15 June 2008

The Rook has the support and defence of the Pawns

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Daily Mail

Poll shows huge support for Conservatives David Davis

David Davis has massive public support for his shock move to force a by-election over the Government’s decision to detain terror suspects for up to 42 days without charge.

And he is set to win a historic and decisive victory in his Haltemprice and Howden seat, near Hull – as the first opinion poll carried out in the constituency proves.

The ICM survey for The Mail on Sunday shows overwhelming backing for former Shadow Home Secretary Mr Davis.

It reveals that he would easily beat former Sun Editor Kelvin MacKenzie – who has said he plans to contest the seat on a ‘pro-42 day’ ticket – by 67 per cent to 14.

And significantly, it shows there is widespread support in the constituency for Mr Davis’s claim that the Government has turned into a ‘Big Brother’ state – while violent criminals go scot-free.

Following sharp criticism of Mr Davis from Labour and Tory enemies alike, the former SAS reservist received a series of boosts as:

* Sun owner Rupert Murdoch disowned Mr MacKenzie’s campaign after he insulted ‘shocking’ Hull.

* The chairman of the pressure group Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti, praised Mr Davis – and is to help a ‘Celebrities for Davis’ operation.

* Labour rebel Bob Marshall-Andrews and other Left-wing MPs will support Mr Davis in the election.

Mr Davis’s decision to resign his seat stunned friend and foe.

Most of his closest political friends and allies were kept in the dark about it and have described it as ‘madness’ and ‘a rush of blood to the head’.

A source very close to David Cameron, who defeated Mr Davis in the Tory leadership contest three years ago, called the maverick MP ‘selfish and arrogant’.

But the ICM survey shows that Mr Davis has strong support from his constituency.

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Poll reveals huge support


Anonymous said...


For those of us not in Britain, will you tell us what we are likely to see from a Conservative government.

Is the end of Muslim immigration in sight? Will this be a time of revival for Western values, or just a change in degree of the neglect of our heritage?

Anonymous said...

We could be seeing the emergence of a new Political Party, or a sea-change in a major Party, that will capture the tide of public-resenment of the impositions of the State.
The struggle has hardly begun, but could a Union of the better parts of both Liberalist attitudes and Conservative political direction form a new synthesis that will reinvigorate the tawdry state of public interest in political matters.
We need new voices, I hope Davis is the first of many to break ranks and establish our National values.
It is the anniversary of Magna Carter, the first written standard of rights and Law that establishes the balance between State and the People.
We need a New Great Charter, whose principals of Freedoms, match and surpass the Constitutional rights that the American People established at their Independence.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!! You're quoting from the Daily Mail, but not with tongue firmly in cheek?

The Daily Mail is for Sun readers who think they're intellectually greater than they are and racist bigoted homophobes with a superiority complex who are afraid that their own shadows are too darkly coloured to be given permanent residence in this country.

Perhaps you should preface all your posts with the caveat "I know not of what I speak and my blinkered world view should not be taken seriously". Or maybe just "the views of an Xtian nutjob".

I mean, you're so far off the mark that you label the current knee-jerk right wing tory ('nooLabour') government as 'Marxist'. You've obviously never actually read Marx (or I'll wager ANY serious tomes on political ideologies), or you'd not consider them thus. I believe Marx promoted the idea of socialism, not fascism. The removal of civil liberties, delivery of socialist institutions (such as the NHS) into private ownership, refusal to actually recreate a system of public transport (it doesn't exist in the UK - it's all privately owned) and the further extension of many many other tory policies makes Thatcher's extremist fascism pale in comparison. Even the evil tories wouldn't have expanded the military complex as far as this bunch of thugs have (ethical foreign policy? yeah, right! Tell that to the people of East Timor).

I think it's about time you read a little about the dictatorial corporate right wing foreign policies of successive British governments and the imposition of their imperial inhumanity on the 'unpeople' of many countries around the world. Including such gems as the millions slaughtered in Kenya and India to retain control of commodities and power, millions slaughtered in the middle-east over the past century to maintain the cartel control of oil supply. Perhaps then you might better educate yourself over just why some people dislike our country so. Only then can you feel suitably informed to make comment on national or international matters.

Should anyone wish to shut down your 'political' (actually just rantings - you know nothing of politics) blog, it's not because you're challenging power, it's because there's fear you may accidentally expose the extremes of the right wing domination of the UK, Europe and 'first' world in general.

Vive la revoluccion, power to the people!

Anonymous said...

Guy Macher @ 15-Jun-2008 16:54:00

What will we see from the next Tory government?

Nobody knows. I'm being serious, they have made vague promises and stuff about the environment but there is nothing concrete.

From what I can gather David Cameron, the current Tory leader, is trying to ape the 'Nu Labour' experiment where the unelectable socialist Labour party was transformed via image, style and spin into a government elected over 3 terms.

Whether they are going to be something genuinely different or trying to get old style conservationism through the door via spin and slick sound bites is anybodies guess.

Anonymous said...

In reply to Anonymous 16-Jun-2008 17:20:00

What exactly is Marxism?

Marxism is a philosophy, not a political system. It has never been successfully implemented into a political system.

You are correct in this government is not marxist but it has employed marxist principles as did former communist regimes.

Rather than employing a class struggle, this government has embarked on a race struggle in which they have pitted ethnic minorities against white.

They are attempting shaping 'consciousness' by trying to destroy the British national identity by integrating into Europe, putting British history in a bad light by highlighting the failures of past British colonialism, changing history by claiming for instance the arabs helped indirectly defeat the Spanish armada, changing islamic terrorism to unislamic activities, the list goes on and on.

It is no surprise Autonomist entities like Common Purpose flourish under New Labour.

Cultural marxism has also flourished under Nu-Labour with the left wing BBC and other media institutions being heavily biased against Israel, focusing out of all porportion on white on ethnic minority crimes like murder yet practically ignoring minority on white crime and wherever possible leave out the word muslim in preference to Asian on any news item that portrays Islam in an unfavourable way.

While the above is not the whole of marxism, it can be termed as marxist in origin therefore it can be argued that the Daily Mails description is correct.

It's interesting that you mentioned the NHS. The NHS is not a marxist construct but the child of social democrats whose ideals were forged by the Christian concern for less well of than onesef.