10 June 2008

The internet & The British front of the global Jihad

More proof regarding the British front of the Global Jihad, and these Moslem terrorists have more rights due to the inhumane 'human rights' laws than innocent British citizens.

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Video's: Online Jihad

Daily Mail

Islamic extremists in Britain are openly trying to recruit children via the internet, a report warns.

They are using websites which carry messages of hate from terror suspects, according to the respected Civitas think-tank.

The study, by its Centre for Social Cohesion, reveals how fanatics are using the Web to bypass the anti-terror laws passed in the wake of the 2005 London bombings.

Extremists are no longer delivering hate-filled sermons and distributing propaganda on street corners, but instead use pro-jihadist websites.

Some of these carry calls for the flag of Islam to 'fly over Downing Street', and urge militants to attack Jews and Christians.

Most worrying are sections of the sites dedicated to the radicalisation of children.

One message from controversial preacher Omar Bakri - now exiled to Lebanon - says children should be brought up to spread Islam through jihad.

Mothers are also using the websites to rail against British education. One writes: 'As part of GCSE, they must study Shakespeare, whose books are full of homosexuality, fornication and adultery, each of which are great sins in Islam.'

The websites also routinely carry rants by fanatics such as Abu Hamza, Abdullah el-Faisal, Abu Izzadeen and Abu Qatada.

All have been either imprisoned or deported to stop them enciting terrorist violence in Britain.

James Brandon, the report's author, said: 'Recent arrests, trials and convictions have undeniably damaged the ability of UK-based jihadists to recruit, raise funds or openly spread their ideology.

'However, these extremists have now re-grouped on the internet ... where they can operate with impunity.'

The websites also distribute material written or produced by international terrorist organisations such as Al Qaeda.

Mr Brandon said the existence of such websites run by UK-based individuals demonstrates 'that the Government's current approach to tackling online extremism is failing'.

In the most inflammatory recordings, speakers tell their Muslim listeners that they are obliged to fight non-Muslims.

In one recorded talk on www.islambase.co.uk, Abu Hamza tells listeners that the Jews and Christians should be fought until they accept living under Muslim rule

He says: 'You should take the means to do it. If you cannot do it, our children (can).'

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RG said...

And guess who is funding Islamic Extremist Web Sites in Britain? The British Government...

AN Islamic website which backs suicide bombers got a £35,000 Government grant – a month before the anniversary of the 7/7 attacks.

Muslimyouth.net carries dozens of rants by fanatics on its “support group” site.

One member wrote of suicide missions: “If you can blow dozens of people up at the same time, great, absolutely great.”

And in another vile message a member PRAISED a beheading video of British hostage Ken Bigley.

It said: “I like the beheading videos of the prisoners of war – especially the Daniel Pearl and Ken Bigley one.”

But the Department for Communities and Local Government agreed to fund the group’s film on problems faced by UK Muslims.

A spokesman said: “We can’t prevent violent extremism if we aren’t prepared to talk about the issues.”

Joanne said...

"A spokesman said: “We can’t prevent violent extremism if we aren’t prepared to talk about the issues.”"

Talk is cheap, and it will have absolutely no affect on Muslims intent on killing.

Joanne said...

Sorry, "it will have absolutely no "effect" on ......"

Anonymous said...

#rg 11-Jun-2008 14:52:00

I wrote an post on Aberdeen Patriots site last night about the dualistic nature of Islam


' Aberdeen, Even though everybody knows the immediate physical threat of Islam through terrorism but what people don't realise is how much a threat Islam is to the fabric of our society.

We can lock up terrorists all we want and the terrorist threat will die down but the threat is still there.

The problem that we are unable to deal with this threat and why there is no such things as a moderate muslim, in our way of thinking of what a moderate is, is because of the dualistic nature of Islam.

Moderate Muslims want to save western society from themselves even though the threat is being caused by muslims themselves.

This can be seen in this article about the Mo cartoons in Denmark and can also be seen in recent calls from British Imans that by introducing the 42 days without trial law will cause problems for young Muslims.


People like us raised in a Christian society see this as contradictory but because of the dualistic nature of Islam, Muslims are unable to see that. They see it as their duty to help the unbeliever even though it is fellow Muslims who are attacking them because they are unbelievers.

This sounds alien to most people but this perverse logic is also inherit to the liberal left.

This can be seen by the way they deal with Muslim extremism might seems to be appeasement to most of us, what they liberals are sincere in that they think they are doing the right thing. This is the same as with every liberal policy.

Putting into words this mindset is difficult so i've inlcuded a few links



What we are going to see if chipping away at our society by muslims to save us from the angry youths who happen to be muslim. This will tolerated by our liberal society as we 'agree with it'. The only time this will be questioned is when it gets too extreme as the muslims resort to terrorism.
10 June 2008 23:58

Maybe I am reading too much into this but this sounds like the exact dualistic logic employed.

There is no doubt that the present liberal elite that runs this country has taken on the dhimmitude mentality if it already did not have it in the first place.

Anonymous said...


Islam divides the world into two implacably warring blocks - Dar al-Islam versus Dar al-Harb (the domain of war - those lands which are controlled by unbelievers) . Muslims are instructed by the Koran to establish supremacy over kuffars (unbelievers) by any means necessary. Islam is a classic meme or mind-virus whose primary objective is to propagate itself no matter how much suffering and death it causes in the process, just like the rabies virus. In fact Islam has been called 'the rabies of religions' .

Since Islam is a vicious, wicked and thoroughly disgusting cult with a particularly loathsome founder, it can't spread in the manner of other religions by voluntary conversion, but has to force itself on people. And that's where Jihad comes in.

We normally think of Jihad in terms of major attacks like 9/11 , 7/7 and the child rape and massacre at Beslan , but in fact the aggression can take on many subtler forms. The thin ends of a thousand wedges are slowly being inserted into the structure of Western civilisation.

Here are just a few of the forms that jihad can take, no doubt you can think of others:

BOMBING JIHAD - The objective is not only to cause death and destruction, but also to force the kuffars to waste vast amounts of money and military manpower on security , thus furthering the Economic Jihad.

CENSORSHIP JIHAD - The Islamic belief system is primitive, tribal and illogical and cannot withstand the light of rational analysis. All criticism of Islam must be shut down especially within universities.

CONTAMINATION JIHAD - Jihadists contaminate food to be served to kuffars with their faeces and urine

CORRUPTION JIHAD - The objective is to undermine kuffar public confidence in institutions such as the police , medical profession and immigration service.

DEMOGRAPHIC JIHAD - The objective is for Muslims to gain power by breeding faster than other sections of the population. Muslim women are breeding machines who produce vast numbers of children, and now that polygamy has been legalised Muslim men are free to import up to four wives each.

EDUCATIONAL JIHAD - Muslims are seeking gradually to remove non-Islamic subjects from the school curriculum and to Islamify schools by introducing Muslim observances and revisions of history.

ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL JIHAD - The objective is to weaken the economies of kuffar nations and if possible get control of their major assets. Sharia finance requires kuffars to mortgage their countries' infrastructure to Muslims.

HUMILIATION JIHAD - Islam is a culture obsessed with honor/shame and domination/subjugation. Islam will therefore look for any opportunity to degrade and humiliate the kuffars, such as the popular 'jihad-snuff videos' where kuffars are made to beg for their lives and then ritually slaughtered anyway.

IMMIGRATION JIHAD - Muslims are illegally swarming into Western Europe. Once established they bring in their very extended families by 'chain-migration' so that before you know it one Muslim has brought in his entire village.

INFILTRATION JIHAD - Similar to Corruption Jihad except that the objective is to infiltrate institutions in order to make them useful to Muslims.

INTIMIDATION JIHAD - Muslims are quick to take offence at the slightest provovation, even something so trivial as an ice cream wrapper. This makes the kuffar eager to appease their demands to avoid trouble. Of course appeasement only gives rise to further demands - give an inch and they'll take a mile.

LITIGATION JIHAD - Offended Muslims are very keen to sue kuffars on the slightest pretext. The objective is not necessarily to win the case but to harass the kuffars and force them to spend vast amounts of money on their legal defence, eg the security-probing
Flying Imams who sued the passengers who reported their suspicious behaviour to the authorities, the
hijab-wearing Muslima who didn't get the hairdressing job and Mark Steyn sued in a Canadian kangaroo court for telling the truth about Islam.

NARCO JIHAD - Muslims are the major suppliers of heroin. This trade supplies funding for jihad and helps destroy kuffar society. The drugs are also used to lure kuffar children into Islamic paedophile rings.

SEXUAL JIHAD - Rape and paedophilia are and always have been essential weapons in jihad. Kuffar women and children are booty to be enjoyed by their conquerors. Paedophile abductions of kuffar children by Muslim pimps have become commonplace.

STREET JIHAD - Young kuffar boys, usually alone or in small groups, are set upon and viciously attacked by much larger groups of older youths and men. These crimes are usually hushed up by the media eg Kriss Donald castrated, blinded and burned alive; Henry Webster skull smashed in three places and permanently brain-damaged, and many more only reported in the local press. .

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly dissected and analysed.

Lionheart said...

The legend is alive with the mantle resting upon our future King.

Anonymous said...

Hack these Jihad Monkey sites...

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