Israel" have some credible proofs in the passage of the Keltoi or Celts from the ancient world of the middle east, to Britain and northern Europe over millennia.
The only way to sample the truths outside of the written word, is to stand on those sacred spots and feel the ripples of time pass through your soul.
OK, so there are many who will laugh and think this is the product of a fevered imagination.
So I will not cast any more pearls before those who will never open their souls to believe anything they cannot buy or own.
I'm with you Joanne on this one.

Joanne said...

Gospeller -

"below is a genealogical table from Rutherford's Anglo-Saxon Israel, which is complete enough to show the main lines of decent through Pharez and Zarah in "Britain Awake"(Hilliard, D., 1995, pp. 106-110."

I have not typed in all the names once the throne arrived in Ireland.

Pharez ^ Zarah
Hezron Ethan
Aram on Rom Mahol
Amminadab Calcol
Nahshon Gadhol
Salma Easru
Boaz Sru
Obed Heber Scot
Jesse Boamhain
David* Ayhaimhain
Solomon* Tait
Rehoboam* Aghenoin
Abijah Feabla Glas
Asa Neanuail
Jehoshaphat Nuaghadh
Jehoram Alloid
Ahaziah Earchada
Joash Deagfatha
Amaziah Bratha
Azariah(Uzziah) Broegan
Jotham Bille
Ahaz Gallam
Hezekiah Heremon*
Zedekiah* - his sons were slaughtered and he was taken captive
Tamar Tephi* daughter of Zedekiah

Tamar Tephi* & Heremon*
United in marriage - King and Queen of Ireland

Irial Faidh
Prince Follain
Price Eanbotha
Prince Smiorguil
......etc. to
Kenneth I - King of Scotland
......etc. to
James VI of Scotland who became James I of Great Britain
Princess Elizabeth
Princess Sophia
George I
George II
Prince Fredrick of Wales
George III
Edward, Duke of Kent
Edward VII
George V
George VI
Queen Elizabeth II

Zedekiah had daughters and daughters were and are also in line for the throne. Read Ezekiel 17 in full. The highest branch or top of the cedar is King Zedekiah, the young twigs are his sons, and the tender one is a daughter. I hope this will give you a little insight. Queen Victoria paid a large sum to have her genealogy traced and it was traced back to King David - it is posted in England, perhaps Windsor Castle - not absolutely positive if this is the correct location, but when I come across it again, I will post it.

Joanne said...

Sorry, these names joined when posted, so I have put a "/" between each name.

Hezron /Ethan
Aram on Rom /Mahol
Amminadab /Calcol
Nahshon /Gadhol
Salma /Easru
Boaz /Sru
Obed Heber /Scot
Jesse /Boamhain
David* /Ayhaimhain
Solomon* /Tait
Rehoboam* /Aghenoin
Abijah Feabla /Glas
Asa /Neanuail
Jehoshaphat /Nuaghadh
Jehoram /Alloid
Ahaziah /Earchada
Joash /Deagfatha
Amaziah /Bratha
Azariah(Uzziah) /Broegan
Jotham /Bille
Ahaz /Gallam
Hezekiah /Heremon*

Anonymous said...

Dear Joanne, and Anonymous of June 25th, 23:22:

Gospeller here. I am sceptical for reasons I'll explain, but am interested in checking it out for myself and would like to know more. We do know that the northern "lost tribes" of Israel who vanished from history after the Assyrian invasion are around somewhere, for their identity will be made known in the future acording to scripture. My best guess is the Armenians but I could easily be wrong.

As an evangelical Christian I take the Bible as reliable. There is a secular reason for this, too: Jews would not dare make up stories about their fearsome omnipotent God. Regarding other historical sources, tradition has value only if it is unbroken from the events it describes. I doubt the historicity of mediaeval claims about what went on 1500 years before given that there was a Dark Age between. Even if you have unbroken tradition then you must demythologise it, for the ancient Greeks and others freely put words into the mouths of historical characters according to what they believe they should have said. (The same mindset gave us the apocryphal gospels.) An outstanding example of how to disentangle truth from myth is David Rohl's book "The Lords of Avaris" about the ancient Mediterranean. It is a multidisciplinary task that involves information from all sources and takes great scholarship. I do not agree that "The only way to sample the truths outside of the written word, is to stand on those sacred spots and feel the ripples of time pass through your soul." Such methods never lead to unanimity.

So I trust the genealogies in the Old Testament and I am very interested in what Julius Caesar and the ancient Roman historians said about British and Irish kings, but I doubt the value of Geoffrey of Monmouth.

What is the historical evidence that Zedekiah's daughter became Queen of Ireland, please? That is the big jump in the genealogy you have kindly set out. From the dual names you give, the Irish and Israelite lines seem to be identified for some centuries before Zedekiah, but the Hebrew and Gaelic names do not sound similar to me.

I don't believe Jesus ever came to England, because under Jewish Law, which the Bible says he kept perfectly, he had to be in Jerusalem three times each year.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 25-Jun-2008 10:14:00

I think it is going to take something more constructive than Gordon Brown talking about globalisation and using the words New World Order.

I agree in the bigger picture there are 'powers' at work in our society, subtly manipulating us, shaping our opionions through the media and national institutions but I think it is dangerous without proof by proclaiming certain individuals want to take over the world.

This kind of thing was done is the 30's in Germany with the Jews and that is how Hitler got into power. Maybe you believe that the Jews are behind this New World Order?

As I said, there needs to be proof before anything can be opposed and we need to know ourselves why we are opposing it, only a fool would do otherwise because as the Saxon song Crusader goes

Fight the good fight
Believe what is right
Crusader, the Lord of the Realm
Fight the good fight
With all your might
Crusader, the Lord of the Realm


Anonymous said...

Dear Gospeller,
The information below is taken from the Bible and the writings of the late Herbert W. Armstrong (an American of Scottish descent), pastor general of the Worldwide Church of God (now called the Philadelphia Church of God).

Armstrong died at a venerable old age some years ago, but his legacy lives on under his successor Gerald Flurry.

In many of his amazing sermons, articles, books & booklets, Armstrong dealt with the Israelite origin of the British people and its Davidian royal family, as set out clearly in the Bible. The following are based on some of his writings:

II Samuel 23:1,5: "Now these were the last words of David...'God...
has made with me an EVERLASTING covenant, ordered in all things and SURE'" - i.e. when God makes a covenant ('Brit' in Hebrew) with someone, it will endure forever.

God is neither a cheat nor a liar. He does not break his word. When He curses a nation (or persons) that curse comes true. When He blesses them, the blessing comes true.

If David's dynasty had come to an end with Zedekiah, then God's word would have been broken and His word could not be relied upon or
'trusted'. But God does not lie or break his word.

He promised that David's line would continue for ever & that is the reality however hard it may be for some to stomach: II Samuel:
"..The word of the Lord came unto Nathan saying "Go and tell my servant David....'when your days will be fulfilled and you will sleep with your fathers, I will set up your seed after you, which will proceed from your loins [Solomon] & I will establish his kingdom. He shall build an house for my name [the 1st Temple] & I will establish the throne of his kingdom FOR EVER. I will be his father and he shall be my son. If he commits iniquity,I will chasten him with the rod of men & with the stripes of the children of men.But
my MERCY shall not leave him as I took it from Saul who I put away from me. And your house and your kingdom shall be established FOR EVER before you. YOUR THRONE WILL BE ESTABLISHED FOR EVER'"(II Sam.7:4-5,12-16).

Therefore, because God's word is binding and UNCONDITIONAL, David's throne must still exist today, an unbroken dynasty ruling over the Tribes of Israel & others:
II Chronicles 13: 4-5: "Hear me Jeroboam and all Israel, do you not know that the Eternal God of Israel gave the kingdom over Israel to David FOR EVER, even to him & to his sons by a perpetual covenant?"

After Zedekiah's death, the prophet Jeremiah took Thea-Tephi, Zedekiah's daughter (actually there was also another daughter) to the 'farthest isles' where she married the king who was also of the Tribe of Judah. Thus was David's dynasty transferred first to Ireland, then to Scotland & then England where it exists to this very day.

Armstrong quotes from the Bible to expain why a song called 'Zadok the Priest' is sung at every coronation in England (the one used since the 18th century was composed by Handel).

Zadok was one of the faithful who came to serve David when he took over the throne from Saul and began his reign in Hebron (1051 BC to 1011 BC) (I Chron. 12:26-28). All through David's reign, even when others (including David's own sons Absalom and Adonijah) rebelled against him, Zadok the Priest and his sons remained faithful to him till his death and

It was Zadok who, at David's behest, anointed Solomon as King of Israel and this ceremony continues in British coronations, though there have been attempts to remove the religious aspects surrounding it. The service is the same as that used by Archbishop Dunstan at King Edgar's coronation at Bath in 973 AD!

Armstrong also mentions the
'unmentionable':"Some in England know the royal family's ancestry can be traced all the way back to King David. But it is NOT INTELLECTUALLY FASHIONABLE to believe that today."

He also explains the significance of the Stone of Scone (or the
'pillar-stone') on which Jacob laid his head before he wrestled with the angel. The stone, which symbolizes David throne, was to be 'overturned' (i.e. be taken from one country to another) 3 times before the Messiah comes: "I will overturn, overturn, overturn it and then it shall be no more until He comes whose right it is, and I will give it to him." (Ezek. 21:27). Thus, kings of Ireland, Scotland & England have been crowned sitting on a throne over this stone until today. But it is no longer at Westminster Abbey having been 'returned' to Scotland by the Queen a few years ago.

How did this 'sacred' stone reach the British Isles?

When Jeremiah fled with the 2 young daughters of the last Davidian king, to the safety of the 'far isles', he also carried with him that symbolic stone.

Before Messiah's arrival (or return), the stone will be taken to a place of 'safety', Armstrong noted: "This is what God did in Jeremiah's time. God never let the stone fall into the hands of the Gentiles..." Maybe that is why the stone was 'returned' to Scotland a few years' ago.

Now we await the fulfillment of the rest of the prophecies around the Davidian Dynasty mainly that a descendant will still be reigning when the Messiah comes to save what's left of the world & the nations.

The Davidic Covenant: God made a covenant ('Brit' in Hebrew) with
the descendants of Jacob (Israel) that He would set David & his descendants on His earthly throne until the coming of the Messiah:
"Then Solomon sat on the throne of the ETERNAL as king instead of David his father" (I Chron. 29:23; II Chron. 9:8)

There's more, but I'm pooped, so I'll end here .... for the time being.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Lady of June 26th, 18:10:

This is Gospeller. I recognise that this blog is not written for my benefit, so thank you for your comments.

I am familiar with (and believe in) all of the material and prophecies you quote from the Old Testament. I was going to ask what was your source of information that Jeremiah brought a daughter of King Zedekiah (and the Stone of Destiny) to Ireland, since this is not in scripture. But I guessed that you take it on trust from Armstrong. I haven't read him and seen which ancient sources he was working from, but I found this website:


Please note that the writer of this passage DOES believe that the British royal line is descended from King David, and accepts the Joseph of Arimathea story (in his last paragraph). But he finds Armstrong to be wholly unreliable. Unless this author is deliberately lying, I cannot trust Armstrong's work.

NB The prophecies in the Old Testament are that God WILL put someone of the house of David on the throne of Israel for ever. Although the line did not die out there was not a Davidic ruler of Israel from the Babylonian exile. I take it that this prophecy will be fulfilled at the Second Coming of Christ.


Joanne said...

Anonymous Lady - very good of you to put forth such an effort in relaying your message.

Gospeller - Armstrong may believe what Anonymous Lady put forth to you, but he is just one of many who believe this to be true.


Please note that in Jeremiah 41:10 "Then Ishmael carried away captive all the residue of the people that were in Mizpah, even the king's daughters,...."

and in Jeremiah 43:6 "Even men, and women, and children, and the king's daughters, ...."

Numbers 27:8 "And thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a man die, and have no son, then ye shall cause his inheritance to pass unto his daughter."

The second daughter 'Scotia' who was also with Jeremiah the Prophet stayed in Spain on the first lap of the journey and is reputed to have married a Celto-Sythian Prince in Iberia(Spain) and later moved to Ireland.

Jeremiah had in his possession when they reached Ireland the "Lia Fail, now referred to as the "Stone of Destiny." Jeremiah's name was "Ollamh Fodhla," which means "Holy Seer" or "Prophet."

For information check out the ancient Chronicles of Ireland and such. This is no secret to Ireland's history.

The "Stone of Destiny" has been returned to Scotland for safekeeping - one has to wonder why this move was made - seems reasonable enough to me with what is going on in England.

Israel is not lost, just blind to who she is - but eyes will be opened. Millions of people taken captive from the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah do not simply vanish off the face of the earth like many would choose to believe.

Fascinating and wonderful - all of it.

Anonymous said...

In Ireland, there is a great stone known as Jeremiah's altar. It is a a place where many ancient stone constructions mark their ancient civilisation.
English Law, and thereby American Law, is said to have taken much content from ancient Irish Law, which is thought to have Hebrew origin.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joanne, and Anonymous(es?):

I'm not disagreeing with your claims, I'm asking for evidence. What is there in ancient Irish law that is in Mosaic Law but not in the legal codes of other ancient civilisations? Which ancient documents state that Zedekiah's daughter reached Ireland with Jeremiah to become queen? It's not in the Old Testament, and Armstrong was debunked as a source by the website I referred to above.

We know of countless mediaeval legends that are nonsense. Mediaeval sources are valuable only if you can trace an unbroken chain of tradition back from them to the time to which they refer.

It is fine to be motivated by hope that something is true, but scholars cannot afford to let their hopes influence subsequent evaluation of the evidence.

I'm interested in these claims, but - evidence please!


Anonymous said...

Gospeller: I read the site you recommended. It was interesting but confusing. I didn't find its refutations on whether or not Jeremiah & Tea(Tephi) fled to Ireland more convincing than Mr. Armstrong's interpretations.

But in the end, the main fact remains undisputed, that Queen Elizabeth - whether or not she is descended from Tea(Tephi) - and I quote: "Not only is Queen Elizabeth II Scottish, SHE IS OF THE ROYAL LINE OF JUDAH!"

Thus whether Jeremiah arrived in Ireland with 2 Davidian-line daughters or not, God's promise to David, as clearly stated in the Bible, has come true - that his line will continue until Messiah's coming.

By the way, what do you think of Jacob's blessings to Joseph's sons, Manessah & Ephraim. To which nations are they most likely to refer: Genesis 48:1-to end? Note the 'blessings' verses 13-15and especially: 17-20

Armstrong's interpretations of Jacob's blessings on his other sons, Genesis 49:1-27 are also interesting.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Lady

The danger is that one writer from the modern era gets it wrong and others then quote him without doing their homework. That is why historians always work with material from as close as they can find to the events they study. So please take me back to surviving ancient documents - which ones indicate that a Queen Tea-Tephi of Ireland is the daughter of King Zedekiah of Judah, and that Jeremiah brought her and the Stone of Destiny from the Holy Land?

If you do respond to me then, whatever else you say, please include an answer to this question.

Re the Genesis quotes - the Hebrew for "great nation" is equally well translated as "large tribe," and "group of nations" as "tribal groupings". Hundreds of years later, 1 Chronicles 5:23 tells us that "East Manasseh was a large tribe."

Even if Tea-Tephi was Zedekiah's daughter then the prophecies say that this line rules over Israelites, but the Irish to whom she is said to have fled were not Israelites.

DNA testing will soon identify the Lost Tribes after 2700 years. I can't wait!


Joanne said...



I recommend two books for starters - Britain Awake, David Hilliard and Abrahamic Covenant, G. R. Hawtin. I do not know if you are in Britain or not, but you can order these books in Canada and the U.S. also. These books will open your eyes, and they use bible quotes to make their points.

Good luck and God Bless

Joanne said...

"DNA testing will soon identify the Lost Tribes after 2700 years. I can't wait!" by Gospeller

I have thought of this myself - how interesting that we both think this may be so.

I lost a post of mine somewhere; I was sure it posted, so if there is a repeat somewhere, please ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joanne

Yes, exciting times. The Levite priesthood has already been proven by DNA testing.

I know and accept the Bible as history, but the Old Testament is silent on a daughter of Zedekiah reaching Ireland (with or without Jeremiah and the Stone of Destiny), so we must look elsewhere. My eyes aren't closed and I am familiar with the claims made by writers of the last 150 years; I simply want references to ancient documents backing up those claims. If the identity and content of such ancient documents are specified explicitly in the website and books you recommend then I'll gladly look at them - are they, please?


Anonymous said...

Lionheart: "We cannot be certain about all of the facts surrounding King Arthur.." Actually, we can't be certain of any of the facts about Arthur. It's a nice legend, but nothing more; most of it stems from the Malory's 15th century collection of tales called Le Morte d'Arthur.
One thing, though, is certain: Arthur could hardly have defended his people against the Romans in the Middle Ages as you suggest, because there were no Romans left here by then. I think you should do a little more study before writing on these matters. I will be happy to recommend some books for you to read since I have been studying Arthurian lore for more than thirty years.
And another thing: has anyone told Prince William that he was "born, blessed and anointed to lead and save his people from the greatest of perils in hundreds of years", or are you keeping it a secret from him?

Joanne said...

Gospeller - yes these books do present a lot of evidence and many more books are filled with information you will be able to research. The Old Testament is not silent on the daughters of Zedekiah, and written history will show to you where Tamar Tephi meaning "tender beautiful one" ended up. Those are excellent books I recommend; they are an easy read and are chaulked full of information. There are many websites on the internet, but any I've given to you, anyone can google to find information. I find the books and the Bible far more reliable because of their authors. Believe only what you can understand and question everything against the Word of God. I hope you will read the books; I can't tell you how wonderful I found them to be.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joanne

In one way we are tantalisingly close to agreement, in another way we are far from it. I know that the Bible speaks of daughters of Zedekiah, but it gives no names or destinations for them. I accept the accuracy of the Bible, since I believe it is the word of God; and I do believe only what I can understand - but on the basis of original documents. I again request a quote from an ancient document (not from a 19th or 20th century scholar's interpretation) which presents clear evidence that a Queen Tea-Tephi of Ireland was King Zedekiah of Judah's daughter, and/or came over with Jeremiah and the Stone of Destiny. I worry that scholars of the last 200 years might simply be amplifying mistakes by building on each other rather than on the original documents. The way to be confident is to go back to those documents. If no-one who has read the modern writers offers an ancient document that clearly makes the case (and I have asked 4 times) then what am I to conclude?


Anonymous said...

Gervaise, Lionheart writes from the heart.
I for one do not expect a perfect analysis from him, on such abstruse subjects, yet I know where he is coming from.
Better he write and stimulate discussion, than not write for fear he may make some little slip of historic accuracy.
Where is your imagination Sir?
Better that you should contribute some small gem of your knowledge, than just to pass with a flick of your fly-swatch.
There are many legendary tales, that describe the sleeping warrior that shall awaken to defend the Realm, when things are getting tough.
This appears to be common amongst the heirs of the Celts.
Arthur, the Pendragon, the Sleeping warrior, are these not all Universal archetypes?
Are they not manifestations of the hearts and minds of Man searching for freedom and justice?
D'ye not love yor ain folks heroes?
When troubled times are close, then we seek for the words of poets and statesmen, of Saints and Saviours.

Anonymous said...

Some years ago one of my young francophone students, wanting to express her gratitude for a grant I had obtained for her, got the phrase slightly wrong and said, "I thank you from the heart of my bottom".
In this sense I agree with Anonymous when he says that Lionheart writes from the heart.
Anonymous also says that he knows where Lionheart is coming from. So do I: it's not a place I would want to visit.

Anonymous said...

gervase, when I commented to you, I expected a reply worthy of the status to which you lay claim.
Instead of some historical or political analysis, you sounded off with a base insult in which you refer to Lionheart in terms couched to refer to the ANAL regions of the human body.
So, lets agree on one thing then, you are a voyeur and Lionheart's blog has got your attention.

I know where LH is coming from, it is a town called Luton, and if you study the blog, you will see that it is where the Pakistani Muslim murderers set off from, on their way to London to kill over 50 people on buses and tube trains.
Yes, I am NOT surprised that you do not want to go there.
Neither am I surprised that you would rather forget the well educated NHS doctors who tried to immolate travellers at Glasgow Airport, but thank Christ, only succeeded in burning themselves, good riddance to them.

It is a place where those folks of your bent, dare not look, for it spoils the rosy-pink tint in your irises, that allows your brain to see things only as you would like.
You disappoint me, as a lecturer I should have suspected you were infected with the same Marxist/Socialist virus that is dragging down all hope of survival of the Celtic race along with your British cousins.
Learn the words to the Shahadda, for you, a man of your education, it should be easy as pissing on the grave of Rabbie Burns.
Go to your home amongst the weak and mentally defectives that exchange their birthright for a forsaken meme that will expunge all your past heritage, and control your future without the need to think for yourself.
As you have lowered yourself to insult with the use of cloaked references to the anal regions, and as you are so vain that your return to read this response is guaranteed, let me be plain and return the compliments you made, but without your reticence at the use of vulgarity.

Anonymous said...

gospeller, joanne and others.
The record of old Irish history of Kings exists in Irish tradition
Transmitted as verse and song in much the way that the history of the ancient British is recorded in the Welsh(Prittish) oral tradition.
All of this has now been written down.
Ireland was once of the holiest places on Earth, as was the British Isles in general.
What is left of those times is most noticeable in the presence of places such as barrows, stone-circles,standing stones, hill-forts, and much archaeological record.
Do not expect an archaeologist to speculate on wisdom though.
Many Christians have subscribed to the notion that all pre-Christian history was somehow "pagan" and thereby "wicked."
Not so.
There pre-existed an ancient wisdom, mainly transmitted orally, and mostly lost as Christianity was super-imposed upon the pre-historic past.
At much the same times as the Old Testament refers to, our lands were not devoid of Civilisation.
Modern history and it's adherents find it inconvenient to think outside the box of Greece and Rome.
Before Augustine and Patrick, there existed the foundation upon which Christ's precepts and his word, found a rich and fertile soil to grow in.

Lionheart said...

Northern Ireland


Anonymous said...

Dear Anon of July 2nd, 12:19:

Oral versions of history change over time, as in the game of "Chinese whispers". The purpose of writing something down is to freeze it for posterity. The gospels were written down very soon after the events they describe by people who believed they were dealing with a holy God whose word they dared not falsify. That is the (secular) reason why I believe every word. In contrast, the interval between the events described in Irish oral tradition and its writing down is huge. It is not impossible to recover the facts at the core of most legends, but it is very difficult - the outstanding example is "Lords Of Avaris" in which David Rohl looks at Greek myths and legends in the light of archaeology, astronomy, interactions with other civilisations, etymology etc. You need all of these approaches.

I worry that these claims meet an emotional need which makes people uncritical of them. I do not discount them and they interest me, but they must be weighed very carefully. In particular, the earliest written references must take priority over later ones. That is why I keep asking (unsuccessfully!) for what they say.


Anonymous said...

With so many anonymouses joining in the fun, it is difficult to remember which is which, but anyway this message is addressed to the real charmer who ended his comment with obscenities containing asterisks, always a sign of bashfulness.
No, dear, I'm not a voyeur. I find these incoherent tirades depressing: I only contributed in the hope of getting a rise out of you and boy, did I succeed!
I shan't be back here, but if you want to keep in touch with me and publish another load of illiterate tripe on the internet, by all means make a comment on my blog.
Take care, now. All the best

Anonymous said...

gervaise old grease-nipple, it was you who came here with bashful obsceneties, calling Lionheart names relating to YOUR anal fixation.
So just to put matters right, I will repeat you are an arsehole and fuck off.
You are a disgrace to Scotland.
Go and lick Gordon Brown's problem area, as he scuppers the British economy.
Reliable, trustworthy, steady-as-you-go Scotsmen?
Piffle, balderdash and bollocks. (another good old Scottish word.)
I correct myself, you are not worthy to piss on your "Saint's" grave.

Anonymous said...

Hi gospeller, your comment is very clear and I think you have a very good point there.
I will look for some sources for you to check.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon of July 2nd, 19:32:

I appreciate that and look forward to it. Thank you.