28 June 2008

Bishop Nazir Ali – A Modern Christian Revivalist

'If you are anything gathered here together, you are the beginnings, the miraculous beginnings, we may say, of an ecclesial movement for the sake of the Gospel and for the sake of Christ's church.'

No one can deny the seriousness of the times in which we now live other than those people who choose ignorance over truth, preferring to live in a false empty bubble where life has no real meaning or purpose other than work, play hard, have children and then die. They choose this path of ignorance rather than seeking true enlightenment about the true nature and reality of the life each of us have been born into that surrounds us, the life that has been given to each of us alive today, and throughout the ages to live upon the Earth as a gift from the Almighty.

The ultimate answer to the question about the real meaning of life is for the sake of people’s lives today, in the future, and on and into eternity where the promise of eternal salvation lays where we can live again in a new Kingdom void of the curses of this present human existence and condition in which we now live here on Earth. Salvation is the greatest gift and miracle that the human experience contains; it is a gift for those who it has been given to accept it.

If you have never searched out the true meaning of life, or no one has presented the true meaning of life to you then you will never know whether or not you are one of those whose names is written in the book of life who has a place prepared for them in the next life and the new Kingdom. The place we call heaven or paradise where death no longer has a hold over us, we have been set free to live again forever, in a place our human minds cannot see or understand. Thank God though that in every generation He has chosen to show certain people what awaits us in Paradise, so that they can come back and share that with others and give hope to those who will listen and accept it.

The Apostle Paul was one of the first to be caught up into heaven and be shown the glory that awaits us, he came back and under the guidance of the risen Lord he wrote the letters in the New Testament to help prepare us, and prepare others for our own personal death’s and the resurrections into our new eternal bodies and eternal life that await us once we have crossed the finishing line at the end of our own personal race of life here on Earth. If this wasn’t true then it makes the faith of those of us who believe it null and void, but those of us who do believe know that the message of Salvation that we have accepted is alive, it is a living substance that brings life from death and is the power of God unto Salvation.

Everyone can agree that there is nothing more certain in life than you are born and you die. It is a truth that cannot be altered no matter what science aims to achieve.

Death comes like a thief in the night when you least expect it. Here today and gone tomorrow, none of us know what is going to happen in the next hour, the next day, the next month, or the next year. That’s why today is the day of Salvation because who knows what tomorrow will bring?

The only one who knows what tomorrow will bring is the One who created it, that’s why if you are reading this today it was given for me to write it and you to read it, then at the end of it you can accept the words written or reject them, either way it is in your hands not mine, I am just one of Christ’s messengers just like the Bishop. I personally have the eternal gift because I have believed and accepted the truth of the message. I am just trying to share that same message with you so that you can accept it or reject it and hopefully receive your own eternal gift that you can then go on and share with others so that we can all rejoice in heaven together once our times come.

It is a personal choice and decision, no one can force you to accept something, if nothing else my words are a seed of truth that will make you think and will grow within your reality, we are the seed planters and it is God Himself who waters that seed so that it grows.

Hopefully the seed will grow to fruition before the thief comes to steal your soul though.

What happens when the thief comes to take us is the question we all must answer during our lifetimes here on Earth whether we realise it or not. At the core of our innermost being, our subconscious mind, we know that death at some point is an unchangeable fact and certainty as part of the human experience, it cannot be changed.

Ill die and my body will rot into dust and there will be nothing else is an atheist view.

I don’t know I am sitting on the fence is an agnostic view.

I see what awaits me is a Christian view.

And those who have different gods and different perceptions of eternal life are misguided. There can only be one God, one heaven and one way.

Jesus Himself said; I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father accept through me.

As a Christian, at the core of my belief system, there is no other passage into eternal life, but through Christianity and the message of Salvation that it contains.

The risen Jesus stands knocking at the door to your heart, asking that you will allow Him to enter, to live and dwell with you and inside of you.

We each have the choice to accept Him in or reject Him when He knocks, He will never force Himself upon us. It is a personal choice whether we open the door and let him into our lives or not.

People have their own views and perceptions on the basic truth of where Salvation and eternal life lays, because we are all different people with different life experiences and a different knowledge base about life which makes us who we are. For me I know that the Christian message of Salvation is the truth so have accepted it into my life. Jesus knocked, and I opened up and welcomed Him.

I am not you and you are not me, we each have to live and die with our own personal truth about death and the life after. You cannot hide from it because it is how it has been set by the one who created life itself.

If there is any uncertainty or doubt about your truth then you must at least search out the meaning of the message that we as Christians carry because death and eternity awaits each of us, the question is; where will we be when we cross over?

Heaven or Hell, we cannot all be right!

The God of creation sent His son into this World to die for mankind, to live as the perfect example of the human experience, and then die as a sacrifice upon a cross; He then arose from death to show that death no longer had a hold over life because God has made a way for mankind to live on and into eternity. He is the doorway to heaven and the new Kingdom so that those who believe in Him and the sacrifice He made by dying on the Cross for us, would be forgiven of all of their sins and be given the gift of eternal life so that we can each take up our place in the new Kingdom that God has prepared for those who love Him, those whose names are written in the book. The true meaning of life that only those who have accepted can understand because once you have accepted the message, the blindness to the truth is lifted from your spiritual eyes and you can see clearly the real meaning to the life now and the hereafter.

The born again experience, I was dead to the truth but now I am alive, born into a new reality of life here on Earth as I live in the knowledge and under the shadow of the Almighty God, the one who put all things into place, true Enlightenment because there is no greater Enlightenment in the human experience than being given the gift of true knowledge and the eternal Salvation for mans soul that it contains.

A light within your soul is then switched on, never to be turned out again.

Heaven or Hell is your personal individual choice; it is something you cannot escape from because death hangs over your life, with the thief lurking in the background waiting to take your soul.

There is only one thing in life that is eternal, which will live on forever and that is a man/woman’s soul. Then what is the question?

Is today your day for Salvation? click the link: The message

Bishop Nazi Ali has arisen and stood up taking his divine rightful place within the Anglican Church that God has ordained for him. A true leader who knows his responsibilities as a servant of the Most High God, who knows what is on Gods heart at this moment in time for the British people who is willing to speak fearlessly as a Bishop should for the sake of the innocent sheep, and who knows the knowledge that Christ has taught him about leading others into the knowledge of the truth about life and the salvation that it contains because it is written on his heart. The Bible says that a prophet is not without honour except in his own country amongst his own people, so what greater man can God have sent to the people of the British isles at this critical moment in the life of the British homeland than the Bishop who is of Pakistani descent. Who could know better about the inherent evil that Islam contains and the consequences of it arising in our Christian midst than a man who grew up as a Christian in an Islamic Nation where murder just for believing in Jesus was a daily reality within his young life. He left an Islamic Nation and arrived upon the shores of what was meant to be a place of safety, a Christian Nation; little did he realise that in the years to come that that same murder for believing in Jesus was going to be aimed at him once again in this once safe Christian land. Does this truth and reality of Bishop Nazir’s life not speak about the times and days we are now living in?

Listen to Brigitte Gabriels testimony as to what the future now holds unless the British people halt the Islamification of their Nation and turn back the rise of Islam within their midst: A Warning

The writing is on the wall.

The Bishop has taken it upon his shoulders to let the light that he carries shine into the darkness of modern British society. A voice speaking into the heart and soul of the Nation, revealing the truth that our present reality contains for those who are listening or willing to listen, for the sake of this, our Christian land, within our sphere of Christendom, the innocent people living upon the land who want to live in peace and harmony with one another, and Christ’s Church here that has been built upon these shores for generations and become the unseen light within our part of humanity that as a Nation we have carried throughout the ages, with the Sovereign throne of the ‘House of Windsor’ ruling over us being the physical ‘defenders of the faith’. It is a shame that those Marxist revolutionaries in power like Ed Balls are seeking to rip out the heart and soul of our Nation and stamp out that light by removing God from the fabric of our society. Silly man choosing to fight against God!

Are those Marxist revolutionaries seeking to remove that throne that has stood throughout the ages as the ‘defender of the faith’ too? Only those within the highest realms of British society know whether that is the case or not. For me my trust is in the Lord God Almighty who will never allow His light to be stamped out no matter what hell throws at the eternal unseen light that we carry, we can only hope that our leaders stand on the right side of the divide because history teaches us what happens when they do not.

The army of Royalists across the land await their Christian King to arise and show them the way forward, the one who holds the keys to his own Kingdom and people, who will defend his and their divine birthright from all evil, which is the Realm and everything that it contains in which they were born into, exactly as it has been throughout the ages. The British people will gather from far and wide, flocking to the feet of their anointed King, son and heir of the peoples Princess.

The Kings Bishop unlike Judas the Queens Bishop sits as a defender of British society, carrying the Light and Life of Jesus Christ that lives within him to a hurting, broken and dying World. This is his message to proclaim to those who are listening, that Jesus Christ came into this World, He died for this World, and that He rose again 3 days later so that we could be saved from an eternal hell. This is the core belief system that our Nation is founded upon that will never be removed no matter what the devil seeks to achieve and who he seeks to use. This is why the Bishop has divinely arisen within British society now; he is appointed and anointed by God Himself as a Bishop to defend the Realm and all that it contains, and we hope and pray that the anointed one will arise to the throne of England as King.

Then let the game unfold, there will only be one winner. The pieces are only just aligning themselves in response to the first move taken against them on the board!

There is no greater darkness that engulfs us in modern times than the darkness of the Islamic religion that is covering us and suppressing us and our way of life because of what the future holds if its followers are successful in implementing the teachings of their religion within our Nation. Little by little that cover is choking us as a people and Nation as the Islamification process of the British homeland unfolds before our very eyes. Yes there are many other ills of our society that the Bishop speaks of that are damaging and destroying the fabric of our Judeo/Christian society but together we could overcome these ills to make our way of life a better safer environment for us and our children to live in. But if the Islamic religion and its followers achieve their aims of taking over our Nation and implementing sharia law upon the populace which they are doing then we and our children will never be able to make our Nation ‘Great’ again, those who are left after the War will have no other choice but to accept this alien dark suppressive way of life ruling over them, and gone will be the Realm in which we have lived in for generations.

Our Christian heritage, our identity, our culture our history gone, rewritten by our new rulers who have not a care for who or what we are as a people, their only care is enforcing their suppressive Islamic religion upon us and our the land, making us Dhimmi’s within their new Islamic State, outpost UK. This is the aim of the global military wing of Islam and its followers towards us and our Country that is being led in this generation by Osama Bin Laden and his subordinates.

Over my dead body and over the dead bodies of every other citizen of the British isles who agree with me they will have to climb first, so there is a lot of bloodshed in the distance now they have made there moves, and are continually making their moves against us. How much longer do you think people can just sit back and take this War of aggression and conquest against them? The small cabal in government running the affairs of our land are not protecting them or their Realm, they are ripping it to shreds and using their power over the State apparatus to suppress any dissent of their High treason. This makes them enemies of the British people as much as their bloodthirsty pet in the embodiment of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain that they have birthed upon our land, housed, clothed, fed, allowed to grow exponentially and then used for their own purposes against the British people so as to enforce their Marxist will upon us and our land. Using the beast on their political leash as a monster in our midst to terrify and subdue the British people.

Why do you think that Civil War is now inevitable unless the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain packs its bags and leaves our shores for distant Islamic lands somewhere else on the globe?

If the British government will not protect the human rights of innocent British citizens whose land they reside over then the British people have no other choice but to defend their human rights themselves, so that being the case what is the inevitable?

Again the writing is on the wall!

Especially after sitting back and watching Osama Bin Ladens ambassador to Europe released from a British prison back into our society and within 24 hours had released a 72 page tract calling on Moslems to kill and degrade us. How is that protecting us?

There is upwards of 3 million Moslems within the newly formed Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain who are forcing us to change our way of life so that it falls in line with them and their religion. Squeezing us out and reshaping and remoulding things to fit them, this is what Mohamed taught them to do for their god Allah after all. There comes a point though when enough is enough before it is too late and the clock strikes 12 and who we are as a people is taken from us. The achievements of our forefathers who shed their blood, sweat and tears on the battlefields of the World for us their decedents suddenly taken from us by these foreign religious invaders who are carrying out what they believe to be the divine orders of their god – Holy War

Do we not have a right as a people to defend ourselves, our children, and our homeland from this invasion that seeks our conquest and overthrow?

Of course we do it’s our indelible human right as English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish citizens of the United Kingdom. And that goes for those people of other ethnic backgrounds like the Bishop who have made their home here and have been grafted into the make up of the Nation who embrace everything we and our Country stand for in the modern world, our history, our culture, our identity and our way of life.

Islam can never be grafted in because it is contrary to the fundamental teachings of the religion, why do you think they want to now start enforcing sharia law upon our society, of which the Queens Bishop Judas stated that it is a good thing for British society. How can grafting in an alien religious way of life that is contrary to everything that we are, into our Judeo/Christian society be good? That is treason against Gods Kingdom here on Earth in England, of which the Bishop Judas professes too belong.

Is it any wonder when this man is second in command in the Church of England that the Church up unto this point had no direction, no vision, it has been falling down just like the Country, crumbling within society with attendance dropping to its lowest point ever in its history and Church buildings being turned into Mosques and pubs.

When I think of Gods Bishop Nazir Ali I think of St Francis of Assisi, God spoke to St Francis and told him to build his Church. At the time God called him and gave him the vision, the Church was decedent and in decay. St Francis not realising the true meaning of what he was told set about building a Church with bricks and mortar only to realize later on that what God meant was the Church being the people who are joined together, so he then went on to fulfill his calling and destiny in his lifetime by building the physical Church with people. It is the people joined together who make Gods Church here on Earth and not the building. As the Anglican Church is in such a stake of decadence and decay, the Bishop has arisen with his co-workers to rebuild the spiritual house of God on Earth, the Church where people are joined together living in the knowledge of the truth under the shadow of their Lord.

Thank God that Bishop Nazir Ali has arisen at this point in time with a clear vision about the Church and British society, so as to turn back the decay and decadence that has befallen the Church. This Sovereign move of God within the Anglican Church has placed him and his co-workers in the opposing side to the Judas Bishop and his co-workers who have been working towards the handing over of the established Church in England to the devil just like Judas handed Jesus over to his accusers.

The Bishop because of his ethnic background felt that others might look upon him as being unable to speak about Britishness, he quoted Kipling: 'What should they know of England who only England know?'

And I know from reading what different sections of society are saying that the Bishop has the respect of everyone who is in the battle to save our Nation from the modern Islamic invasion, so this is not about race or the colour of someone’s skin. This is about the very question about the future survival of the homeland and the society in which we have been blessed to be accustomed too because of the achievements of those who have lived before us upon these lands. A society that has been built and is underpinned by our Judeo/Christian heritage, of which the Anglican Church being the Church of the State should be the vanguard, our society which is being destroyed by the military wing of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain as its sons and daughters conduct their Jihad (Holy War) against the innocent non-Moslem population of Britain because their religion tells them too. With the Judas Bishop wanting to willingly surrender us, our Nation and our children with no thought about what we want or think about making sharia law a part of our society. This is all a part of the Liberal Marxist agenda to remove Christianity from British society, replace it with an alien religion, and the Judas Bishop and his liberal followers have been complicit in that. Why do you think he was placed in the position he was? Another stooge placed in the ultimate position of power over another British institution within Great Britain that goes towards the functioning of the British State so as to be able to force through their agenda. A Liberal yes man following the orders of his masters, when as a Christian leader he should be following the orders of the real master, Jesus the master builder. He used his platform and influence as a Bishop to tell the British people that we must accept sharia law as part of British law, and that we must graft it into our society. No we will not accept it, who are you, a supposed Christian Bishop, to tell us we must?

Thank God a true Bishop and his co-workers have stood up for the British people within the highest realms of the Church of England and said exactly that. Speaking on our behalf when the moment arose, speaking Gods heart for His people here in England, a Christian Bishop with a heart and vision for British society, its people and the Churches role and responsibility to them both.

The beautiful green fields of England calls out too its own sons and daughters to rise up and defend their past, present, and future Realm just like their ancestors have done throughout our history.

There are many voices from the Islamic Kingdom and the Liberal Elite who are in denial about what is unfolding in our midst, who are promoting blatant lies to the British public so as to try and keep the lid on the chaos that they have helped create. Whilst they do this who are the ones who are suffering? Me, you, our children and our Nation as Mohamed’s followers carry out his commands in our midst daily, killing our youth, raping our children, and desecrating and destroying our society. Totally disregarding what they view as our man made laws and justice system which are abhorrent to their god Allah that are meant to be in place to protect us, as they seek to subdue us and conquer us in the name of Islam and convert our land from the Dar al-Harb into the Dar al-Islam.

Those Liberals in power don’t live on the frontlines, on the streets, in the cities and in the towns across our Nation where the streets are burning with this Holy War. Like in Luton & Dunstable where I am from where the street Jihad with Heroin is being waged on a daily basis and where Al Qaeda opened up as their frontline in England on the morning of 7/7 when they declared War against us. Or up in Keighley in Yorkshire where some mothers and fathers little princesses (children as young as 12) are being systematically targeted by Pakistani Moslem gangs, pumped with drugs then trafficked as sex slaves across the North of England amongst their Moslem brothers who like abusing the kaffirs children. The degradation of the kaffirs, and the filthy white kaffir meat that is their to be used, abused and owned by Moslems as part of the Jihad against the infidels non-Moslem society and way of life. Just look at the example set by Mohamed if you think that perception is far fetched in your blinkered mind. The people in power over the gullible tax paying British sheep people sit safe and sound protected in their tax paying Ivory towers and tell us that this activity is anti-Islamic activity and those who disagree with that line of thought are right wing racist bigots like the line the Dhimmi traitor Jack Straw loves promoting in the media against those who disagree with him and his Labour governments Marxist consensus by standing up and speaking out against this evil in our midst.

Islam means Peace and it’s a small minority – RUBBISH - So I am a racist bigot for saying that is rubbish. Words used to manipulate the masses and stifle the truth from being told to the innocent British public.

2 years ago I knew nothing about politics or the real seriousness of the situation the whole country faced, and then I was forced out of my home, out of my business, into bankruptcy, and into a position of having to live for survival because Pakistani Moslems from Luton who are waging their street Jihad with Al Qaeda heroin threatened my life.

If I am a right wing racist bigot then it is because of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain and its actions towards me, my neighbors, my community and my country. They have made me into the person I now am as I stand before my God.

I would rather be a Christian called a few names and defend myself and my birthright from this Islamic invasion for the sake of my children, and all of those other innocent British children out there who are relying on the adults of this generation, without even knowing it, than be forced into silence because of the Liberal Elite who presently reside over the reigns of power within England who call those who disagree with them names that make people cower in fear because of the stiff British upper lip, and allow the Islamic religion to continue its take over.

Everyone knows behind closed doors what they really think and feel.

Gods Bishop stood up and passed a statement declaring that there were now no go areas within Great Britain where it is unsafe for non-Moslems to go or pass through. He was condemned by supposedly Christian Bishops within his own order, and he was condemned by the leaders of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain accusing him of exaggerating and lying, with calls for the Church to take action against him for breaching community cohesion. Thankfully he knows the one whom he serves, so knows the one whose authority he stands on when he does speak the words of truth so man cannot move or faze him from his divine duty. From this statement he then received death threats aimed at him by British Moslems from the Islamic Kingdom, so if that does not prove that his words are true about the Islamic religion in our midst then nothing will. If a Bishop of his standing recieves death threats for speaking the truth what do you think the rest of the British people face from the military wing of Islam in our midst who speak out? Thankfully though the proof to his words were just ahead when 2 Christian missionaries were sharing the message of love that they carry in a Moslem area in Birmingham and were set upon by a British Moslem police officer by all people. They were told to get out of the area because they were stirring up racial hatred and that if they came back they would be beaten up.

A Moslem viewed Gods love as stirring up hatred, this is the mentality of the followers of the child molesting paedophile prophet and his 7th Century ideology that we have living in our midst, encamped the length and breadth of our Country.

What more proof do people need to know and accept, that what is being spoken of not just by the Bishop but every other voice out there about the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, its Jihad against our society and the Islamification of our Nation is the truth.

So if it is the truth what does it mean?

People then close their minds, shut their front doors, say its not my problem, then sit like cowards, sitting back watching TV while their friends and families are being destroyed and this hatred, war and conquest against them and their homeland unfolds around them in the real world outside their front doors. The funny thing is, is that those cowards who think they are safe and sound sitting behind their closed doors are being bled dry by this enemy in their midst by the taxes they are forced to pay which goes to housing, clothing, feeding, educating and healing them while all along those they are supporting, are planning and plotting their eventual over throw – The midwich cuckoos

Whose problem is it then if it is not yours? And who is protecting your children’s future?

”Evil prevails when good men/women do nothing”

What greater words for the present situation.

I always believed the English people to be a strong people, and I do know that there are still strong people out there otherwise what hope would there be for us and our future. I just talk of those who I have known around me. The British bulldog has always been the symbol of the English with big burly men having it tattooed to them as a sign of English pride, but just as the fighting spirit has been bred out of the British bulldog, it seems that that fighting spirit has been bred out of many of the English people with them nothing more than little docile pets to work and pay taxes for their government masters.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in heavenly places.

This present Holy War that is unfolding upon the Earth with the Islamic World is nothing new, we are just in a new phase of an age old War. A very dangerous phase because of the technology our age contains and the damage it has the potential of causing.

It is not the human who is the enemy it is what they think and what, what they think makes them do to those around them. The only way you can change the way someone thinks is by presenting them a different way, the true way.

As a Bishop and leader of the Church Mr Nazir Ali knows that the only way we can bring about change within the hearts and minds of those who are at war with us, who want to destroy our way of life and murder, rape and pillage us in the process is to preach the message of Gods love for mankind that we carry. He has just spoken a fundamental teaching of Christianity which is a commandment from Jesus Himself to His followers and to the Church as a whole; it is our divine responsibility to share the good news with others.

The Bishop and his co-workers have said that the Church must place the Evangelism of the Moslem community on the agenda of the Church in Britain. This is the only way you can win the hearts and minds of those who want to kill us and destroy us. If as Christians and the Church we are not fulfilling the role of Evangelism that Christ Himself commanded then we cannot call ourselves Christians and profess to be a Church.

This just shows how far away from God the Anglican Church in Great Britain has fallen away when you have leaders of the Order declaring the Evangelism role of the Church that is an integral part of the Church, and other Bishops warning them away from such a course of action, even to the point of putting real pressure on Bishops to drop the agenda.

How can those who profess to be Christians and leaders of Christ’s Church on Earth stop others from Evangelizing and making it the agenda of the Church when Christ Himself taught that this was our role?

This has widened the split within the highest realms of the Anglican Church with the real leaders of the church on the one side and the charlatans on the other.

The Bible says that in the end times the wheat and the tares will grow together.

Matthew 13:24 - 30 24 Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; 25 but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. 26 But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared. 27 So the servants of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ 28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Do you want us then to go and gather them up?’ 29 But he said, ‘No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”

Those within the Anglican Church can clearly see by their actions who are the wheat and those who are the tares!

As the established Church in England passes through the old into the new, so does our Country, with the survival of both now hanging in the balance.

God knows what He is doing and thank Him that He has chosen, called, set apart, and anointed leaders within our society to stand up at this critical time in our Nations history where the very future survival of the Realm is now at stake like never before.

We can rest assured when looking at the Anglican Church and His Bishop as a representation of things, that things are safely in His hands no matter what turmoil we will have to pass through before we see the light of day again where peace, safety and security resides for all of us.

Look at what our forefathers went through before the Second World War, during the Second World War, and then after, where peace, safety and security resided. We are a blessed Nation from above, and no man or religion can change that or the destiny placed upon the land and people that make up the British Isles within the family of Nations here on Earth and within our sphere of Christendom.

Gods Bishop Nazir Ali is a modern Revivalist, he is the man with the message for this moment and people will flock to hear his words of truth and the message he carries because it is the divine truth of the now and hereafter, anointed to spread the message of love and salvation to a hurting, broken and dying world.

He and his co-workers bringing the Anglican back to its first love.

May God continue to bless you, your family and the works of your hands Bishop and may signs wonders and miracles flow through your ministry here on Earth, so that people will see and know the truth of the glory of the Risen Lord and that Heaven will be filled with your rewards.

In service of the King – Jesus – The Lion of the tribe of Judah


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Luke 6: 38 Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”

The picture above was taken on Ivinghoe Beacon which was one of the Beacons lit across the country to warn the people of Britain that the Spanish Armada had arrived when they planned to invade in 1588 when Queen Elizabeth II sat on the throne of England.

Just a few miles beyond those green fields and hills of the English Chilterns pictured lays fortress Bury Park, the place where the predominantly Pakistani Moslem community are conducting the street Jihad with Al Qaeda’s heroin against British society. Not just in and around this one location but nationally as the news shows.

This same community took centre stage on the morning of 7/7 when Al Qaeda declared War on the people of Great Britain when 4 British born Moslems blew themselves up killing 52 innocent people and wounding over 700 in London. Osama Bin Laden sitting somewhere in the World today, and his subordinates chose to use this location to declare War against us; Why?

Luton and Fortress Bury Park is on the global Islamic terror map.

Fortress Bury Park beyond those hills also took centre stage of the biggest anti-terrorist operation in British history, ‘Operation Crevice’, which centered on the fertilser bomb plot that was aimed at attacking the ministry of sound nightclub and bluewater shopping centre. The suspected Emir of this plot is a local Pakistani Moslem, a Mr Q Khan, and the bomb maker who wanted to buy a dirty bomb from the Russian mafia in Belgium was a local Pakistani Moslem taxi driver, both of these Al Qaeda terrorists were from within the confines of fortress Bury Park.

This area with its Moslem population was also a base for Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri with the headquarters of Al Majaroun located there. Al Majaroun is linked to every single suicide bombing carried out by British born Moslems around the World.

There have been many anti-terror arrests from this area, there have been several local Pakistani Moslems killed fighting coalition troops from this area, and it is common knowledge that there are Al Qaeda trained terrorists walking the streets.

These are the facts on the ground here in this part of England, and this is my home community where my life was threatened by these same Pakistani Moslems.

Based on the facts what does this say about Luton and Fortress Bury Park?

’No surrender’ is the British motto, so why should I roll over and run away from these Moslems who are involved in a civil war against my country with the intent of killing innocent people, destroying and desecrating our society our way of life and ultimately conquering our land?


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May Michael Nazir Ali be our next Archbishop of Canterbury - and soon.


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The Arch-Dhimmi of Canterbury should be ousted he's not fit to represent the church of Jesus Christ our God.
Better we're he to train as an iman not that he will require much he's halfway there!
Bishop Nazir is DEFENDER of both this country and Christianity God not politicians so corrupted should be allowed to choose and i'm sure he already has!
God-Bless both Bishop Nazir and yourself Lionheart! vj.

Anonymous said...


"Senior Muslim officers warned forces last night that they would lodge Freedom of Information requests if they continued to refuse to take part...

"The letter says: 'If the police are serious about ensuring that Muslim officers are able to rise through the ranks at the same speed as their fellow white officers, and ensuring that Muslims are deployed to counter-terrorism duties at a time of heightened national security, we must have reliable data to track progress and measure success.' ....

"Among the audit's findings include figures revealing that Muslim officers were almost 'entirely absent' from specialist operations, such as counter-terrorism. It found that some forces do not even have a single Muslim working in terrorism or Special Branch almost three years after the 7 July London bombings, a move that Ahmad believes is hampering the fight against terrorism. "


...Muslims in the police are a menace, if this is anything to go by

...and this http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/019794.php

Anonymous said...

Last thing you ever do is allow the masses of the population tell law enforcement what or how to do things. Especially the stupid request the muslims want regarding the advancement of muslim officers. Then this particular group can reach out and recruite and give them money for information. When a muslim(s) is in a position of authority.

As for me there is no equal ground on advancement. You simply put forth the best and the brightest for the advancing positions. It's call fair competition. In America, we had affirmative action for roughly 30 years. And the results of this yielded that the best were not getting the positions. Thurs diluting the talent that should be in these high profile positions. Good thing that at all levels of govt. that affimative action NO LONGER exsist. A fair system is in place. Such as people who want to advance take a test for a position when it's going to become available. And then the candidates who do best on the testing phaze will be given several interviews, lie detector test, as well as psychological test before a decision is made in who should be promoted into the various advanced positions of authourity. It's no longer based on color, race or gender.

Why should a muslim who tested number 7 be permitted to get the spot when 6 other individuals did better than the muslim. Competition makes people thrive to be the best and they're the ones who should hold these positions.

truthseaker said...

It is I believe obvious to anyone who has the slightest of sense, the reason why these muslim officers have not been part of the terrorist activities of the police. Until these muslims are willing to put the defense of there countries first, rather than there religion. Then they will be placed in these positions. As it stands any muslims first stand is for & to islam, so they have to protect there muslim brothers & stand for what islam demands. So they have to protect there muslim jihad brothers from the kafirs ( who are non muslims & also the countries that are not muslim )

So it is obvious that if they are in the positions of anti-terrorism, they have to protect first there jihad brothers committing these acts. So they must advise them, they must inform them, they must tell them if they are in trouble or if they are about to be in trouble or arrested. So rather than be working for the protection of the general public & the protection of this country, they will in fact be working for islam & the forwarding of the islamic agenda. How can the authorities put anyone in that position knowing that this if what will probably happen, it would be like giving them all the weapons, explosives & then telling them the best places to use them & then helping them to get away all at the same time, that would be pure stupidity.

As for bishop Nazir Ali, the sooner this man is made Arch Bishop of Canterbury the better. The Arch druid & dimmi who holds the position at the moment needs to be kicked out A.S.A.P. he is not a man of God, he is a fence balancing jerk who will not stand up for what is the truth or what is right. He will always take the middle ground & stand on the fence claiming the kinds of pathetic remarks he does. The man is a total disgrace to God, to Christians & to this country, this man needs to be dismissed from his post from immediate affect. The Bible is very clear, there is no other way to God but through our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. He is the only way to God & to gain salvation. There is no other way to God, there is not other religion to God. There are not many paths to him at all & islam is not a religion of peace, it does not worship the same God as the Jews & the Christians worship. Islam is a religion of hate of oppression of control, islam is the worship of a pagan moon god & that religion goes all the way back to the worship of Baal, so hence Satan. All this is fact & can be checked up on by anyone on the net doing simple searches. The quran has been proven to be wrong & full of errors over & over again & still muslims will not accept the truth & believe the lies told by there imams & teachers. The quran states itself that if one thing is in error within its pages then it is not the true word of God & that has been shown to be true. Like the sun going down into a muddy puddle at night to the mother of Jesus Many being the sister of Moses & Aaron ( boy she must have been very old when she had Jesus ). Muslims use to prove there point circular reasoning, this is how they do it: Muslim: Muhammad is the prophet of God.
Non-Muslim: Why is this true?
Muslim: The Quran says so.
Non-Muslim: Why is the Quran true?
Muslim: Muhammad is the prophet of God.
Muslim: The Quran is without error:
Non-Muslim: Why is this true?
Muslim: Because the Quran says so.
Non-Muslim: But why is the Quran true?
Muslim: The Quran is without error.
Islam is not a religion of peace, it does not worship the same God as the Christians & Jews, it is an oppressive, controlling ideology that needs to be crushed before it takes over the west & destroys mankind for ever, the sooner these people open there eyes to the truth the better off we will all be. Sorry for the rant, but keep fighting & telling the truth all of you. Sooner or later someone is going to here it & the truth will get out.

Anonymous said...

Islam is real threat to church, says Synod member

“Divisions in the Church of England over homosexuality and women bishops are nothing compared with the threat it faces from Islam”

…Alison Ruoff, an evangelical lay member of the Synod … told The Daily Telegraph that the church needs to get past these divisions and concentrate on fighting the rise of Islam in Britain…

“The church is sleepwalking into an Islamic state. Hopefully we can unite against it. The leaders of the church have lost their confidence in the Gospel. We have got an Archbishop of Canterbury who doesn’t stand up for Christianity but wants a degree of Sharia law.

More at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/2205041/Islam-is-real-threat-to-church,-says-Synod-member.html

Joanne said...

The British people need to clean their own house first before they can even think about dealing with Muslims and their religion, Islam. People need to place more faith in God Almighty and his supreme rule over the earth. If God wills it, it shall be. We of little faith, need greater faith, and the only way to do that is to put God and his commandments, statutes, and laws before all else and be obedient. These commandments, statutes, and laws were created for our unified well-being on earth; they were not made to control us and force us to be submissive to God. Just as a father swats his child who runs out onto the street, God swats us for being disobedient - it is becomes he loves us that he chastises us.

I believe this Bishop Nazir Ali can still make a great difference if he speaks up and is heard. Men do not have to be in a high position to make a great difference, which is evident by the men of God that God uses to do his bidding.

Joanne said...



"POLICE sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at railway stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers – after complaints that it is against the suspects’ religion."

I don't think the police are going to stop the practice. If Muslims have to wash because they come into contact with a dog, then so be it - wash away. Let's face it, the police dogs are there to primarily sniff out terrorists intent on blowing people up, so if they stop the dogs from sniffing Muslims, they might as well start training cats.

Anonymous said...

Great picture of you on the Beacon, LH., one of the earliest hill-forts of the ancient Britons.
Later, one of the string of warning "fire-beacons" that led all the way from Admiralty House up to Great Yarmouth.
I see the Lion of Whipsnade is looking over your shoulder!
Our history is carved into the earth and rocks of Britain. That can never be taken from our ancestral heart.

Sorry Joanne, you'll find that both cat-hair and dog-hair are "unclean" and you will have to wash yourself before praying to God.
A Dog was the first living creature to leave Earth and enter Space!

hellzbellz, a few posts ago, a commenter pointed out that a senior Muslim police officer was on the security panel for protecting the next Olympics in London.
The comment made a point of this absurdity.
Now, it is reported a few days ago, this self-same Assistant Commissioner, is going to sue the Met Police in a race row.
His name is Tarique Ghaffur.
If they get there way, the [police will become completely compromised, not just from without, by p.c., but from within as well!

Joanne said...

"Sorry Joanne, you'll find that both cat-hair and dog-hair are "unclean" and you will have to wash yourself before praying to God."

Please give a reference to this in the Bible.

Joanne said...

anonymous - dogs and cats are unclean to eat and their carcases are unclean to touch. I fail to see anything suggesting a person is unclean if they pet a live dog or a cat; although I always wash my hands as a matter of preference.

Anonymous said...

joanne, a belated comment.
I was making obscure reference to the fact that Islam decrees that if a Muslim comes into contact with the hair if dog or cat during or before prayer, then they must go and wash and staryt again, or God will not listen to their prayer.
I can't belive that God would be so picky,can you.
I don't wash my hands when touching a dog, and that is one reason why a Muslim will not willingly shake hands with a kuffar.
I personally love the smell of a dog's hair, especially after rain.
Cats' make me sneeze though.
I wonder if it is a racial crime if your dog moults hair as you walk past a mosque?
Tough titty I say.
Enough of this politically correct nonsense.