12 June 2008

Conservatives David Davis: A man of integrity

"Evil prevails when good men do nothing"

Foreword: I might not agree personally with conservatives Mr Davis over this one issue because I think its best to lock Islamic extremists up for as long as possible to protect the public and preserve the safety and security of our society, but a man of his standing obviously knows more than the average man on the street like me so knows what he is doing within the arena of British politics.

There is no doubt in my mind that he will be back in Westminster and standing up for the silent majority of British citizens like he has done today by his actions, who knows he could even be the next Prime Minister, he definitely has the qualities for Global leadership that the British people need at such a drastic time in our history.

This Labour government with its care taker Gordon Brown are systematically destroying Great Britain and the fabric of our once safe and secure society, and this action taken by one of Conservatives best, strongest and most outspoken MP's for the British people sends a very clear message to everyone within the halls of power.

The day of reckoning approaches for those 'Marxist Revolutionaries' who are residing over the reigns of power within the United Kingdom that the Revivalist Bishop Nazir Ali spoke of.

At the moment they control the power of the State with their private army the police force enforcing their Marxist will upon the population, but the time draws near when the British people will revolt and hold those traitors accountable for High Treason!

Look back at the History of the British people.

The only thing we now wait for is to hear the Kings voice over these matters within his realm then everything will start fitting into place.

This is a small cabal of 'Marxist Revolutionaries' in government who have taken over and are controlling the British Empire through the power that was entrusted to them within the structure of our Nation, they are destroying the British homeland to fulfil their Marxist dream, with civil servant robots acting as the new gestapo even though their actions are detrimental to their children and grandchildrens futures.

These Labour Marxists in power even have a licence to kill their enemies.

Daily Mail

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis dropped a political bombshell today by announcing he was quitting as an MP in order to fight a by-election over the 'strangulation' of British freedoms.

The Tory MP revealed he was stepping down in disgust at last night's passing of new terror laws allowing 42-day detention of suspects without charge and because of the general 'erosion' of civil liberties by the Government.

In a dramatic statement outside the Commons, he pledged to fight a by-election in his constituency on the single-issue of the 'strangulation' of fundamental British freedoms.

Tory leader David Cameron described Mr Davis's action as a 'courageous' personal decision and announced that Dominic Grieve would be replacing him as shadow home secretary.

Mr Davis, one of the most senior figures in the Tory party, had played a key part in the battle against the Government's 42-day detention plans which were passed last night on a wafer-thin majority.

The MP claimed the new laws compromised Parliament's 'noble endeavour' to protect public freedom and were just one example of the destruction of civil liberties.

He set out his plans in a vicious statement against Labour and the nanny state, attacking the constant intrusion into people's private lives.

He said: 'This cannot go on, it must be stopped and for that reason today I feel it is incumbent on me to take a stand.

'I will be resigning my membership of this house and intend to fight a by-election in Haltemprice and Howden.

'I will not fight it on the Government's general record - there's no point repeating Crewe and Nantwich. I won't fight it on my personal record, I am just a piece in this great chess game.

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A man of integrity


He definately is not a pawn in this chess game so he must be a rook, and the rook is used as a charger, and he is definately charging at this Labour governmnets Marxist structure they have built to supress and control the British people. All he needs now to cemente that rook status is to become a Lord, if that is possible.

Lets hope that he has the Queen, and the future King behind him sitting on the same side of the board.

Conservatives David Davis' resignation statement in full.

This Labour government removed the death penalty for treason under their watch - I wonder why?


Ducky's here said...

"This is a small cabal of 'Marxist Revolutionaries' in government who have taken over and are controlling the British Empire ..."

The British Empire ... bwahahahahahhaha !!!!!!

Joanne said...

'The state has security powers to clamp down on peaceful protest and so-called hate laws to stifle legitimate debate while those who incite violence get off scot free.'

Isn't this the truth! Holds so true for yourself, Lionheart.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great.
Old Ducky keepa a comin back for some more of that streeet crack, he cant get no satisfaction, no reaction on the boringly liberal street where he lives. We luvs ya ducks, comon in for some grits.
Shows how the Liberal elits of the USA just cant get used to America never having an Empire.
You're welcome to come back, ducks.
The Queen owns Britain's swans, so maybe theres room in her backyard pond for a scrawny drake like you.

Anonymous said...

David Davis has single handedly thrown his hand in and said "show."
He will use the campaign to expose Labours attacks and piecemeal disintegration of Britain's ancient Liberties.
He is a man of the Common law.
He has spoken out against the PC laws that seek to shut up web blogs and such like. "while allowing others to preach hatred" His words, and we know to whom he refers.
Brought up in a Council Housing estate, he created a successful business and has been an M.P. for many years.
He is in the vein of Sir Winston in some respects.
Winston was a Liberal who crossed the floor to join the Conservatives.
Winston had military experience.
Davis was in the Territorial Army S.A.S. this man has a place in Britains future.
Davis holds dear the protection of those rights which have given the Liberal minds the safe environment of Liberty from which they shout their demands.

It looks like dear old Ireland has scuppered the Lisbon Treaty as the Referendum vote swings towards the NO's.
One less blind march forward to a Soviet style Europe.
Watch as the Brown's and Milliband's bring out the lie machines to spin the result and try to force another vote on the Irish.
This bunch of Labour Socialist scuzzbags are almost as bad as the Zimbabwean dictatorship they keep whinging about.
Out with them all.

Joanne said...

Anonymous - good on the Irish!