13 June 2008

Islam & The Age of Terror

Video's courtesy of Nika

Part 1 of 6

Age of Terror Part 2 of 6
Age of Terror Part 3 of 6
Age of Terror Part 4 of 6
Age of Terror Part 5 of 6
Age of Terror Part 6 of 6


Bhavya Ketan said...

I have seen all the videos. They are quite eye-opening.

Joanne said...

What I find interesting with these events is that an al Queda sleeper cell was planted in 1994, and they went about normal lives, marrying local women wives, and having children. When it was time to execute their plans, they left behind their wives and families. This is how cold and calculating these men were - with no natural love for their wives and children. How many sleeper cells are amongst us today and how many give the appearance of living perfectly normal lives - living and loving?

The people in the American government ignored the fact that the embassies were deemed to be at risk, ignored the man who came in off the street warning them about a bomb plot to use a truck bomb to blow up a U.S. embassy, and failed to identify the sleeper cell that was going to carry out the threat, which threat had been verified on a confiscated computer.

How many warnings go unheeded today? It is too bad, we are such a daft lot.

Anonymous said...

Greetings to our Hindu friends who know first hand the dangers we face.