15 June 2008

Luton: The battle for Moslem 'hearts & minds'

Remember this man?

A local Pakistani Moslem from Bedford.

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Foreword: There should be a Conservative leadership within Luton then the money might be used constructively. At the moment there is a Dhimmi in power who only cares about the Moslem block vote so all this money will do is go into buying their votes in the next election.

Well done Labour for your ingenious idea, Luton is going to be a political battleground between Labour, Conservative and the BNP.

Hats off to the member of the Indian Sikh Ravidass community: He said:
"Some of us feel members of communities who challenge society and flout the law get rewarded. We have to struggle here in England, the same as we do in India, yet money is pouring into other communities to buy their allegiance.

How about giving them some money too for their youth and young people seen as though the vast majority of them are fine upstanding members of the public and contribute alot to our society?

The report states that they have worked with 240 young people over the last year which is a tiny fraction of people and those who need to be reached will never be reached so this is tax payers money running down the drain and into the Islamic Kingdom.

Luton on Sunday

Preventing violent Extremism sounds like a good idea. The Government has launched a programme intending to do just that by targeting areas with a high Muslim population in an attempt to counter the more extremist elements of Islam. STEVE LOWE asks what it is being spent on and how is it going.
The government has set itself the target of winning hearts and minds. In particular Muslim hearts and minds.

It is worried that some young Muslims are turning away from British values and espousing the more extremist Islamic cries that denounce the West and all it stands for.

So lots of cash is being poured into communities with a strong Muslim presence, to see if their hearts and minds can be won.

Luton and Bedford are part of a pilot project called Preventing Violent Extremism and are receiving large sums of money from the Government.

Luton Borough Council is to receive £200,000 a year over the next three years and Bedford has already received £50,000 and has been promised at least another £120,000.

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Joanne said...

Sure throw money at the problem in hope of winning hearts and minds. What a load ......

First they will need to do a survey and then after a time period do another survey to see if any gains have been made. Are they even doing this? So if you are hell bent on destroying British society, how are you going to answer the first and second survey? The results are based on people being open and honest in the first place. Maybe the monies should first be put towards teaching people to be honest; at least that way, you might be able to tell if the throwing of monies onto the problem will make any difference.

Maybe deporting or jailing those who preach hatred in Mosques and on the streets would be more of a first step in helping win the hearts and minds of the people. subjected to their hateful rants.

Anonymous said...

This is a pure political sop to an unworkable non-sense, a pure waste of money that will fuel separatism and the Jihad.