2 June 2008

Preaching the Gospel of Christ's Love is now viewed as a Hate Crime in Britain

Foreword: And people continue to bury their heads in the sand and deny their is a problem with the newly formed Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain.

The 'Revivalist' Bishop Nazir Ali stated at the beginning of the Year that there are now Islamic no-go areas within Great Britain, which was condemned by people within his own Christian Order.

He has now been proved right with 2 Christian Missionaries seeking to share Christ's message of love to a hurting and oppressed World, told by a Moslem police officer in Birmingham that to spread God's love to others is a Hate Crime in Britain. They were also threatened by the police officer with violence if they were to return.

Sack the Moslem police officers who bring the force into disrepute.

Let this be a message to the Christian World as to just how bad things are on the ground in this once Christian Nation of Great Britain. Christians now being persecuted by the State that has been infiltrated by the Islamic Religion for 'Going into all the World and preaching the Gospel'.

Birmingham Police force where this Moslem police officer works that was dishing out his justice against Christians under the guise of his social standing as a police officer, was the same force who sought to bring charges against channel 4 for their Undercover Mosque expose. Channel 4 were eventually exonerated for their excellent work and West Midlands police force were found guilty of slander for their accusations against the documentary makers of the film and fined 100,000 for their actions.

It seems to me that the infrastructure of Birmingham and the West Midlands has been infiltrated to the core and taken over by Moslems on behalf of their religion, who are now using their power and exercising that new found authority against those who conflict with their Islamic religion in the area.

The West Midlands is also now the first
ethnic majority City in Europe.

So this is what we get for having the first ethnic Islamic majority in one of our cities. What happens in the future when there are many more ethnic Islamic majority cities across the land?

The Race Relations Chief Trevor Philips has said that Birmingham will be a model for Europe.

If the facts in the public domain are anything to go by regarding Birmingham then even the Race Relations Chief is saying that the Islamisation of Great Britain and Europe is a good thing. He will say anything as he walks the tight rope to keep his extremely high paid job, even at the expense of the British people.

Another TRAITOR to add to the list.

The list of Islamic degredation and destruction within Birmingham and the police's total failure there is endless.

Look at this picture below, you can see he is a blatant Jihadi Moslem and he is a British police officer. Look at what they are being taught by MPACUK in Birmingham: In their own words

Daily Mail

Two Christian preachers were stopped from handing out Bible extracts by police because they were in a Muslim area, it was claimed yesterday.

They say they were told by a Muslim police community support officer that they could not preach there and that attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity was a hate crime.

The community officer is also said to have told the two men: 'You have been warned. If you come back here and get beat up, well, you have been warned.'

A police constable who was present during the incident in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham is also alleged to have told the preachers not to return to the district.

It comes amid growing concern over the development of Islamic 'no-go areas'.

The preachers, Americans Arthur Cunningham and Joseph Abraham, are demanding an apology and compensation from West Midlands Police.

They say their treatment breaks the Human Rights Act, which guarantees freedom of religious expression.

The preachers, who have the backing of the Christian Institute pressure group, say they will take the force to court for breaching their human rights if they don't receive an apology.

They have accused the officer, PCSO Naeem Naguthney, of behaving in an 'aggressive and threatening' manner. A complaint by their lawyers said he interrupted as they spoke to Muslim youths about their beliefs.

Mr Abraham, 65, who was born a Muslim in Egypt and is a convert to Christianity, said: 'He told us we were trying to convert Muslims to Christianity and that that was a hate crime.

'He was very intimidating and it concerns me that somebody holding his views can become a police officer, albeit at PCSO level.'

Mr Cunningham, 48, a fellow American Baptist missionary, said: 'He realised we were Americans and then started ranting at us about George Bush and American foreign policy.

'He said we were in a Muslim area and were not allowed to spread our Christian message. He said he was going to take us to the police station.'

Mr Cunningham added: 'I am dumfounded that the police seem so nonchalant. They seem content not to make it clear that what we were doing was perfectly legal. This is a free country and to suggest we were guilty of a hate crime for spreading God's word is outrageous.'

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Anonymous said...

They probably would have got their heads kicked in (or worse) if they'd carried on. Brave men. Shame they weren't Brits. There aren't many Brits that are brave enough to stand up for themselves and their compatriots, I can think of a few, Lionheart & Nick Griffin, who else?

Findalis said...

I think that Christian missionaries should be in those neighborhoods everyday preaching. It should be a major program by the Church of England.

But alas, with your Archbishop of Canterbury, it will never come to pass.

Joanne said...

The British can do one simple thing, and that is to go to church and pray together to God to save them. God is great and gracious and will show mercy on his people; they've turned from him many times before, and he has always answered their call.

These men could very well be of British racial origin, judging by their names. I myself am a second generation racial Brit outside of Britain, but I consider myself every bit a Brit as any Brit - perhaps more.

Joanne said...

Well, I'm not sure about Joseph Abraham, who has Hebrew names - perhaps he is Egyptian and not of British racial origin, but Americans are of no particular race anyhow.

Mother Effingby said...

It doesn't matter the men's origins or race. Great Britain is swirling the bottom of the bowl. It is in the grip of a mindless, sadistic crime wave, and it is even seeing a decline in the intelligence of its citizens, because of the deteriorating schools. The only way the police can justify their existence is to bully the law abiding natives who won't fight back. There are no go areas all over Europe, not just in England. That the Church has so spectacularly failed in its mission to save the lost and proclaim the Gospel is the great judgment against the church. It will cease to exist if it has no reason to be. Churches are mausoleums, and muslims will think nothing in taking them over...just as they did Al Aqsa and the Hagia Sophia.
The Welsh chapel is gone, too. I see it happening here in the US. The mega church forms, and the neighborhood witness is gone.

Anonymous said...

What a rebuke to the churches in Britain that it takes American Christians to preach the gospel to Muslims in our streets! Let us hope that Michael Nazir Ali becomes the next Archbishop of Canterbury, and soon.

And what a disgrace that our police lied to them about it being a hate crime. There is no such law. The iniquitous Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, which is the only possible legislation involved, was amended so that offence must be proved to be meant by the speaker rather than merely taken by the listener. (This amendment was passed by a single vote which was not attended by Tony Blair, who promoted the legislation while claiming to be a Christian...)

Our American friends cannot be expected to know our laws or that police are lying about them. (Best to get arrested and call the police bluff in court.) These men deserve every assistance in chasing the police through the complaints procedure and the courts about this incident. I hope they also complain about their improper haranguing concerning US foreign policy by PC Naguthney (who quoted from the qur'an at the recent launching of the West Midlands branch of the National Association of Muslim Police). These evangelists surely knew the risks they were taking - honour to them.