10 June 2008

Islam & Their child soldiers trained for Holy War

Foreword: And amongst the 400,000 British Pakistani Moslem guests we have living in our country who travel freely bewteen the UK and Pakistan ever year, how many children from amongst that number do you think end up in the extreme Madrassa's in Pakistan encouraged by their Moslem parents?

Taught and trained in the 'Way of Jihad' for Allah and Islam, then sent back to their host Nation.

And the osteriches in power stick their heads in the sand, and their butts in the air and send these children and their peer's to therapy classes instead of booting them out of our country for National Security reasons because of their human rights, and they wont send them to prison either because the British prison system is now over flowing beyond bursting point.

Who do you think is on the recieving end of all of this?

Is it any wonder there is a mass problem in inner cities with guns and knives amongst the youth when they are now faced with young murder's who have no problem with stabbing and killing them. What would you do if you were in their shoes?

Its a matter of life and death for some people out on the streets of Britain now.

Daily Mail

A teenager seized as he prepared to launch a suicide attack told today how he had been groomed to kill British troops.

Shakirullah Yasin Ali, just 14, spoke up in prison two days after three British soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing in Helmand, bringing UK fatalities in Afghanistan to 100.

'If I had succeeded, I would be dead now,' he said of his own mission in the town of Khost., where he was captured.

'But those who were instructing me said that if I believed in serving God it was my duty to fight against the foreigners. They said God would protect me when the time came.'

Interviewed by The Independent newspaper, Shakirullah added: 'All we were told was the British and the Americans were in Afghanistan and they were killing Muslims.'

The frail Pakistani Pashtun farmer's son is one of the youngest ever suicide bombing suspects.

Shakirullah said his education in Pakistan's South Waziristan region was at a madrassa run by two imams, Mullahs Saleb and Azizullah, where students between 13 and 22 learned the Koran and listened to political lectures.

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Joanne said...

Iran used children in the Iran/Iraq war to rush Iraqi troops to screw with the minds of the Iraqi troops after they would have seen the slaughter to be children, and not men. Evil has no bounds!

Anonymous said...

"evil has no bounds" how right you are.
And we are told that our troops and are the authors of evil in warfare.
Makes ya sick.

Anonymous said...

Yes, evil has no bounds. How cowardly to send young people to die on your behalf. Just as it is cowardly to send young men to drop bombs on children from thousands of feet.

At least the suicide bomber sees the faces of his victims.

A constant 'complaint' of our forces fighting resistance movements in Iraq and Afghanistan is that they 'hide' behind civilians. Yet there is a complete disregard of the fact our troops 'hide' behind airstrikes.

Over a million dead so far... how many more need to die before the bloodthirsty fascists are sated?

Anonymous said...

"At least the suicide bomber sees the faces of his victims"
Oh yeah you idiot.
Did the muslims that steered the Boeings into the Trade Towers see their victims?
What did the murderous prats on the buses and Tube see before they blew their bodies to fuck?
War is war, Army and Air Force in combination.
Soldiers do not hide behind air-strikes, they are a tool of war, and one that gives the edge over murderous roadside bomb planting terrorists.
I hope that maybe you will find yourself in a hi-jack situation so you can experience the fear yourself.

Anonymous said...

Are….Indonesia and Malaysia the largest Muslim countries in terms of population….Yes… The ruler’s back then volunteered in submitting to present day religion from traders of the silk route and maritime route back then…… in the 20th century the missionaries went and upseted the apple cart…Now the media is portraying on onside of the story which they always do…. And after 1948 May there are more wars then ever…..
….Girl…… Did you know how the Philippines were established???. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that child... Let me tell you ……t King Philip Killed all the moros there who would not convert to his religion after he Occupied there territories(around the 16th Centaury). The remnant of them are still fighting for there freedom in the south …are called terrorist… some freedom fighters are still forgotten….now criminals and tugs have joined the party…..
What religion did Emperor Asoka the Brute from Ido Land profess before he converted to Buddhism? Please… daddy tell us the Answer ok ok ok He was A Hindu and did he go on a killing spree after embraced the new faith daddy….. NO NO nO he was a good man after his conversion.
Who is Alqidas Biggest Enemy Dadyy…..? Israel…. Israel…. Israel…. Israel…. Israel…. Israel…. Israel…. Israel…. Israel….
Israels adversary’s skill at manipulating media and public opinion cannot be underestimated. The propaganda offensive is so successful
Then what the hell are the US doing in Iraq and Afghanistan dad….?? They just want you guys to portray that the Muslims are Very very bad people. So the Israelies could occupy more land from the stupid palastinian olive pluckers… while the world is looking some where else..Very very bad…. Very very bad…. Very very bad….Daddy daddy Oooh I cant sleep I have to kill the next muslim I see soon as I get up.. Because I was thought that the muslims are Very very bad…. Very very bad…. Very very bad….
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