30 June 2008

The Americans shake their heads in disgust

Article below: Americas fury

Foreword: Great Britain is supposed to be Americas closet Allie in the World, joined by a common language, blood lines that have spanned generations, separated by a little bit of water, and within the present World climate we should be standing shoulder to shoulder in the ‘Global War on Terror’ because what befalls one befalls the other, family in other words, and when I was there the American people took me in without knowing me and made me one of their family so I do know what I am talking about. This present piece of intelligence regarding Abu Hamza who is locked up in one of Britain’s most secure prisons that houses some of the most dangerous Islamic terrorists that has been released into the public domain shows just how far the security of the British homeland has been breached and fallen into such a state of disrepair and uselessness that is continually putting the International community in grave danger, and especially the American homeland.

And this is my Country!

The British government and most of their stooges residing over the justice system within the land have turned the British State and homeland into an asylum that threatens the safety and security of the British people and the international community as this recent example proves. Nobody with any ounce of intelligence when looking at the picture can say any different.

’Where do you stand and who do you stand with’ has been a statement of mine for many months now, and those within America who are charged with securing and preserving the American homeland, and those who are residing over the Power of the Nation should seriously be looking at the UK and asking that question for themselves and aligning themselves with those who want to bring order back from the chaos within British society that has been created in my Country, because if they don’t, as Britain burns so will America - If not more so.

Great Britain is probably the No.1 threat to the American homeland now because we are so close, and because of the military wing of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain that we now have camped deep within our land the length and breadth of the Country, those who are conducting and declaring Jihad (Holy War) against the infidels, with America as the ultimate target in the sights of the global Jihad.

The Great Satan in the Moslem psyche.

Our present government hands out passports with the Queens crowned stamped on it like sweets, and for our Islamic enemies to obtain one it is like stealing candy from a sweet shop. If this is not a threat to the International community then there are many many more examples for you to pick from.

The UK is the final outpost of Eurabia, the Western Islamic frontier, with it being a stepping stone and launch pad into America, the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century now that the War has been declared and is upon American shores.

What happens if we lose this War?

With all of the facts contained in our 21st Century reality it is not unconceivable to think that there is great devastation and destruction in the distance for all of us, as we face an enemy who longs to die in the process of killing as many of us as possible and destroying our way of life.

How can that be achieved is the question: How close to catastrophe?

Neutralise the most powerful Nation on Earth and the rest will tremble in fear at the ‘what if question’, thus giving the Islamic World a free reign upon the Earth under the clouds and threat of global guerilla Nuclear terror.

The global Caliphate in the making in the 21st Century, led by the devil incarnate Osama Bin Laden the Anti-Christ and his global Al Qaeda network. The one who is seeking to destroy Christendom in our lifetimes on behalf of the Islamic religion as sanctioned by Mohamed himself in the Koran, as those who have gone before him have failed.

What if?

Listen to what an American thinks: Newt Gingrich

Britains No.1 caged Islamic terrorist housed in Britains most secure jail was able to get a message to Al Qaeda’s No.2 Ayman Alzwahiri, a breach of an unparalleled proportions.

The British government and justice system has recently released back out into our society Al Qaeda’s ambassador to Europe Abu Qatadar and within 24 hours he had released a statement urging Moslems to murder and humiliate us, the infildels. The good decent honest hard working tax payer now has to pay 1 million a year just to keep him housed and fed within our society – WHY?

America have been trying for 4 years to have Abu Hamza extradited to face terror charges there and every step of the way we are told he is going, only to be told that there is still more appeal courts for him to go through before America can take him from us.

Millions more of tax payers money going into the hands of his lawyer and the global Jihad, with us still not sure whether or not he will leave us or be released back out into our society to threaten the human rights of every British citizen because of his human rights as an Islamic terrorist conducting his part in the global Jihad to murder us and destroy our lands on behalf of his religion.

Where is the sense in all of this?

Why does someone not drop a little arsenic into his food and do us all a favour, our World would then be a lot safer than it is now, as this present example shows.

We can only hope that he eventually arrives at his destination in Colorado where he has a place prepared for him by those in charge of protecting the American people. I am sure he will enjoy looking at the Colorado sky and the moon and stars at night because that is all he will be seeing, that’s if they even give him the privilege of having a window to still view the World in which he hates so much.

For my American readers please keep coming back because there is a lot more to come about the present state of British affairs that endangers you and your way of life that is emanating from Outpost UK, the Western Islamic frontier.

Video’s of Abu Hamza: Glen Jenvey

Daily Mail

American counter-terrorism chiefs are demanding a full explanation from Britain of how radical cleric Abu Hamza was able to smuggle murderous messages from his UK prison cell to Al Qaeda's deputy leader.
The major diplomatic row comes in the wake of a long-running battle by US prosecutors to extradite the former imam of London's Finsbury Park mosque to stand trial in America.

Hook-handed Hamza was jailed for seven years in Britain in 2006 for inciting murder and racial hatred and is held at Belmarsh prison, South-East London, supposedly one of Britain's most secure jails.

But according to senior American intelligence sources, Hamza evaded the extensive security measures surrounding him to send a series of questions to Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama Bin Laden's right-hand man.

Al-Zawahiri is believed to be hiding with Bin Laden in the lawless mountain region along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Late last year, Al-Zawahiri - who has a £13million bounty on his head - posted a message on an extremist website run by Al Qaeda saying he would answer questions on any topic.

US intelligence tracked all the email replies and among them were messages from Abu Hamza. It is understood they were sent from an email address known to be linked to the cleric.

The sources say they have no doubt that al-Zawahiri was personally involved in answering the questions and that those posed by Hamza had genuinely originated from him.

US prosecutors have been fighting for four years to send Hamza for trial in the US. They accuse him of involvement in a global conspiracy to wage jihad against the US and other Western countries.

Among the most serious accusations is one that he was involved in the kidnap by Islamic radicals of 16 tourists in the Yemen in 1998. Four hostages, including three Britons, died in a rescue attempt.

Earlier this month the High Court turned down Hamza's latest appeal against efforts to send him to the US but his lawyers could still fight his extradition by applying to the House of Lords and the European Court.

For the Americans, frustrated by the length of time it has taken to bring Hamza for trial in the US, the revelation that he was also able to keep in touch with Al Qaeda's high command has caused widespread anger.

One source pointedly said that 'if he is transferred to US custody, he would be kept in the country's highest security prison in Colorado'.

Once there, the source added: 'It would be absolutely impossible for him to communicate with Al Qaeda.'

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Anonymous said...

Brits train Islamikazi pilots: http://www.bnp.org.uk/2008/06/muslim-students-taught-to-fly/

Anonymous said...

LH, have you noticed the news regards the ruling party in Turkey who are a front for Islamic sharia?
They are likely to be banned by the secular judiciary and army heads, who strive to uphold the principals of modern Turkish constitution as set by Attaturk who banished religion to the private sphere?
Meanwhile, the EU insists they allow the "ballot box" to set the course.
We can see what that will mean should an active Islamist Turkey ever join the E.U.
New slogan for British Tourist Office,?
"Britain, gateway to the West, through the ballot box, and the pregnant belly." Come on down!

P.S. on the Euro front, Poland's P.M. has come out against signing the EU soviet charter, aka "Lisbon Treaty".

Anonymous said...

If some country is permitted into the EU under false pretense. Then should be easy enough to expell their membership due to it was achieved under false pretense.

Main two issues holding turkey back from entry into the EU is; 1.they must remain secular and not allow their military and/or any other group go against their govt laws and constitution. Hence it must show stability on a continual basis...which it isn't doing. 2. the turks must resolve the major issues they have with greece. Something they haven't be willing to do for a long ass time.

So, I don't forsee turkey entering the EU anytime soon.