13 June 2008

An Outside perspective of Britain

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Muslim ‘No-Go Areas’ in Britain? Just Go There!



by Mary Jackson

We should not pander to the assumed superiority of those who would intimidate us.
In February this year, Christian evangelists Arthur Cunningham and Joseph Abraham were doing what Christian evangelists do: handing out Bible extracts. They were stopped by a representative of the law, threatened with arrest if they carried on preaching in “a Muslim area,” and warned that they might get beaten up if they came back.

Where did
this incident take place? Saudi Arabia, Iran, or Pakistan, where Christian preaching is forbidden and apostates persecuted? No, this “Muslim area” was in Alum Rock, Birmingham, England. That’s right — England, cradle of free speech; England, a country with an established, if enfeebled, Church, and where seventy-five percent of citizens (at the 2001 census) describe themselves as Christian. The man who stopped the evangelists, calling their preaching a “hate crime,” was Naeem Naguthney, a police community support officer (PCSO), and a Muslim. Granted, a PCSO is not a full police officer, and has only limited powers of law enforcement. But which law was he enforcing? It looks suspiciously like Sharia.

This is not the first time an English “Muslim area” has hit the news.
In 2006, Muslim preacher Abu Izzadeen expressed outrage that then-Home Secretary John Reid was visiting “a Muslim area”: East London. Yet when the bishop of Rochester recently warned that Britain was developing Muslim no-go areas, he was denounced by Muslims as — what else? — Islamophobic. Many non-Muslims joined in the condemnation. Others argued that the no-go areas were ideological, rather than literal, but this argument rather misses the point: Islam is, and always has been, territorial.

The choice of words — “Muslim area” — is significant. Non-Muslims are not merely told that their behavior might upset or anger Muslims, but that they themselves are on Muslim soil, where such behavior is forbidden. As I have
argued before, Islam is concerned far more with territory than with piety. Do the young Muslimahs in the picture below look pious? Or are they belligerently defending their turf?

Each niqab allowed in the workplace, each new mosque, each “hate-speech law” is, as London’s new Mayor
Boris Johnson put it, “another yard of territory in the kulturkampf of modern Britain.”

Alum Rock has, in accordance with the tenets of jihad, been claimed for the Dar al-Islam. And once Islam has claimed an area, that area cannot be taken back without a fight. So, are we going to give them a fight? And fight not only the enemy, but those who appear to have sided with them: West Midlands Police?

West Midlands Police have not apologized, and instead of sacking Naguthney immediately, they have merely given him training on the nature of “hate crimes.” Such craven appeasement of Muslims is not unprecedented: it was the West Midlands Police force which tried to prosecute Channel 4, whose excellent TV documentary
Undercover Mosque revealed the open sedition and hatred of the West preached in our mosques. That prosecution failed, but for now West Midlands Police must be seen as accomplices, albeit perhaps unwitting, in the jihad against our country.

Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Abraham have fired the first shots in the counter-jihad: they are demanding a full and unreserved written apology from West Midlands Police, and have given notice that they regard this incident as a breach of their convention rights under the 1998 Human Rights Act. They are supported by the
Christian Institute pressure group, and by Christian Voice, which plans to leaflet the area this weekend.

Outside this immediate battle, how do we fight the territorial expansion of Islam? My answer is simply not to accept that there are “no-go areas”: just go there.
Libby Purves, writing recently in the London Times on the dangers of walking around London late at night, makes points that apply to all “no-go areas,” Muslim or not:

I am not foolhardy; I stay away from alleys and don’t flash jewelery. But I know parts of London in particular to be increasingly dangerous, and with growing caution comes growing rage. I will not be kept cringing indoors, not by day or night; nor should any man or woman in a free country.

It was another woman, Eleanor Roosevelt, who said: “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.” So we, men and women, should not grant that permission, and should not pander to the assumed superiority of those who would intimidate us, whether thugs or Muslims or both.

Turning to “Muslim no-go areas”, here is my advice: just go there. Look those niqab-clad women in the eye — it is all you can look them in — and raise a quizzical eyebrow at their alien garb.
Look with contempt at their “masters” swaggering along in jeans two steps in front of them.
Above all, just go there.

Mary Jackson is a British editor for the
New English Review, an Anglo-American online magazine of politics and culture, dedicated to celebrating the good in Western civilization and warning against that which would threaten it. Click here for the latest full-length articles, and here for the Iconoclast, the regularly updated Community Blog.

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Anonymous said...

At last the UK has also experienced the Islamic persecution on Kafirs.

In India there are a number of Muslim-infested areas, especially in Delhi and Mumbai, where Hindus are not allowed to enter. Muslims goons beat the hell out of those Hindus who go to these areas.

Almost every communal riot in India is initiated by Muslims, mostly on Fridays, after being motivated by the sermons delivered in the congregational "Jummah" prayers in mosques.

Lady Cincinnatus said...

I pray that Britain can turn this around. In the U.S. we still have concealed carry, although "Detroitistan" is increasingly turning into a no go area even with the right to bear arms to protect ones self from Muslim thugs.

Findalis said...

Exactly lady. An outsider knows to stay out of Dearborn, MI. Now that's a city that needs missionaries.

Joanne said...

England needs to take back these areas now before they end up looking like France. It starts innocently enough with one, then two, three,.....and before you know it - you are surrounded.

Also, your link to pajamasmedia does not work....thought I'd let you know.

Joanne said...

aha....you printed the pajamas article on your blog. I went over to pajamasmedia, and then figured it out. No need to use that useless link then, even though it should work.

Celtic Crusader said...

shalom Lionheart

from israel-

what a contrast to the rest of the middle east and islam dominated countries but more on that later

it has just proven to me that the problem and difference in way of acting and behaviour is not a national notional question but rather simply that it is islams influence on people it has under its corrupt influence

more later


Anonymous said...

One to watch. Monday 8pm Ch 4.
From Jail to jihad

PC Plastic Fuzz said...

It has come out since that report that he was intervening with an argument between some Muslim youths and the preachers.

He told them to go away and leave the area as they were causing problems.
Can’t see the problem personally. I understand the question of freedom of speech but cant help thinking this wouldn’t have made this blog, or indeed the press at all had the guy been white, and not Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Hi pcso the preachers were not the ones causing the problems.they were doing Gods work. it was the muslim youths that were harassing and arguing with the preachers. so why should there rights be violated by being asked to leave public property and there freedom of speech taken away in the process? If this were to happen here in the US the police here would have told the youths to move on because they were the ones starting the trouble with the preachers! and another thing I would like to point out is youths that are brought up proper have been taught to respect a holy man of any faith.These youths are acting out as they were taught by adults.it all boils down to lack of respect. and that my friend has nothing to do with color or faith.with all due respect Mrs. Miles

Anonymous said...

The anti-blogging EU thought-police will be coming your way soon. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/foreign/brunowaterfield/june2008/blogwars2.htm

Always On Watch said...

I heard recently that some of the no-go areas of Miami, Florida, now have Nation of Islam peace keepers. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

PCSO, when did you last challenge a British Pakistan youth, with a flash car paid for with heroin and Crack money, riding the fine line between crime and the jihad?
Have you dared to check them out and see where the money trail leads?
Come to Luton and will show you where the no-go areas are.
There are no walls only walls of fear, because the law will not protect the white-British any more.
It presumes guilt against the victims of intimidation from certain racial quarters, you are the product of your police-chiefs political masters.
Check the educational resume of the Beds Police Chief to see how far political correctness forms the basis of decision making regards law enforcement.
You walk past crime dens with no knowledge or just indifference, because you cannot or will not act, maybe against your race-brothers, or your religious inclinations.
Do you want to know where the millionaire backers of both drug crime and religious institutions live?
Too hot for you.
Put up or shut up.
Towns like Luton are over-run with lawless drug crime and you do not act unless it falls into your laps, or it serves the P.R. of the Force.