20 June 2008

Israel prepares to bomb Iran

The Samson effect.

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Daily Mail

Israel carried out a large military exercise this month that appeared to be a rehearsal for a possible bombing raid on Iran's nuclear facilities, it emerged today.

More than 100 F-16 and F-15 war jets took part in the manoeuvres over the eastern Mediterranean earlier this month, unidentified U. S. officials are said to have told the New York Times.

It claimed the aircraft flew more than 900 miles, roughly the distance from Israel to Iran's Natanz nuclear enrichment facility, and that the exercise included refueling tankers and helicopters capable of rescuing downed pilots.

The exercise appeared to be an effort to practise long-range strikes and show the seriousness with which Israel views Iran's nuclear program.

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Israel prepares to bomb Iran


Findalis said...

Practice does make perfect! Israel did the same thing over the Sinai in 1980 when they practiced almost daily for a run on the Iraqi reactor.

Iran should beware. Israel will get their reactors.

Anonymous said...


Islam is the destroyer of all that is beautiful, spiritual, gentle, innocent and vulnerable. Most religions have a softer feminine aspect (eg Virgin Mary, Arya Tara) but all trace of the feminine has been eradicated from Islam to give something which is consequently only half human.

Predatory and domineering, Islam is a hyper-masculine barbarian tribal warrior cult that glories in murder, mutilation, rape, genocide, destruction and anarchy.

Islam delenda est


Anonymous said...

Iran has purchased high-end equipment from Russia and elsewhere. Missile defence technology that can even out scale what USA has.
There will be casualties.
Israel will be successful no doubt. Iran will be incompetent with equipment, no doubt.
Gorgon Brown will whine about it, Georgio Bush will fluster, Clueless Condi Rice will talk useless words and wring her dainty hands.
Tony Blair will try to grab Brownie points from it.
Whether it triggers sleeper cells from Iran to attack within America or Europe will be a possibility.
That's my take on it.
God Bless Israel.

Anonymous said...

Wow, anon.
Islam Delenda Est, my Latin's not good, but that seems like "Islam is deleted?"

Anonymous said...

Prepare for war, hope for peace.
Iran is laughing in the face of the cock-sure Euopean Ministers that flock to Tehran to be humiliated and exposed for the cowards they are.
Britain's military resolve was exposed as a phony vis a vis Iran, last year when we had to beg the President to return our sailors who were hijacked by the Revolutionary Guard.
Anyone who thinks Britain or even Europe can survive independently of US military umbrella, think again!

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% behind Israel in this one.

I'm sure the moslems who claim to be British will be up in arms about what is happening in a country that is not Britain but as Esther Rantsen says that's life.

Anonymous said...

Remember that it took thousands of air sorties against Iraq to soften up the country. Iran is a bigger country. No doubt 100 fighter jets will destroy Iran's reactors but they will not destroy the ability of Iran to wage conventional war, unless they are armed with nuclear bombs.

Muslims will take this worse than they took the Motoons. The civilized world had better be prepared for hell breaking loose. Pakistan is politically unstable and nuclear, so the West must impress Pakistan with its resolve to protect itself. It is essential that Eurabia support this strike against Iran and that could be problematic given the fear Muslims have generated throughout Europe.

May God protect us.

Anonymous said...

Israel has every right to attack Iran. Per international law after what ahmedinejhad has said about israel that's considered an act of war just on his words alone. Now, the problems is Iran is in charge of one of the straits which provides 25% of the worlds oil goes threw that straight. Therefore, oil could very quickly reach $200 per barrel. And then like someone stated above...the sleep cells might come out to play. And if Iran elects to strike back this could be the beginning of an all out conventional war. But a war that the islamic nations know very well they cannot win.

Iran cannot be allowed to go online with their reactor. Now, you have russia give a stern warning to israel stating do not attack iran or else. But, russia is not in a position for a long sustaining war and it's just rhetoric on their behalf. They have to feel like their still main players in the world landscape.

And due to Iran being stubborn and plain stupid they will retalitate. Things could become messy for a while.

OPEC is meeting this weekend for an emergency session to discuss the oil output situation. The Saudi's are finally recognizing that withdrawing or none willingness to increase demand is going to hurt them in the medium to long run. And saudi arabia will be secretly supporting israels move if they attack irans nuclear facility. Because the saudi's to fear iran and their regime and their capabilities.

Also of the 13 OPEC nations, 9 are members of the WTO and supposedly in breach of the WTO contract for not increase suppy when the demand has gone up. And that's another reason why OPEC is having their emergency session. The WTO if they impose sancutions against those 9 OPEC nations could serious hurt them in the short and long run.

Will be interesting to see what transpires. But, I do agree that Iran can never go online with their nuclear facility. Not going to be an easy task in destroying it completely. Since the facility is mostly under-ground and enforced in concrete. But significant damage can set their program back at least 10 years. And that buys enough time to deal with the iranians on a more permanently level.

Anonymous said...

Better to take out Iran's nuclear capablility before it reaches even half way to its goal, let alone to its full extent, then to wait until it has enough to hit not only Israel but Europe up to Lapland, Asia, Africa and, very likely, the American continent.

After all, this is exactly what Adolph AhMADinajacket & his perverts are aiming for.

The Russians & others who have been aiding Iran's nuclear programme, seem to think that they won't be attacked. But they will, because Iran believes it has the power to become the leader of the Islamic 1000 Year Reich by smashing
the infidels - and the Russians are infidels too!

As the Iranians are 'aryans' as well as Islamic imperialists, it's OK to use German ('aryan') terminology to define their arrogant nazi-ish pursuit of a New World Order, with 'aryan' (rather than Arab-semitic) Islam at its head.

The King of the South is girding his loins & will attack sooner rather than later. His main goal is Europe, especially the center of the largest infidel-Christian institution - Rome & the Vatican.
From there,he will turn on France, Spain, Greece & central Europe. The devastation will be 100 times more vast & terrible than WW2 with its saturation bombings of Germany as the war neared its end and the primitive atom bombs on Japan which ended the war.

The King of the North's delayed counterattack will come only when a ruined Europe will encourage the King of the South to turn his blood
filled eyes on that part of the world without which his conquest would be incomplete.

After much more destruction and bloodshed,the tide will begin to turn & the forces of the King of the South will fall in their millions to be swept, for a time, out of Europe. Undeterred, the Islamic forces will regroup,rearm & attack again. But this time they will finally be dispatched to the last man, either to meet their maker down below or escape back to their own ruined lands,wounded and bloody and defeated for ever.

Meanwhile, Israel will continue to survive although, as is to be expected in times of war,in want and poverty. It will,however,pick itself up &, like the rest of the world devastated by the wars of the King of the South, begin to rebuild and regain its strength.

Jerusalem will become the world's spiritual center where the Messiah will rule in judgement & mercy, a world at last in peace with itself:
1) "Thus says the Lord..'I am jealous for ZION....I will return to Zion & will dwell in Jerusalem which will be called the Faithful city. Thus says the Lord of Hosts: Old men & women shall again sit in the streets of Jerusalem...And the streets shall be full of boys & girls playing in its streets...I will save my people from the East country & from the West country & I will bring them to dwell in the center of Jerusalem & they shall be my people & I will be their God in faithfulness & righteousness." (Zechariah 8:2-8);
2)"..But now I will not deal with the remnant of this people as in former days, says the Lord....As you have been a byword of cursing among the nations, so will I SAVE you & you will be a Blessing.Fear not, but let your hands be strong..
As I decided to do evil to you when your fathers provoked me to anger & I did not relent, so again I have decided in these days to do good to Jerusalem and the House of JUDAH....Many peoples and nations shall come to see the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem...Thus says the Lord of hosts 'In those days, 10 men from the nations of every tongue will take hold of the robe of a JEW saying, 'Let us go with you for we have heard that God is with you.'" (Zech. 8:9-24);
3)'Then the angel of the Lord said:
Oh,Lord of hosts how long will you have no mercy on Jerusalem & the cities of Judah?..And thus said the Lord of hosts:I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem & for ZION. And I am very ANGRY with the nations which are at EASE, for while I was angry [with Israel/the Jews] only a LITTLE they FURTHERED the disaster [the Holocaust,Arab Terrorism??]. Therefore I have returned to Jerusalem with compassion.My House [the Temple] will be built in it..and the measuring line will be stretched out over Jerusalem..my cities will again overflow with prosperity and the Lord will again comfort Zion and choose Jerusalem (Zech. 1:12-17);
4)....Then the Lord will go forth and battle against those nations...
On that day, his feet shall stand on the MOUNT OF OLIVES..which will be split in two from east to west by a very wide valley...Then the Lord your God will come & all the Holy Ones with him. On that day, there shall be neither cold nor frost....On that day living waters shall flow OUT FROM Jerusalem..And the Lord will become King over all the earth. On that day the Lord will be one and his name one...The whole land shall be turned into a plain from Geba to Rimmon south of Jerusalem but Jerusalem will remain aloft upon its site from the Gate of Benjamin to the Corner Gate & from the Tower of Han'anel to the king's wine presses. And it shall be inhabited for there shall be no more curse. Jerusalem will dwell in security..
(Zech. 14"1-end)
Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Anon Lady, what you quote runs very close to what is interpreted from Nostradamus' words of prophesy.
I think that when the attack comes, it will be in the South and East of Europe.
Rome is the most likely target for many reasons.
Islam has an ancient grudge against the Pope and Rome.
We witnessed that when He made his lecture last year, mentioning words of an historic king, whereupon Islamics took to the streets threatening blue-murder against the Pope.
There is a tragedy in this.
The Socialist Europeans will stand by and watch it happen.
They will not have the guts to launch a massive counter attack at the hundreds of thousands who will take to the sea to invade and destroy Rome and it's ancient monuments along with it's Priests.
Just like they watched Darfur and Zimbabwe, as they descend to chaos, all fine words but no taste for war, even when it be just.
Witness what the Taliban did to the most ancient symbols of the Buddha.
They destroyed them with rockets and mortars as the World watched.
Michel Nostradamus described this exact vision being enacted over Rome.
Alongside these events will come near starvation to Europe as the Global supply chain of shipping grinds to a halt.
The cloaked armies of the enemy will vie and joust for whatever is left and this hidden army will turn the streets of Europe into chaotic Civil War.
Accursed are they, the deluded fools that hold power in Europe.
They will be undone.
Many have seen glimpses of this future in their own prophetic dreams.
Mankind is going insane, and is ready to jump off the precipice.
I believe it is said that those that survive the terrible events to come will wish they had been among the dead.
Of course the idiots that think that Man will go on forever regardless of His iniquity, will mock and laugh.
Apparently there has been a a shopping boom in Britain, against the trends of economic gloom.
It is said that many are stocking up on essentials, expecting worse conditions to come.

Mankind's reliance on Global Trade to fill his belly and provide the energy for the essential industries that enable such huge populations to exist, is not a strength, it is the biggest weakness we have.
I pity the weak and old when the times come when the machine breaks down.
There is no doubt that we should be preparing for a rough ride.
It is true, what so many comments have said, that Iran must not get the bomb, but what if we are too late?
Nuclear war is survivable if the megaton count is on the low side, such as terrorists may have.
Death comes from direct exposure, but then from the effects of radiation fallout. Then follows the problems of food sources destroyed.
Death will be by starvation and thirst.
Much of Europe is totally unprepared for this. Switzerland has prepared, but places like Britain have not.
Let us hope that the ancient ties of the Commonwealth and our American allies will help strengthen Britain's chances.
The brave new world awaits us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comments. Yes, the End of Days will be dreadful, but we shouldn't forget the Blessings which follow that accursed period. Luckily the Bible gives us hope to hang on rather than commit suicide, with its promise of a wonderful future after the Messiah saves the world from utter destruction.

Nostradamus was a brave, brilliant physician and interpreter of prophecies which he gathered together from various holy books, mainly the Bible (Old and New Testaments), various other Jewish esoteric manuscripts and maybe other sources too. After he had collected enough material for his Prophecies he decided (unfortunately( to burn all those sources fearing the Inquisition might seek him out for heresy. If they did and found those sources in his possession, his martyrdom at the stake would have been a certainty.

There have been other 'psychics' whose predictions deal with the End of Days like Jean Dixon, Mario de Sabato,Edgar Cayce, St.Malachy. A very good compilation of their, and others, predictions can be found in "Nostradamus, The Final Reckoning" by Peter Lemesurier,
Judy Piatkus Publishers Ltd., 5 Windmill Street, London W1P 1HF.
I'm sure there is lots of other excellent reading material on the subject.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Israel is going to drop the first bomb and then it's our sons and daugthers that are going to die for their interest, as usual.

I have no problem with Israel attacking Iran as long as they fight their own war this time. And please don't come at me with the globalist lie that Iran is a threat to us, it isn't. Bringing them in our countries with enforced multiculturalism is though.

Anonymous said...

I agrre about the sources of Nostradamus.
The Persians (Iran is a false construct) are very advanced peopele, very close to Europeans in many ways.
They do not like the Arabs anymore than we do. Persia was enslaved by the yoke of Islam a long time ago, and only a vestige of it's original religion survives (Zoroaster) it is another example of the way Islam sucks in and destroys all that it sees as a competitor for Man's heart and mind.
It has been likened to the Gorgon of Greek myth, it is a many headed creature, spitting vitriol and poison, and whose very look can paralyse those unfortunate enough to get close.
Having had Persian friends, I was told that the ultra religious are only 2out five of the people.
The others drink beer and watch satellite TV in their own homes, much like the Germans had to get on with life when under the thrall of the Nazis.
Islamic Iran is like a Nazi State in so many ways.
But look what it took to bring down the last one.
Years of constant war and destruction.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean that it will be YOUR "sons & daughters that will die for THEIR interest AS USUAL?"

As if I didn't know what you mean.

As if it hasn't been OUR sons & daughters who have been dying for YOUR interests (and prejudices)for the past 2 thousand years which
are continuing to this very day!

Because no one wanted to stop Hitler's persecution of the Jews before it got out of hand. The Jews of Europe were not, unlike the Germans then & the Iranian/
Arab Islamists today, the ones who wanted to 'take over the world' so as to subjugate & eventually eradicate all those they consider
'lesser breeds', under their New World Order.

The Jews were only the first step (i.e. the canary in the mine) to world domination for the Germans, as the Israelis are to be (hopefully not) the first step by the Iranian Mullahs towards Islam's hoped-for world domination where enslavement & eradication of all the other 'lesser breeds' which is the goal for Islam's 10,000 year reich.

So, why are you grumbling about the possibility that THIS TIME ROUND, the canary has the means (hopefully) to stop the imperialistic aims of fanatical, bloodthirsty racists before they get, not only to the canary, but to all the other 'undesirables' and 'lesser breeds' according to the Islamic-Nazism?

If someone doesn't stop these modern nazis here and now, then your sons and daughters will indeed suffer - together with our sons and daughters - & eventually the sons and daughters of the Islamic nazis themselves, although, of course,they don't mind sacrificing their children to Allah. Look what they will get in the Islamic paradise,72 recycled virgins every night..).

In fact, these modern imperialists may well be the switch for a World Holocaust of nearly every living creature upon God's earth - including gormless Rhein.

Take that into consideration before you spout any more racist, illiterate nonsense so typical of your kind.

Anonymous Lady

Joanne said...

It will be a perfect time for the people of Iran to terminate the lies of their evil mullahs and president, and restore some kind of decency back into their society. My only hope is that if Iran is attacked, the people will take full advantage of this opportunity of confusion.

Joanne said...

sorry, "terminate the 'lives' of their evil mullahs...."

Joanne said...

Please read Ezekiel 37 to 40, inclusive. Remember Gog is Russia and Sheba and Dedan are Saudia Arabia. People have different takes on who the Kings of the North and South are, but pay close attention to what is written and what seems most plausible.

Anonymous said...

We're going to clear out our
'shelter' at the bottom of our garden, which has been serving as a store room since it was last used as a shelter during the Gulf War in 1991 (when Saddam sent over scores of missiles and we were forbidden to return the favour by the George Bush Sr. administration)

It wasn't built to withstand WMD, certainly not nuclear ones, so we are going to inquire as to who or where we can get advice on how to make it at least a bit more effectual against fall-out... Gee,
I'm beginning to get radiation sickness just thinking about it..!

But at least I don't have to worry about Olmert & his family's safety if, or when, AhMadinajacket pushes the button. That cowardly, stupid, criminally corrupt and utterly reprehensible prime minister, has built himself a $1 million nuclear/
chemical/bacterial-proof shelter, but couldn't find the funds to build even just a few shelters for the citizens of Sderot, who have been suffering Hamas missile bombardments from Gaza for the past 7 years - and still are, in spite of the 'truce'.

Luckily, the Iranian bomb with my address on it, won't fall on Israel, but pass over and fall into the Mediterranean Sea not far from one of the Greek islands, where it will kill all the poor, unsuspecting and blameless fish(so says Nostradamus - and the Bible).
That will signal the start of WW3, so let us all be prepared - even in my beloved 2nd home-country, England.

I have great Christian friends
in America who have already built themselves such shelters. One family has even offered us haven with them if Israel is about to be attacked. The trouble is, by the time we buy tickets, pack our bags and get to the airport, the bomb/s may already be on its/their way..!

I'm really starting to pray hard - and so should we all.

May God Bless and Protect us all (well, perhaps not ALL...You know who I mean)

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Anon Lady.
For your info.
The greatest danger of nuclear explosion is firstly in the initial blast.
This depends on megaton power of device, and whether it is airborne or grounded before detonation.
The initial gamma-ray flash is only a few seconds in duration, and this will fry you. Even shadow from a wall gives some protection from this, even curtains!
What follows is the actual blast waves which is again dependant on conditions and device type.
This is why underground is best.
You need at least 12 inches of concrete and or steel above your heads, and preferably a metre of earth or rubble, on top.
There is the chance of a vacuum effect as the blast passes, and this could cause lung collapse, so a thick steel plated door would help. After the blast, it then depends on the wind direction whether you will suffer from longer term fall-out of radioactive dust.
That is why it is then best to stay inside for at least three days.
A radiation counter would be useful to determine when it is safe to go outside.
If you are down-wind then the fallout could extend several miles. But maybe only a mile if up-wind.

It is absolutely essential to have bottled water in large amounts stored. Also tinned food.
Those who avoid the gamma-pulse, and the shock wave, and the incidental fires that will start, actually have a very good chance of survival.
Mental toughness and avoiding hysteria and depressive thought will see survivors through.
But then rescue efforts should have kicked in and evacuation plans put in motion where needed.
Keep batteries, torches , wind-up radio, energy drinks,toilet articles and such like in shelter.
Camping type equipment and medical supplies also.
Nuclear war is survivable with preparation. Depends on the scale of attack though.
Terrorist nukes are likely to be ineffective and relatively small.
Shield all electronics with lead or and put in metal box, to avoid destruction of "chips" by initial electromagnetic pulse.
Old valve radios not affected by this. A generator could be useful or car-batteries, and transformer, or inverter.
Don't forget to get some iodine tablets, as these prevent absorption of radioactive elements in thyroid gland, if taken soon after.
I met a survivor of Nagasaki bomb.
She was a nun, and she saw the thousands of Jap. survivors coming out of the City remains up to their convent which they were imprisoned in.
They worked for weeks to heal the injured. Many survived.
She returned home to UK for treatment of her radiation sickness, which is caused from effects of cumulative cell-damage from all absorbed radioactivity.
She fully recovered, even her hair grew back and she worked as teacher for rest of her long life, into her late 80's.
Preparation is everything.
In Britain, there is none. We will get fried if it happens here. Only remote areas will survive, and they will.
Government and such like useless creeps will scuttle down the military shelters to ensure their survival to piss off whoever else is left. Typical of such types of course.
The Royal Family will survive, mainly.
Terrorist nukes are survivable, fear is the worst effect for most.
May it never happen.
God Bless all in Israel.
Switzerland has more shelters than people.
They will survive.